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Just 58 hours to the elections. And then in the evening, we get those familiar views...

of all parties following the results in their own little room.

Of course, Wednesday, there's no new broadcast...

because I should have named my show 'Wednesday with Lubach,'' and that doesn't rhyme...

and that would make no sense.

So I already sent some reporters to those rooms to try out the atmosphere.

Let's start!

GreenLeft [GroenLinks], there's Tex de Wit. Tex, you are in Amsterdam?

Yes. -Wow. Hey Arjen, I'm now in the 'Amsterdam ArenA.

Or, Snackbar Tony, sorry. I still have to get used to it.

Wednesday evening is here the result evening of GreenLeft.

Or as they like to call it: ''Sensation Green.''

Wow! So Jesse Klaver is going to address the whole ArenA?

Yes, they would like that, of course.

No, Jesse can't be here. He is on a World Tour the entire month.

He has to speech on Wednesday in LA, and then he's flying to Tokyo and Israel.

And what is he going to do in Israel?

Just eating with about 12 friends.

You know. Some whine, some bread, and then a Grand Final on Calvary.

He'll hang out for a few days there...

and I think we'll see him back with Easter.

Thank you, Tex!

And now to ChristianUnion [ChristenUnie], there is Steye van Dam.

Yes, that's right. Good evening Arjen. I'm in a little room...

of eatery Hosni Amrhani. That's an Egytian restaurant in Bilthoven.

Ok, but why there?

Well, I looked that up, and apparrently, Gert-Jan Segers of the ChristianUnion...

lived in Egypt for years! -Wait, seriously?

Yes. Gert-Jan Segers lived in Egypt for years. Egypt!

Unbelievable. Egypt? -Yes, in Egypt.

Wow. -Yeah.

But on election night, he will address all his followers?

Yes, but Gert-Jan Segers is quite used to those things. -Yes?

Yes, of course! That man lived in Egypt for years!

Oh, yeah, that's true. Thanks Steye!

We're going to Maarssen, there's Pieter Jouke...

on the election night of the Party of the Animals [Partij van de Dieren]. Peter, where are you?

Oh, just in a restaurant. The evening starts with a dinner.

They're all going to disapprove unlimited spare-ribs. -Disapprove?

Correct! They let come a few plates and say: ''Excuse me?''

This can not be! These are animals. Please bring a new plate.''

And then there is a new plate, and they be like:

''No sorry, how rude!

Take it with you and bring a new one.'' And that unlimited.

Thank you, Pieter Jouke. Now to the VVD...

there is for us , and he's very special, Gerri Eickhof. Gerri?


He doesn't hear us, right? Gerri?

Okay, we'll try again later.

Now to Thijs van Domburg. Thijs, you are at the PVV's and they are in Amsterdam?

Yes, of course they are in Amsterdam. In the 'Stedelijk Museum.'

Like they always are.

And what is the program?

Yeah, there are those acts, you know, all a bit we-know-us.

I'm already a bit tired; Freek de Jonge, Dolf Jansen, Claudia de Breij...

And then, again, there is a poem of a gay refugee from Syria.

It's all a bit like: ''Look at us,'' but that's how we know the PVV.

Then, back to the VVD in The Hague. Gerri Eickhof. Gerri?

Gerri? Gerri?

He still doesn't here us, does he? Okay, we'll try again later.

Now to Vera van Zelm, a new face. You're in The Hague, too, in the House of Commons (Tweede Kamer), I see.

You're right, Arjen. This is THE spot where the PvdA is going to watch the results of the election.

Okay, but why there?

Well, they were like: ''What is a special spot...

which we won't visit very often anymore after the election?''

And for many PvdA people, it's here.

Great, thanks. I think it's about time.

Let's try to switch one more time to Gerri Eickhof.

Gerri, we have no more time, so if can you hear me, nod and walk away from the camera.

Yes, thanks!

Thank you all! This was Sunday with Lubach.

Do not forget to vote Wednesday. Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next Sunday. Bye!

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