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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【eng全英】讲英文如何变幽默 6种现学现用的方式 | How to be funny in English

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today we're talking about

something really fun we are talking

about how to be funny in English it's

definitely really hard to be a funny

person even in your own language let

alone be funny in a second language so

by no means I'm a funny person in

English I think I'm pretty funny in

Chinese but I'm still trying to figure

out how to be funny in English so I'm

still figuring this out and I found a

few ways that is really doable in

English that I'm practicing so I want to

share with you two I'm really excited

about this video I hope you guys are as

well now without further ado let's get

into the video first way that I found

and in my opinion is the best way to be

funny is self-deprecating humor

self-deprecating is just a fancy word

for making fun of yourself I think this

one is the best one because you don't

hurt anybody in the process and is

pretty much practical in every situation

if you ask me who does self-deprecating

humor the best some of the names that

came to mind are definitely Amy Schumer

imma Chamberlain and Jennifer Lawrence

in my opinion Amy Schumer and Emma

Chamberlain made a career out of soft

African humor if you've never heard of

Amy Schumer she started off her career

as a stand-up comedian so basically she

is I think she's still an attractive

woman but on a bigger side so she's a

little bit bigger than what you would

think a Hollywood star would look like

and that's what make her different most

of the time her jokes are about how

difficult it is to fit in into the

Hollywood culture or Los Angeles or

being a little bit bigger has affected

her life one joke that stood out to me

that Amy Schumer made is in an interview

she did with Ellen

I mean I don't fit in here straight like

straight-up body type like in LA my arms

register as legs she said she doesn't

fit in in LA because her arm is

considered a leg in LA so you have to be

genuine something that you're really

feeling that you're not really good at

but you can make fun of yourself that's

what you do

self-deprecating humor but yeah if you

want to become a funnier person

practice makes perfect definitely

practice a lot and now comes the

question how do you practice cambly

is a great source I talked about this

app so many times before this is an app

that enables you to talk to a foreign

teacher anywhere at any time and for

however long you want so I think it's

just such a great way to practice

English because when you're just talking

to your friends it could be kind of

weird to ask them to practice a joke

with but if you are talking to an

English teacher they know you're trying

to practice that's definitely better and

you feel more relaxed too so I think

it's a really great way if you want to

try out the platform for 15 minutes for

free definitely use my code to get this

15 minutes it's a great opportunity go

try it out next one is easy simply

surprise people with an unexpected

answer for example if people are

expecting you to say yes you answer now

let's do an example because it's hard to

understand this way what you experience

in this example Conan is definitely

expecting her to say yes it was really

hard to host but she said no it was not

all it was really easy so that element

of surprise is what made this entire

answer so brilliant and funny and

everyone just instantly loved her so

that in real life

is really applicable for example I

remember when I first came to the States

a lot of people would ask me so you're

here alone Wow all your family is still

back in China you're here alone

be really hard to adjust to the new life

right yeah back then I just answered yes

it's really hard because it is but if

you want to be like a funnier person and

you want to turn the situation into a

more lighthearted answer you could

definitely say no not at all there's no

curfew I could eat whatever I want to

eat I don't have to do the dishes it's


I think the good part is you don't have

to explain because everyone understands

that you're just trying to be funny it's

not that it's not hard being alone in a

different country it's just you're

trying to be a light-hearted person next

one is a little hard and to me this one

still just comes to me every now and

then rarely comes to me but I really

like this one when someone else does it

is work play let's look at an example

Jim that was a time to stop putting

Dwight's personal effects into jello all

right I'm sorry because I've always been

your biggest flan you should have put

him in custardy now in this example

there are three words involved jello

flan and custard you first have to know

all of these three are the same texture

desserts and when Jim said I wouldn't

want to do that cuz I'm your biggest

plan he men I'm your biggest fan and

then Ryan said that you should put him

in custardy he meant custody so I think

that's what's really funny but you have

to have a lot of culture background to

make a work play joke so for me I still

struggle with it I don't really know how

to make work play jokes but sometimes

sometimes it comes to me really simple

ones next one I really like it as well

it's called observational humor a means

that you observe an everyday activity

and through funnier storytelling you

turn it into a joke one example that

came to mind or stood out to me is

definitely the rice maker joke

so if you told this joke

not joke fact but it's really funny

because it's so unconventional no one

will ever think that your finger could

be used as a measuring cup that's why

it's funny is again the element of

surprise no one will expect that so

that's why it's funny and being a

Chinese person you can use this joke for

the rest of your life

so I just think it's a good one and

another one is using iconic characters

or catchphrases

to make a joke for example this one

might be a little complicated to explain

but let's try

I was watching this TV show called Reba

in one of the episode the dad is trying

to change his appearance so he did a

part and he ended up looking kind of

like another character from another

movie called Napoleon Dynamite and in

the other movie if there's a catchphrase


vote for Pedro and when the kiss our dad

she instantly made a joke so did you

vote for Pedro Napoleon that's why you

should watch a lot of movies and TV

shows popular culture

so when people make jokes like this in

reference to a popular TV character or

catchphrases you would know what they're

talking about actually made a whole

other episode talking about some must

know movie catchphrases you should

definitely check it out I'll link it in

the car but if you can't remember all of

them I think one that stood out is

houston we have a problem any time you

have a situation or a obstacle come up

you can say houston we have a problem

and instantly you just become a funnier

person so I think this is a good one

houston we have a problem last but not

least is being sarcastic now I think you

need to be really careful with this one

because it is funny but it might not be

funny too

the person you're being sarcastic - it's

funny to the audience for example

Chandler Bing from friends that's like

the spokesperson for being a sarcastic

person in my opinion a lot of it is tors

one person and if you really look at it

everyone else is laughing but the person

he's saying that to so for this one you

really need to be careful because you

don't want to single someone out and

make fun of them and make everyone else

laugh that's just not a good situation

it is not good for you or everyone else

so I tend to stay away from this one

because I think it takes skills to be a

sarcastic person but if it's just you

and your significant other your friends

someone that you're really really close

to no problem but in a newer group of

people that you just met or your

acquaintances you're not best friends

yet definitely be careful for example I

went on cambly and I talked to one his

teachers but she said she made a joke

but I thought it was really funny her

brother-in-law was actually wearing one

of those transition classes and she said

why are you wearing those pedophile

glasses so everyone laughed and that is

a sarcastic comment because those

transition glasses looks really creepy

if you know what I'm talking about and

it's because it's her brother-in-law

no one got offended so it's a really

good joke all right that is it for

today's video

I really hope you guys enjoyed it I had

a lot of fun filming this video and I

learned a lot too thank you guys for

watching I'll see you in my next video





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