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Hello, my friends. How's it going?

I´m Captain Centella . And after the arrival

of the delegates in the philippines, I have to admit

that many of my previous top 15

vanished from my group of favourites.

That is very usual in this contest where the girls

have a whole industry around them

to make them look spectacular, and it happens to

make you overrate some of them.

But after seeing them in their natural looks...

These are my impressions about the first PHOTO SHOOT

taken during his first week of competition.

And let's begin with this small group

Were we can see: Canada

She´s always been a great favorite of the MEDIA,

but I think she needs

to work hard for a better shape.

Nicaragua: Another favorite until now

I think you need some

posture, and work in the gym as well.

US virgin islands captured my attention

in her previous pictures. but I must

confess she doesn't look very fresh.

Neither does Costa Rica, who appears in this picture as well.

Now let's see this next picture

Where we see: Mexico

Absolutely stunning

Krystal is going to be really high

in the final this year.

Congratulations to Mexico.

Argentina really surprised me. she's not very tall but she's got

some X factor that is so important to the

Miss Universe Organization.


Oh my god! Raissa looks so radiant in MANILA,

She's A summer girl, and she knows

how to pop-up in a group of beauties.

And from this picture I will mention: ITALY.

I loved her since she was crowned some weeks ago.

Now that i see her in action, I believe she'll be a great competitor

And I can't wait to see you her on stage.

Czech Republic and Paraguay appear in this picture as well.

Now I'll Mention some delegates who particularly surprised me.

Dominican Republi c

she's not the most beautiful in the world

but she's beautiful. And her stage

presence will take her really far this year.

Netherlands. I don't believe it!

We have twin sisters this year!

One from Europe, and one from the Caribbean.

They will be direct competition, for sure!

let's see does best in the preliminary show.

Ecuador was not in my group of favourites.

But I adored her attitude and sweet presence.

so happens With Miss Perú.

She reminds me a bit of LUPITA JONES.

And she's calm and mature as LUPITA as well.

I love is strong presence and warm personality.

Miss Colombia just arrived yesterday in MANILA

And here are her first pictures in the Philippines

Aand Turkey .

I Must confess that I thought

she'd be Miss Universe this year

When I saw her the previous Photo Shots.

But after seeing her in this first day in MANILA

My opinion about her changed a bit.

let's wait and see her on the preliminary competition.

So... my friends: this is my

Chronical number two of the Miss Universe 2016 Pageant.

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