Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Google Cancels April Fool’s Jokes

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Google has many Apps such as Duo, GooglePay, Google Drive and many others.

Google manufactures many products like mobile and many other gadgets as well.

Google is very famous for its April Fools jokes.

However this year Google decided to cancel all April Fool jokes

out of respect for the medical workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world & India.

Google said that, Our goal this year is to help people.

Joking in such a times of stress would be insensitive.

So let's save the jokes for next April. That time we can all enjoy it and it will be very fun.

The reason Google and many others are doing this is because

many people are stressed right now due to the lockdown implemented in India.

April Fool jokes may cause them more mental stress and can cause many problems.

However this doesnt mean everyone must be serious 24x7 and avoid joking and laughing.

If you feel your friends and family members are stressed and worried, try to talk to them.

April Fool is actually about spreading happiness and laughter.

Making them smile and laugh will make them feel better.

If they dont feel like talking or joking give them their space.

In such times we all need to be considerate about each other's feelings.

The Description of Google Cancels April Fool’s Jokes