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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tiny Assistant Shrinks to spy on PJ Masks and Paw Patrol Cooking Contest

Difficulty: 0

- [Young Girl's Voice] Family fun for everyone!

- With all this spooky stuff on the sandwich

I don't think anybody would want to eat this!


Ahhh! Don't eat me!

Come one, come all to the craziest cooking show around!

And I, chef assistant, and I'm going to be judging some of

the craziest desserts around on the crazy cooking show!

Okay and now for the best part of all, the prize!

Please... The Golden Spatula!

- [Characters] Ooh, ah, oh really!

- And my grand prize will be a free lunch if it's good.

Okie dokie guys, it looks like we have some pretty

fierce competition here today!

I'm so excited to taste those yummy treats!

Starting off we have Vamparina Spooky Sous Chef..

- Get ready for a spooktacular treat! (laughs)

- Puppy Chow Peppers Patrol..

- (eating sounds) The best kibble around.

- (eating sounds) We're gonna win!

- and Gourmet Guide Gekko.

- Oh yeah, I'm so gonna win.

They don't call me Gourmet Guide for nothing.

- Okay! It looks like it's time to get

this crazy cooking competition started!

Let's go, go, go!

(cartoonish sound)

- Ooh, a golden spatula.

(laughs) It will be mine! (laughs)

Now first, I've gotta get rid of this judge

(laughs) and I know just how to do it.

Ha, there we go. (laughs)

Little treat for the judge.

Oh, she'll never see it coming. (laughs)

- Okay, let's open this competition.

It looks like it.. (scratch sound)

Ooh, hey, who's donut is this?

Is this one of the treats that I get to have?

This is nice!

Good quality.

Smells good.

Chocolate, and has sprinkles.

My favorite!

What could possibly go wrong?

(spitting sounds)

Ew! - How rude.

- That's gross!

That's the nastiest donut I've ever had in my life.

Whoever made that is definitely disqualified.

(scratch sound) Whoa. What's happening?!


Ugh! The taste is still on my tongue.

My tiny tongue.

What happened to me?

I'm tiny again!

This happens way too much for a normal girl.

No! Not this again!

I'm super, super, super tiny!

- Oh, chef assistant!

Huh, where could she be?

- Hello! Anybody?!

I'm your judge!

You can't go on with the show without a judge!


- Oh, oh well.

- Ugh!

That donut shrunk me!


Now what am I gonna do? (pop sound)

Wait a second!

I can go spy on the contestants to see what they're making

and what ingredients they're putting in it.



(cartoonish sound)

(scratch sound) Uh, hello?!

Tiny legs, remember?

- Ooh! Welcome to my spooktacular kitchen. (laughs)

Are you ready, zombie monster?

(monster roars)

Okay. I can't wait to see what creepy concoction

we can make today!

Let me just go to the freaky fridge. (laughs)

- Yikes. This is one fruity kitchen.

- I was thinking we can make her a spooky sandwich.

(monster growls)

Ooh, that could be good too.

Okie-dokie, into the cauldron!

All of our special ingredients. (laughs)

- Ooh, I like sandwiches.

- We'll start off with cheese and Franken-fingers. (laughs)

- Okay, that's a little weird.

- Ooh, of course some spicy spiders. (giggles)

- Uh guys, what kind of sandwich is this?!

A spooky sandwich?! (monster growls)

- Can't forget our venomous veggies.

(girl shouts incoherently) (Vamparina laughs)

And, last but not least, we'll add a few more monsters

and mix it up with our skeleton spoon. (laughs cheekily)

- This spooky sandwich does not sound like a winner

for the contest.

Definitely not worthy for the golden spatula!

- And, ta-da!

Mm, yummy spooktacular sandwich. (giggles)

(ghostly sound, then the sound of sauce being squeezed out)

Oh good, a little ghost goo too. (giggles)

Okay, let me go add a few more things.

Don't eat the sandwich while I'm gone, Zombie.

(monster growls)

- With all this spooky stuff on the sandwich,

I don't think anybody would want to eat this.


Ah! Don't eat me!

(monster growls)

- Uh, uh, uh!

Don't you eat that.

Silly zombie.

- Aw, man.

- We're gonna win this crazy cooking competition for sure.

I wonder how the others are doing. (giggles)

- Oh, sweet!

The Puppy Dog Palace Awesome Care Bus has a snack station!

- (dog barking) Okay, puppy chow preppers.

Let's work together to figure out the best,

most scrumptious treat for the assistant!

