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Hello big lovers of little tanks!

This is unkindest and that is World of no Thanks Blitz! And today I have very interesting

news for you. May be one of the biggest features of the upcoming update 4.6 will be the change

in the penetration range dispersion. Lets discuss this a little bit more detailed.

As you all know, the tank games produced by Wargaming have one very distinct feature,

in general called RANDOM. And World of Tanks Blitz is no exception. There are several gameplay

features which are calculated by random numbers generator, or how its well known to players

- RNG. Such features like matchmaking, penetration and shell damage have ranges, within which

the random number is generated at that particular moment in that particular situation.

We are not going to discuss how random is matchmaking today. Even if the topic is hot

and produced a lot of conspiracy theories, its still not that important as latter

two. And i will explain why. Every time you make a shot there are 2 values generated by

RNG: penetration and damage. And if everyone is familiar how you can low roll or high roll

sometimes in terms of damage, because the game shows you the exact number of damage

you just inflicted, the penetration still remains one of the most peculiar things. You

all probably witnessed many times how the shell fired simply must have penetrated the

enemys armor, as it was displayed to you by penetration zones code as grey, but all

you heard was «We didnt penetrate their armor!». Familiar huh? Yeah!

That happens, because in tanks games, produced by Wargaming, the range for penetration and

damage of the shell is calculated within +/- 25 % range of the median value. And this is

going to change.

Recently, the Community Manager Zloydd confirmed, that indeed the penetration range will change

from +/- 25 % to +/- 15 %. And you might ask, but what does that mean? Well, basically,

if you put it bluntly, in general the penetration will increase.

Lets have a look at so called Normal distribution. You can see that the probability to stay close

to the median value is approx 68 %. But if the range decrease, the the numbers within

that highest probability range would increase, and that means that penetration in general

will increase. Its an overall buff of penetration for all tanks in the game. For all game modes.

If RNG obeys normal distribution of course :)

And this is even more important for tournaments, as players will have higher chance of penetrating

the armor, but more importantly, more reliable chance. And «luck» factor hopefully would

have less impact on the outcome than «skill». But as the damage range remains the same,

you still have a chance to low roll at the most crucial moment in Grand Finals and lose


Who knows, may be in the future, the range for shell damage would also decrease?

I think Its great news, share your thoughts in comments section below.

That is all for today. I think Its great news, share your thought in comments section

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