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hi everyone welcome back to the blast zone laboratories where my team of

scientists help solve the mysteries of beyblade my scientists and I have been

working day and night to solve one of the mysteries that popped up on YouTube

you see this beyblade right here a tuber named Ilinnuc said that it was

the worst beyblade ever created here is a quick clip of jake giving us

his hypothesis about this a beyblade hasbro pulled a very turbo tastic move

messed the hasbro version of galaxy zeus up pretty bad yeah we have to solve this

mystery so why don't we battle this Bay to see if it's really what it'll make

sense as you guys already may know the biggest complaint about Galaxy is

because it has no metal it's very easy to burst and it's tip do you know what

our scientists we like to call that garbage really Hasbro what is this

if retorted why are you putting mixing beyblade tips and parts like just make the

tip okay it's not that hard alright and to test this beyblade we're

gonna battle it against 13 slingshock the new base that came out each of the

battles are one point to keep track of all these battles scientists teach arts

how many wins the galaxy's Neutron has or how many losses it has now let's put

this beyblade to the test but before I do that my scientist and I created two

RC remote control beyblades genesis react and attack we are giving them

away so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications without further ado let's

put this baby to the test stay tuned to the end of this video because I have a

very scientific poll for you I want to know and hear from you guys if you guys

actually think this is the worst beyblade ever created the first battle


Ragnarok or

Wow beyblade wins almost first is looks

like he already won the first round 1:04 is returned and the next battle is

B section mom don't press your luck cool retro mob with those a touch I put

in attack mode by the way if it aint different or if it harms it to try to

get more but it doesn't look like the

next battle is down and Swain Diomedes

alright let's see Diomedes power right now let's see if it could affect Neutron

a bit alright Diomedes attack power and seven bars pretty good footage of this

look at that slice which really affect the other base to really go in the local

collect it's kind of like a defense battle which you've got also attacks

with bigger base don't you those spikes work that way and concludes into his

second loss of the day our next battle of our scientific test is Anubis ate

pork all right let's see if Anubis could break throughs neutrons defense or Seth

what the thing about Anubis is his energy layer is very defensive and has

very kind of a rough defense layer kind of which affects some the other ponies

spin and this one so let's find out never do any harm to do char Hey

going under opponents is Anubis is key dude wrong got it second one is a date

our next battle is against another new slingshot poison high risk H for

literate in attack oh yeah that baby's driver is flat so it's gonna be very

attractive anyways a lot about it's just like this and g-tron got a third one

everything so far is neutron is winning these results over here looking very

curious let's finish these battles and see what turns out next battle is minoo

morose m4 what a mess with the bull you get the horns as everyone always says

and it's the techno he's very crazy and unlimited I think that like attacks like

this like have no control and bad attacks

where's neutrons gonna win against it's like break 2 Manolos but you lost that I

can't believe that just burst it right after the base Top Spin 4 wins and 2

losses and the next opponent is iron Sutra s4 all right let's see if Iran's

nuclear beyblade I heard like he used to be really good

at the test I think there's a pretty good chance of do try right now if you

can put in force on this phase you turn you can person have a very odd respect I

mean it's already very easy to first

just like that Neutron now has three losses before with our next news sewing

shop Hasbro Bay Lightning beyblade where names tell you that much see if

lightning is actually yes site finally a name that actually goes with its own

type like one time I had a bay like was lightening something

sorry hate to break it to you in life but this beyblade might actually be one

of the worst beyblades I have ever seen in my scientist career that is what I

call beauty oh okay five wins and three losses Alex still

may be right but now the competition gets bigger at the big long slingshot

the first day winning is brutal moon or else I heard that if a bifurcation base

hits a levitation base really hard before the left rotation even lands it

converts very easily but if you have to hit it right where it's really like the

more fun see just like a vest ruin orbit in philosophy survive now we got our

next baby Julius the strongest slingshock throughout all the years I've

been a scientist I think it's safe to say this they will win against it but if

it doesn't then I'm going to on the rip three 200 right 20s is very good at

defense I'm very good at countering the fat channel but do try and sense yeah

that we're tip beyblade for me for my youth

we're in for no tips that they put on to try looks like a samurai battle right

here's you Tron usually when he's down the battle but it depends on what

whether or not you want anymore and Fortius Quincy fournier's it wins it 5

losses against 5 boxes you guys know that there's only three more battles

left let's see if L Nix hypothesis is correct the last three blades

we're gonna keep this to last because people say that this is actually the

worst paint wait we're gonna test that out our next battle is trip tune T 4

versus as you trying to default let's do this

think about truck tune in clean shock mode is very good attacking especially

if it's a really good base or big bay it could really damage suit on but due to

our members a defense but since a brush will easily and freely either break

through it you draw and loss that so it looks like Jake's hypothesis might be

winning six losses against five second the last battle is wonder about tricking

for a little bit to one there now the thing about valve trick is attacks are

very good but he loses balance pretty easily just like that suit on ilana six

wins six losses it's tight there's only one more battle and that's Achilles vs.

you truck this battle is the deciding factor do

you know what that means it's gonna be very heated since it's technically a

tiebreaker is first two three points to one so a series is trash their votes

trash so the only way a beyblade can would win this if he keeps

consecutive attacks and good attacks not sloppy tax return it's barely hitting

like that those are sloppy at s10 presume truck taking battle three-to-one

the rich Oh big collision in the beginning what Achilles he says talking

like that yeah none of those sloppy tats but you

turn is more stamina than it 2-0 he keeps almost bursting to trucks it's

to 0 can Achilles come back or Lutron not be the worst bait let's find out so

on there Rick neutrons in attack mode now but Achilles change so let's see if

that affects either their game

sorry ill next book I can't believe what I lost after that battle guys I wanna

hear from you guys take this poll above my head I'm gonna be asking you guys if

you think Neutron is the worst day of the year because me my scientists love

hearing from you guys hate to break it to you but this is the workspace right

here thank you guys for coming back to the

city the Black Sun laboratories and I hope you have a wonderful day and bye

guys have a great day and remember

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