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we don't realise when the day gets over!

In fact, we plan a lot, but are not able to do anything

So, if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur

and are not being productive

Or if you are a student, the date sheets of exams

have been released

So, let's discuss how you can be productive

So, I'll tell you 6 simple steps on how to be productive

and complete all your targets

And I've one bonus tip for the students

so watch the video till end

First tip is to have small goals for everyday

It is very easy to procrastinate bigger targets

But if you divide your bigger target into smaller

ones for everyday, according to your time target

it would be very easy to complete that small target

Also, when we complete small targets and

then celebrate them, we are more encouraged

to do much better next time

Divide your goal into smaller targets

know till when to achieve the final goal

and know what to do everyday

For example, I did an Instagram poll

in which, 67% people said that they are not able

to utilise their time, even though they wanted to

This happens because we think to complete work

the next day and keep on repeating this cycle

So, to check this, I challenged 6 people to do something

new in 24 hours and most of them did something that

they were procrastinating from a long time

So, if you want me to motivate you

don't forget to follow me on Instagram

It is possible that even after deciding the task

you keep on procrastinating and in the

end, you don't have sufficient time to do that

So, the solution is to maintain a time slot

and try to associate it with a work

like I have my breakfast at 8:30 and after that I start

doing my work till lunch time, without any distractions

It would be better if you have a designated workplace

because your mind is adjusted to do work

If you do not have a separate room or study table

you can even take a small corner and start your work

But have a designated place, it would be very beneficial

I would strongly suggest to not to work on your

couch or bed, it is possible that the work is completed

but in the long run, you would realise that

you were very unproductive

Along with place, your clothes also impact your mindset

so, avoid night suits while working

sometimes it happens that you don't feel like

working or studying, even if everything is set

For that, you have to follow five minute rule

which I had also explained in this video

Basically, you have to work only for 5 minutes

and after that, you can leave it

Generally, people work for more than 5 minutes

If you want a break, then you can again use this trick

after an hour and I am sure you will feel like

completing your work, once you are into it

because the main problem is with starting the work

Tip number 5 is, stay hydrated

I always keep my water bottle at my workstation

So, if you can also keep a bottle, it really helps

Also, have a good diet, because good nutrition

helps your mind to stay more positive and productive

Next tip is to always maintain focus

your mind should be able to concentrate

because it won't be so fruitful even

if you are working for 10 hours without concentration

So, in order to improve your concentration you

need to take care of these two things,

probably, many people won't like it

so I'll tell you in a better way

you must have seen these kind of drawings

try to draw and fill in these kind of drawings for 5-10 min

Idea is to meditate. Many people don't like

sitting with eyes closed, so you won't feel

that you are doing something boring like meditation

and your brain will get the required exersice

Along with mind, physical activities are also important

If you do not have time or are preparing for entrance

take out 10 minutes and do some physical activity

a few crunches, push-ups or even dance on some song

people preparing for entrances might think

that 10 minutes would be a waste of time.

But doing some physical activity increases your concentration

and you are able to complete the 6 hour work in 4 hours

Second thing that you won't like is avoiding social media

Not only your time gets wasted, but your mind

is also being too dull in the process

your concentration level keeps on decreasing

by scrolling down and watching next video

that is because you are allowing your brain to do so

Watching something with full concentration would

be more beneficial as compared to going around

and watching too much stuff

If you've taken a course or watching a YouTube channel

try not to skip and look for alternatives at the same time

and keep the non-educational things for end of the day

When your day goal is completed

you can give it as a gift to yourself

So, tell yourself that you'll do this work for next

1 hour and keep your phone aside and work

for next 1 hour

Last tip, only for students, do not panic

and get tensed. Your focus should be only

on what you have to do

we can think about result after your exams

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