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hey everybody uh adam savage here in my cave with a super this is a super quick one day build

i don't think any one day build has ever been faster than what's about to happen

but it's a philosophical uh construction

i talk about organization here in the shop a lot and we tend to think of organization

as places to put things that is one way to organize is to have places to put things

without a doubt but organization also has to do with the efficiency of the mind so

a a a tool that tells you which end to use or which orientation to use it in is helping to

organize your thoughts in terms of how to use that device does that make sense i'm basically widening

the definition of organization to mean more than just a place to put everything and

to include information in organization so for me when i like okay recently i built this um i

recently built this sandpaper sorter and i had a sandpaper sorter i already had one and it lived

over here but that was the problem every time i needed sandpaper i had to reach behind my disk

sander and i just it took me years to get around to realizing i i don't want to work so hard to get

sandpaper i use it every single day so the other day yesterday in fact i was like you know what

i'm gonna make one half as high and twice as wide i'm gonna put it here on top of the drill press

because this is where i'm gonna this is where i'm gonna come for it this is where

it's gonna happen yeah um so this is both about organization from a sandpaper has a place to go

standpoint but also organization from uh when i need something is it where i need it to be

so it's not just about where things go it's not just that things have a place to go but the place

that they go is efficient so that i think is making the distinction about organization

in terms of a knowledge standpoint and in terms of an object standpoint moving on this

is my milling machine and uh i i recently took device off so the vise hasn't been trammed in

and part of trimming it in is uh tightening these little bolts and i have many of them

it is a uh what kind of bolt is this is this a half inch let's see here

yeah um so the standard clamping kit of a bridgeport mill uses half inch 13 hardware uh

and there are all three parts of various sizes to allow me to connect from t-nuts over to clamps etc

so the vise isn't the only thing that i clamp onto this table the table has t-slots built into it

a t-slot is called such because this is what goes in the bottom and it's in the shape

of a tee but i digress i use these bits of half h13 clamping hardware constantly on the mill

uh i am constantly tightening and loosening and i have a wrench here just for that

and this wrench is great it is a ratcheting wrench uh it's got a big end and a small end i only ever

use the big end because this is the uh what is it it's the yeah this is a 7 8 wrench that's what

activates all this half inch hardware however i have this issue i have this issue with this wrench

i need both hands for this so give me a sec there we go okay i have an issue with this

wrench which is it's never obvious which way i should have it for tightening or loosening

it's chrome on both sides from an organizational standpoint this is

a disorganized tool because when i pick it up it's not obvious what orientation i should be

holding it in to do the things i need to do

and i've been thinking about a solution for a while and then i came up with it and it's really

freaking simple i'm gonna paint one side of this wrench red and the wrench will be

the tightening side so i will know every time i pick it up at a glance if i'm holding the tool

in the correct orientation now why is this so important who cares it's important to me

because what i've noticed is even that little bit of time i lose going

even that little bit that five seconds it pulls me out of the flow and it's not like it pulls

me all the way out of the flow by any stretch of the imagination but what i notice is each

time it happens i think to myself i wish that it didn't happen i wish that hadn't happened i would

like those five seconds back again this is how impatient i get when i want to make something work

but then i thought to myself and there are plenty of things that i do every day that i can't make

more efficient because there's just the way things happen there's some things you just can't speed

up but when i examined this wrench and thought is there a way to speed this up and not end up in the

same situation the answer is yes i make one side of this red and then i don't have to worry anymore

so that's what i'm about to do i'm about to make one side of this the tightening side

right so the side that i am looking at when i'm tightening it lefty loosey righty-tighty

this side will be red so um first i'm going to clean it

then i'm going to prime it then i'm going to hit it with some of this uh

oh i thought this was paint but it's chalk marking spray which is decidedly not paint