Now, I've called in some backup.

Who knows snacks better than everyone else?

(dog howling)

- Ta-da! Scooby-dooby-doo here! I brought all

of the things we need. (giggles)


- Oh yeah! Scooby-doo is a snack-time professional.

Let's see what they make.

- So what goes in to the perfect sandwich, Scooby-doo?

- Ooh, yummy!

- Well, all of these things of course.

Hmm, let's see, we have bananas and french fries..

- Okay, okay.

Weird combo.

- And bell pepper, and some fish bones..

- Okay, that is odd.

I'm not a dog, so why would I want a Scooby snack?

- And pie, and little shrimpies, and, ooh, a taco!

Tacos are good!

- (dog barking) Oh, yes.

And donuts! Donuts are a must.

- Put it all together and.. ta-da!

The bestest sandwich in the whole wide world (giggles)

Mm, yummy, smells so good!

- (dog barking) Oh we'll definitely win with

this crazy combination.

Hey, let's go place some fish before the judging starts.

(dog barking)

- Okay, we're coming (dog barking)

- Okay folks, this has definitely been one

of the craziest combinations I've ever seen.

Oh wait, we're on the crazy cooking competition.

So, if they go crazy I'll just have to accept it.

'cause it may win the best prize ever, the--

golden spatula!

Well, no one's won yet!

I didn't know people we're gonna go this crazy.

- So yummy..

- Oh, it's just Scooby.

- I think I should just taste-test it, right? (giggles)

- Uh-oh! A hungry Scooby.

- Oh, who am I kidding?

I could always make another one.

- Oh my God, no! - Scooby-dooby-dooby!

(eating sounds)

- Is the coast clear?


Well, I'm not looking forward to taste-testing

that slobbery, cloggy surprise.

Time to check in on Gekko.


- Gourmet Gekko here, and I'm gonna make

the biggest burrito ever.

The biggest in the whole wide world!

Oh, I'm definitely gonna win this crazy cook competition.

Okay, now to go get my special ingredient.

Just you wait, you guys.

It's gonna be the best burrito the chef assistant

has ever tasted.


- Hmm, now where did that Gourmet Gekko guy go?

- Okay, everyone!

Stand back!

- Hold it!

Um, why is he up there?

- It's about to rain burrito bits.


- Oh no, am I standing inside of a giant burrito rug?

Let me make sure.

Yeah, it is. (girl shouts)

- Incoming!

(girl shouts)

- My shoes are gonna get ruined!

(girl shouts)

Phew, that was a close one.


Ew, slimy sardines.

That's the one thing that I do not like in my food.


- Rollin', rollin', rollin'!

- Uh-oh! I gotta get out of here!

(girl shouts)

- Rollin' up my burrito!

Oh yeah, I'm definitely gonna win. (giggles)

- Go Gourmet Gekko! - Go Gourmet Gekko!

- Phew!

Well, we're definitely not trying any

of the competition treats now.

- Huh? - Huh?

- Spooky, slobbery and stinky?

(dog barks) No thanks!

- But you're the judge, assistant, why can't you?

Just because you're tiny doesn't mean you can't try it

(laughs) (dog barks)

Ooh yeah!

Mm, get ready!


- Oh great!

Now I have to try something to get to my normal size again.

Okay. Here goes.

Oh, look! It's baby Jack-Jack!

(dog barking)

That's it!

(baby babble)

Baby Jack-Jack share num-num cookie?

(baby babble)

Thank you, baby Jack-Jack!



Yay, I'm back to normal again.

That num-num cookie was delicious.

Attention, all guests.

We had a new entry and the winner is..

Jack-Jack, with a spectacular num-num cookie!

(dog barking) - Jack-Jack!

- (giggles) Num-num-num!

(giggles) Whee!

- Wow, that was so much fun!

Being tiny and going on that crazy cooking adventure.

There's another cool video starting right now.


(cartoonish sound)

- Here, coochie-coochie-coo!

(monster roaring)

- Aah! - We're all gonna die!

- Oh no!

Not a tot baby, not a tot baby!

I'm not hungry anymore!

- Oh, help! Help!

What am I gonna do?!

(dog barking)

- Don't worry, we're here!

- Oh no assistant! What's wrong?!

- What's wrong?! - Do you need any help?!

- Oh!

PJ Masks and Paw Patrol!

Thank goodness you're here.

I need you for a..

Dun, dun, dun!

A haunted mission!

- Oh no! - Oh no!

- Oh!

