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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Use English Tenses Properly in Conversation | Real English with Real Teachers

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hello and welcome back to real English

with real teachers tenses are difficult

aren't they so today we're going to show

you how to use all of the tenses in the

English language

all of them all twelve of them we're not

going to explain the rules that's boring

we're actually going to show you how we

use them so keep an eye out for the

timeline at the bottom of this video and

also in the description I will write

down some some rules and some notes that

will help you to understand this video

better but today we're going to be

interviewing Charlie about his job


are you happy talking about that charlie

I am willing to participate I hope that

it doesn't dig up too much dirt on me

but yeah we will see we will see okay

alright let's say let's just see how it

goes Charlie what was your first ever

job before we get going with the video

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sure you leave a comment and tell us how

your first lesson was my first ever job

was actually driving a buggy around a

golf course serving coffee to certain

famous yeah famous people actually yeah

it was a very exclusive Golf Club and I

serve cold coffee to Hugh Grant no way

seriously yeah yeah my first ever

experience meeting Hugh Grant wasn't too

Pleasant because obviously he got the

cold coffee so he was he was most

displeased and he sent me on my way to

the kitchen to heat his brew up yeah

gave me a stern talking-to actually he

said this is not on this is not on this

is not acceptable oh my god so you had

to go back and get a get a warm coffee

hot yes piping hot he likes his coffee

hot so why why was it cold what were you

doing exactly I was actually sleeping no

I was reading Harry Potter in the bushes

and occasionally sleeping in my bushes

yeah I would park up in the most

discreet places where nobody would would

buy a coffee because they couldn't find

me and I would sure tuck into a bit of

Harry Potter and a Twix when the coffee

was made you actually sleeping when you

should have been you should have been

kind of delivering that to Hugh Grant or

taking it to his his hole not yeah his

hole on the golf course where he was

currently standing yes not his orifice I

suppose yeah I I did the coffee and then

I took it to a quiet place read my book

and then found Hugh Grant

I imagine you didn't last long in this

job what how did it play out in the end

I'm I'm surprised that you that you got

to that conclusion but you

actually like yeah I got the sack after

telling an old colleague that the place

was no longer fun anymore

on Facebook and that ended up on my

boss's newsfeed on Facebook oh no you'd

been writing nasty posts about about her

gold nasty and nasty just it was like I

miss the old days where we could muck

around in the kitchen and throw ice at

each other I think that was it oh okay

so you're just being nostalgic I miss

days of making Hugh Grant a coffee and

then it going cold because I fell asleep

reading a book in a bush yeah along the

same line like that how long had you

been kind of not enjoying the job you

know up until the point where you got

sacked um well I had been unhappy for

about three months and then I made the

post and then yeah the sack the sacking

came momentarily after that post so yeah

I've been unhappy for about three months

leading up to the the retirement of the

drinks buggy refreshments guy right yeah

it was that that was your title then

dream that doggy refreshment guy I've

always wanted a job title with guy in it

just at the end guys it's sexist isn't

it it is a bit interesting job it's

amazing the things I'm still learning

about you I had no idea you'd had that

job have you ever applied for any

strange jobs um I feel like you know the

answer to this and that's why you asked

it is that is that right well not

necessarily just asking me it's you know

I'm trying to practice tenses and learn

more about my good friend charlie so

have you ever applied for any weird jobs

I have applied for some weird jobs yes

yes I have what would you say is the

weirdest job that you've ever applied


okay well I've applied and actually

succeeded in obtaining a

a food tasting job what you yes where it

was at the Leatherhead Food Research

Center and I used to go in every Tuesday

and I would be tested every hour they

would take a sample of my blood they

would inject me quite quite a lot and

then I would also eat a ton of pasta and

then they would give me a survey of how

satisfied how hungry and how the texture

of the pasta was and how fat I was yes

and you were the right person for the

job you know do you have good taste buds

I'd like to say yes I'm I'm an excellent

candidate but in fact it was anyone that

didn't have any major allergies or was

of the certain age bracket and I ticked

those boxes okay so so you've been

you've been a teacher now for quite a

while right if you better teach it for

five years I have been a teacher for

five years yeah you know in fact coming

up to my sixth year yeah I've been a

teacher for six years now I say you're

doing well you're quite a successful

online teacher you know you're not in

much debt you're doing well doing well

do you miss do you miss any of your

previous jobs or do you feel like you're

missing out when you look at other

people doing their jobs interesting to

use of myths there yeah that's pretty


mmm yeah very good very good now you are

a good teacher and I suppose your debt

isn't terrible either

no no not terrible of course I have debt

but it's not that bad and can you repeat

the question please do you feel like

you're missing out when you look at

other people's professions do you ever

feel like you're missing out on anything

occasionally I feel like I'm missing out

on having a team experience in an office

you've got me everything you've you've

got I've got you yeah they are Christmas

parties are wild they are - two people

at the table minimum and maximum yeah

absolutely yeah what do you think we

should do for our next Christmas pie

what we're going to do for the next one

well I don't know if you'll get your act

together quick enough to be here in

Australia for Christmas oh no I have one

I haven't got an intention no down

intentions to come for Christmas so the

party will have to be on skype it will

also be difficult time wise this is this

is garyun a logistical nightmare but you

know we could we could both have some

some mulled wine at your 9:00 a.m. and

my 8:00 p.m.

perhaps yeah because that's probably the

only way we can do it and we can it can

be Christmas Day right yeah yeah good

point otherwise it would be Boxing Day

for me and no one wants mulled wine on

Boxing Day no where do you see yourself

in five years in five years I see myself

probably back in the UK maybe doing a

couple of courses a year with you a

hugely successful podcast under our

belts what do you think we will be

spending most time doing together in a

in a year because by that point we will

have been you know doing our podcast for

a while right yeah in a year we will

have been recording podcast for for a

year so we will have got to a point

where we're comfortable in that so what

do you think we will be up to okay

we'll be going to the beach if you're

here in Australia having an occasional

coffee with a laptop discussing about

the eye discussing the ideas behind our

next episode be it podcast or YouTube

video but you know taking life a bit

more chilled and we'll be enjoying the

sunshine while

English that'd be lovely so well that's

that's all of the the tenses use Charlie

you've told me about meeting Hugh Grant

you unfortunately didn't mention the

strangest job that you've ever applied

for I really wanted you to tell me about

when you applied a male escort

oh you got conned but you know maybe we

can save that for another lesson or just

edit it out ah I will fight ya if I can

if I remember to I will I will

it's not true it's not true he's lying

thank you very much for joining us for

this video please write in the comments

some of your examples of these tenses

and any impression that you got from

this video you know did it seem strange

how we're using the tenses did it seem

forced is it easy to understand how

we're using them why we're using them

let us know in the comments and don't

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