i have some red paint so uh i'm basically going to prep this surface

mask it paint it try it out i found my paint rust-oleum high performance enamel

15-minute drying time it is made for impatient people just like me

all right let's get started

i'm just going to clean this up with a little acetone kind of clear off all the

all the dirt and grime

that's the only side i'm painting so that's the only side i'm going to worry about here

i do want to tooth this up to receive a little bit of paint so i'm going to use some of this

gray scotch brite which is the only thing i've found that can actually mark chrome

uh and i'm just gonna hit it with a little bit of hit it with a little bit of this yeah

you can see that it's really uh it's definitely it's definitely given me

some small markings and those small markings will translate to grippage for the paint on the metal


um a little note

when you are masking and you want to make sure your edge is um really precise go ahead and

grab a little skewer and go ahead and just like rub down the very edge of that tape where it's

make sure it's going where you want it to go it's not really necessary on this build

i i'm not this wrench is going to get the crap beaten out of it but

trust me on that one you totally want to do that right at the edge is where the masking tape is uh

huh and now oh yeah adam savage makes his own mask one inch masking tape all right let's see here

will i be able to do this

i kind of want to do it like this

yeah oh

look at that this is helping me out right now

i don't have to do this this wrench would work just fine even if i didn't do this

and like block off the um the actual turning part of the wrench but you know what

i want it to look nice so i'm just going to take the extra time and make it nice

great great great there's one now the other all right now we have our wrench

it is masked it is toothed it's time for prime primer primer primer primer primer



hey taylor uh of taylor tries uh i've seen people juggle swords and cut things in mid-air but what

about juggling cans of spray paint and also spray painting something at the same time


taylor is a juggler uh you can check out her youtube channel we'll include a link in

the comments below taylor tries she's an amazing amazing juggler and also an excellent human being


i i'm here to express that this um rust-oleum red paint this stuff that is a beautiful red that is

a really nice luscious fire engine red uh it is not quite dry i've been using the blow dryer on

it it's going to take a little bit longer uh but yeah it's a really what is wrong with my hair

it is a really really i like this red it is not the red that's on the lid

this red has more blue in it uh it's much more of what your mind thinks of as a fire engine

all right the wrench is dry it's time to do the unpeeling this is this is one of my favorite parts

i'm going to give you a close-up so you can really enjoy it alongside me let's pull these

off first oh look at how nice that looks the extra bit of time i take it made a difference

all right now we're gonna grab it off the outside edge here

where does it start excuse me all right i'm just gonna start by uh

hang on

excuse me

there we go

got something caught in my throat

oh like christmas every time

look at that see i took the extra time and now it looks like a kind of an industrial tool

we're going to uh make a cup uh we're gonna make one more modification to it we're gonna

put my name on it put my name on all the tools

there we go

and i think that would do it yeah there we go uh

i was just imagining that i did it the wrong way

because as look um one of the things i have learned about the world is that if i want to know

what to do about something well how do i say this i'm actually going to i'm trying to be too broad

if you want to know where to put something ask yourself where would i look for it

if i needed it right now and your very first answer is where you should put it

when i was thinking about a way to make this wrench more understandable to me the question was

well what what clearly i could paint one side but which side should i paint and my first thought

was red for tightening i don't know why but that's what occurred to me and that's what i did

however i've had so many projects in which i went through all this rig and roll and then peel off

the tape and it turned out that i'd done it backwards thank god i didn't do it that way

uh labeled it with my name and i'm gonna take it over to the uh mill and put it in its new

home here we go so now my tightening wrench which only tightens when you're looking at red

and loosens when you're looking at chrome it's going to live right here

right there by the side of the mill yup and now i have organized something

in which i have not moved its location at all but i think we'd all agree that

my wrench is now more organized than it was when i started this one day build

that's a way to think about efficiency in a shop and it hadn't occurred to me to make

that distinction until i was talking about why i wanted to make the wrench red it's pretty cool

all right that uh that wraps up this one day build

thank you guys for joining me and i will see you next time stay safe

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