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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Accent Training and Self Awareness

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yeah yeah so that confidence thing

because that confidence thing has more

to do with our thoughts about our accent

than an actual accent because when yours

tell me about a scenario where you're

sitting you're kind of in a situation

and you start kind of freezing up or or

don't want to speak up because and what

are the thoughts is it is it because of

your accent because of the way you speak

that kind of or what kind of try and

trap that for me what are some of the

thoughts kind of going through your head

in those situations those situations

because I'm trying to pursue an acting

career and so what I put acting classes

and I gave me kind of full and I started

a good lady I it's like I'm so focused

and looking at my lips because I was in

to a head and it had to shut down for 10

years and have speech therapy among

these one crazy

as an adult I'm trying to go back or I

this with the school and if you can

accomplish it and just sit here so I can

speak that I have to speak in front of

people are people so not even exist I

know it's a fear from telling me like I

can't do all this right he said come you

can do it my boy here not try then I get

to one or two sentences is like oh it

just my hair start hurting Oh focus I

hear by looking at my lips so I just

come on top okay yeah so that's an

interesting thing because because of the

car accident some of the scarring and

things that you have there's a very much

of awareness of kind of what what people

are looking at or the way that you're

thinking others are thinking about you

right right okay so those are the

thoughts that we're gonna have to kind

of address and make sure that because we

can I mean just real quick

and we can dive into this further when

we get into the pro mindsets

but we can choose what other people what

we think other people are thinking of us

that makes sense so we're already we're

already doing that right now you're

already choosing to think that people

are staring at your scars you're all

right because you don't know you have no

idea if that's true or not right yeah

you're just you're just kind of making

that assumption that that's what people

are focused on right right and so in

that same frame we can choose to see it

another way that helps you feel more

confidence so you could sit in that

situation and say these people may you

know will probably notice my scars but

what they're gonna think is wow she's

overcome a lot of challenges I don't

know what that is but what an impressive

woman that has overcome so much

obviously because she has you know she's

gone through something traumatic and so

you could choose to think that they

admire and respect you for the

challenges that you've gone through yeah

instead of oh they're judging me for

kind of this the way I look and you know

or some some things like that and

thinking less of me let's try and

reframe that and say they admire me they

admire me for the challenges I admire me

for the challenges that I have gone

through and I'm really impressed with

who I've become because of these

challenges and they're thinking the same


they're super impressed and admire me

for these challenges that that I've gone

through which gives me an advantage in

this situation okay I want you to try on

thoughts like that and if you have to

kind of write them down and read them

you know that kind of sometimes kind of

helps our brain wire those belief

systems and those thoughts because it's

something that your

Rayne has said over and over again oh

they're judging me they they think less

of me because of this and your brain is

used to hearing that or used to used to

thinking those thoughts and so that has

become a belief of yours

whereas it's just a thought and a belief

we can retrain it if we want and based

on those thoughts our thoughts are what

cause our feelings ok feelings don't

just happen they they come because of

thoughts in our heads so if we want

different feelings we have to choose

different thoughts that makes sense yes

ok so I really want you to challenge

those thoughts and say are those you

know are those thoughts serving me are

they helping me in my life are they

keeping me back because we get to choose

whatever we want to think we get to

choose that they think we're amazing and

wonderful and they admire us and they

want to be you want to get to know me

and they want to give me this job they

want to give me this this part in this

you know they this is you know we get to

choose that and because of the thoughts

we show up different yeah ok so that's

that's something I want you to kind of

try on this week ok evaluate how you

want others how you want to think about

how others think about you that's a

little but we get to choose we get to

choose and I encourage you to choose

ones that will be helpful for you

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