Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YouTube Music – Afsa’s Theme

Difficulty: 0

- Lab group six, can you guys

please stick around for a second?

[both speaking foreign language]

[Blackalicious's "Alphabet Aerobics"]

- [rapping] Silencing super fire saps

That are soft

Tales ten times talented too tough

Take that challengers get a tune-up

Universal unique untouched

Unadulterated the raw uncut

Verb vice lord victorious valid

Violate vibes that are vain make 'em vanished

While I'm all well what a wise wordsmith

Just weaving up words weeded up on my work shift

Xerox my X-radiation holes extra large

X-height letters and xylophone tones

Yellow back yak mouth young ones yaws

Yesterday's lawn yard sell our yawn

Zig zag zombies zoom into the zenith

Zero in zen thoughts overzealous rhyme zealots

[music continues]

- [laughs] Good.

The Description of YouTube Music – Afsa’s Theme