Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FAPtv CASTING Diễn Viên Hài - 2020

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Hello everyone

FAPtv has just passed 2019 successfully

2020 has come and we will welcome new things,.. well as welcome new members

By action, we will host a CASTING

In order to have new developments in 2020, we really need new actors who will bring new wind to FAPtv

For this casting, we specifically want to recruit comedians

All of you who have a good sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh

We highly welcome you to FAPtv

Previous castings, we have prioritized appearance

For this time, we put your humor higher priority

But if you have looks, the better

Come to us, you will be joining a team that can be called family

We will give you lots of emotions

If you come to us, you will be taught more about ways to create humorous situations, comedy scripting and acting skills

When you have the opportunity to accompany FAP, you not only companion with Cold Rice, but you also have the opportunity to accompany with the teams associated with FAPtv such as Peanut TV or Hi Team

You will be free to make comedies such as school, students and..



Yeah. All the problems of society

It is very wide so don't worry

So what are the conditions for participating in FAPtv this time?

It is male and female from 18 years of age or older

Who are living and working in Ho Chi Minh City because we're here

We don't ask for too much in appearance

You guys don't have good looks but funny appearance is also an advantage in this casting

After you submit your application, we call you to join Casting, please prepare a comedy that you write the script for or someone who helps you do it.

I will tell you an experience.

When you came to Casting in previous times, you often invited FAP cast members to support you and act with you

And that will make you more nervous because you're acting with your idol or acting with people who are known to be able to create humorous situations constantly. So you won't do it well

We give you priority to prepare your partner to be with you

That's an advantage when you practice it before, right?

If you have experience in acting, have been in a movie or casting, please fill that out in your application to increase your chances of being cast.

Because every time we receive thousands of Casting records, we have to choose carefully

That is very headache But if you have a nice profile, it's clearly written

And please don't use the teencode

Please write in Vietnamese correctly

Lastly, download the Casting registration form in the description below or the link on the screen

In the application form, please submit an additional 6 photos

Including 2 close-up photos

2 bust photos. It means from the thigh upwards

And 2 full body photos

Please send it to Email: CASTING@FAPTVMEDIA.COM

I wish you success and hope to work with you all soon

And now, see ya

The Description of FAPtv CASTING Diễn Viên Hài - 2020