The little tots!

Baby tots are somewhere stuck

in the Vamparina Scare-BnB!

(girl moans faintly)

- Uh, assistant, are you okay?

- Uh, oh yeah.

I'm good, all good.

Are you all good?

Okay, here's your mission!

You gotta fly in fast before the monsters do!

Ooh, I just scared myself.

- Have no fear!

The Paw Patrol and PJ Masks are here!

We'll go find those tiny tots!

- Go!

Go all you brave puppies and pajama people!

I wouldn't be able to do it.

Okay, are they gone?


(evil laugh) Now I've got a mission of my own.

To scare the PJ Masks and Paw patrol (evil laugh)

Okay, that was a little too far.

I'm gonna get them!

Ready or not, here I come!

(ghostly sounds)

- Okay, teams!

Listen up!

It's our mission to rescue the tots

from inside the spooky haunted mansion.

But it's really, really big,

so it looks like we're splitting up!

- Aw man, are you sure that's a good idea?


- C'mon you guys, there's no time to waste!

Besides, the faster we can find the tots,

the faster we can get out of here!

Who knows what kind of spooky shenanigans

are lurking around these corners.



Paw Patrol and PJ Masks, let's go, go, go!

- Uh, okay then, I guess they're all gone.

Well, I guess it's just you and me now, Rebel.

C'mon, let's see if we can find the tots.

Tots! Tots!

- Wait for me!

Tots! Tots!

- Little babies, where are you?

(squeak sound)


- I don't know about you Gekko,

but I'm a little hungry after all of our searching.

- We just started.

- (giggles) Ooh, a fridge.

I wonder what monster-sized snacks are hiding over there.

C'mon, let's check it out real quick.

- Okay.

Oh, you never know.

Maybe there's a little tot baby in there snacking

on some monster treats.

Here, coochie-coochie-coo!

(monster roars)

- Aah! - We're gonna die!

Oh no!

Not a tot baby! Not a tot baby!

- I'm not hungry anymore!

(Green PJ Mask screams)

- Yes!

I got them so good.

Who's next?! (evil laugh)

- Oh, little tots!

- (dog barks) Oh, little tots!

All I smell are creepy skeleton bones and stinky sewer rats.

Oh, where could they be?

- Hey, look! Something's moving behind the couch!

- Maybe that's them!

- Shoo! Shoo, Mr. Franken-zombie!

(monster roars)

(electrical sound)

- Um, I think that's not a hat but good luck! (giggles)


There's definitely something moving back there.

Come on out, little tots babies!

We found you!

- (dog barks) We're here to rescue you!

(monster roars)

- Aah! - Ooh! Ooh!

- A vampire! - A vampire!

- Aah!

- Haha, did you see that?

Classic, let's keep scaring. (laughs)

(monster sounds)


- Tots!


Here bitty baby, where are you?

Oh man, we've searched everywhere!

- Yeah, I'm exhausted.

Ooh, I could use a quick little break.

Ah, that's better.

What a comfy bed.

Uh Catboy, I don't think that's a bed.

That's a..

Spider-web! - Yikes!

- Whoa, that was a close one!

- Phew!

Not as close as that ghost is getting to us!


(ghostly sounds)

Oh, no!

Mission failed!

We searched high and low

all throughout Vamparina's Scare-BnB,

and we didn't find any of the tots!

- (dog barks) What are we gonna do now, Catboy?

- Well, we can't give up.

Let's all keep working together and search the house again!

- But there was monsters everywhere!

- C'mon you guys.

PJ Mask and Paw Patrol, let's go.


Just behind this door, let's keep going.

(monster howls) Aah!


(dogs barking) (screaming)

- (laughs) We got you!

- Huh?

Werewolves and monsters everywhere!

- Haha!

It was me the whole time!


- Assistant?

What about all these monsters?!

And what about the tots?

- Yeah, the tots were totally in on it too.

Well, we offered round the mission.

Mine was just to scare you.


So, which one was the scariest?

Frankenstein head, the vampire or the wolf head?

- Um, to me it was the ghost.

Definitely the ghost.

How do you manage flying around?

Super spooky.

- The ghost?

I was never a ghost.

(ghostly sounds)


Uh, I think it's time to get out of here.

(girl screams)

(Catboy screams)

- Aah!

Wait for me!

(ghostly sounds)

- (giggles) Got 'em!


- Wow, that was so much fun!

Thank you guys so much for watching,

make sure you ask your parents for approval guys,

and like this video!


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