Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Annoying Orange - Mystery of the Mustachios

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-Hey! Hey, over here! Hey, bag-face.

Hey! Hey, bag-face, hey!

Hey, bag-face, it looks like you had a little plastic surgery.


[disappointed]: Aww.

Thanks for the hand, buddy. Geez.

Whoa, hey! Hey pistachios, hey!

-Dude, he's talking to us. -What do you want to do?

-Don't say anything. -Does this look all right?

It feels lopsided. -It's so itchy!

-Hey, pistachios! Hey!

Pistachios, hey! Over here!

-It's not pistachio, okay?

-Uh, then what are you?

-It's mustachio.


-Whoa-whoa-whoa, take it down, buddy.

Everything's cool.

-There's a caterpillar on your lip... and it's got friends!

-These aren't caterpillars, dude. They're mustaches.

-Nuh-uh, those are caterpillars.

Pistachio-eating caterpillars.

-Dude, that's not even a real thing.

-Uh-huh, ask Pear.

-Did someone say pistachio-eating caterpillars?

[both screaming]

-I told you we should've gone with sombreros.

-I know, I know.

-You pistachios are goners.

-Look, for the last time, we're not pistachios.

-Yeah, pistachios are, like, delicious. -Exactly.

-And we're not. -Nope.

-That's right, 'cause we're mustachios.

-And that's a totally different thing.

-(all, murmuring) Yes, uh-huh, that's right.

-Yeah, whatever. Clearly you guys are nuts.

[laughs] -Hey-hey-hey, look buddy.

If we were tasty pistachios, our flavor would've given us away.

-Guys, it's okay. We're not gonna eat you.

-Of course not, 'cause we're not pistachios.

-Oh, come on. The shells? The green center?

The giant freaking bag that said "pistachios" on it?

-[sniffling]: Boy, it's getting hot in here.

Kind of getting the sniffles here.

-Shut up, Barry.

-You'd be a lot cooler if you weren't wearing a lip-warmer.

[laughs] Ooh, I know.

Let me get you a fuzz-buster. [laughs]

[pistachios groan]

I get the feeling that the answer to this mystery is right under your nose.


-Um, Orange, they don't have noses.

-You're an apple. -Yep, and we're mustachios.

End of story. You guys have a great day.

We gotta get going now.

-[sneezes] [others gasp]

-It's okay, guys. It's just allergies.

-Ah, Barry. -What? What is it?

-Whoa! Talk about a close shave. [laughs]

-Are you trying to get us killed?

-How hard is it to wear a mustache?

-Glue it back on. Glue it back on. Somebody!

-See? I told you we should've gone with sombreros.


[others scream, Barry's shell cracks]

-Oh, my God! I'm naked, I'm naked.

-Whoa! -Oh, I can't look.

-Stop looking at me.

[screaming and shell-cracking continue]

-Whoa! Poor pistachios. They're getting shellacked.

[Orange laughs]

Ooh, ow!


Oh geez, Barry. We should've left you in the bag.

-Man, sorry about your friends, little dude.

-Yeah, those guys really cracked me up. [laughs]

-Yeah well, I guess that's just the price you pay for being so darn wonderful.

Everybody wants a piece of you.

There's danger lurking everywhere.

One minute everything's cool,

and then suddenly there's a giant hand reaching out to crush you.

Who knows? Next time it could be a... a...

-A pistachio-eating caterpillar?

-[chuckles] Yeah, good one, Orange.

-That wasn't a joke.

-[gasps] Pistachio-eating caterpillar! -Huh?

[caterpillar snarls] Oh, ah! No!

[shell cracks] -[munches]


[groans] I hate it when those guys don't shave.

Blech... [coughs]

Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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