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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] Savage grandparents.

Old people are just savage in general,

like without even trying.

We got Edna over here, old as dust.

The cops let us go without searching us.

Oh, sorry Grandma. That wasn't intended for you.

And then Grandma gonna...

She got a tatoo that says,


Whose Grandma is this?

So, this guy sent a pic of him and his girlfriend

to his Grandma,

and she like, Good picture.

If you like pictures of ugly people. [Insult! -100 ;-;]

Grandma, we weren't ready for it.

Man, I'm telling you, old people,

without even trying,

like it's just their pure honest opinion,

ain't nobody gonna tell you something straight up like Grandma will.

Grandma ain't gonna sugarcoat anything,

except those cookies.

That'll give you diabetes.

So, this got posted this pic on Facebook.

Can you handle this much sexy?

No, I cannot.

So you should probably put a shirt on,

because man, getting hot in here,

I'm starting to feel a little sick.

Where's the trash can?

But Grandma is gonna comment on his pic. [Hey, don't do it.]

I think I can handle all that sex grandson.

Looking good.

Love you, Grandma. [OH MY GOD.]

Grandma, calm down.

Oh, you got a chill.

But I mean,

you know it's not that much when Grandma can handle all of it.

Grandma texted this girl.

I heard you were talking s***.

My Mama a snitch.

I told her Grandma cake she made was dry,

and I get this text.

Never tell Grandma, or tell your Mom that the cake was dry.

The only thing that was gonna be dry is your body when they kill you.

I don't care if you were eating sand paper,

that dusty cake...

Grandma, that's good.

Finally, a selfie without that daft dog filter.

Wow! Give Chloe a round of applause, guys!

And then Grandma is gonna be like,

How stunning would you be if you lost weight?


Aw aye, thanks very much Nana!!

I'm telling you,

ain't nobody gonna be this honest with you like Grandma,

even your best friend, ain't gonna do you like that.

Like, oh, you'll be so pretty if you lost weight,

because that just comes off as rude.

But when Grandma say it, it's like,

oh, Grandma, she don't know any better.

She grew up in the 1920s.

Tweets from Grandpa Otis.

I live in fear that someone will kidnap my Grandson Billy,

who lives at 822 58th Street, Apartment 2, on the fourth floor,

keeps doors unlocked, can't miss it. [Flowey: You Idiot!]

I know this is fake, but this hella funny,

that somebody would actually do this like,

it's like tweeting,

Oh my God,

I live in constant fear that somebody will steal my shoebox full of cash

and gold and valuables,

which I keep under my bed on the second floor.

PS. I keep the door unlocked at night.

You're asking for it.

So, Grandma baked you some cookies,

put them in a nice tin,

but left the note on them.


I am not sure but a screw could be inside one of the ginger cookies,

I made sure could be inside.

of the ginger cookie.

Make sure you open the cookie,

and check it before you eat it.

If you do find the screw,

you will get a reward.

The screw has to match the screw in the donut cutter.

Okay, Grandma,

you want to play cookie roulette.

Man, imagine that, like looking inside,

breaking apart every single cookie.

I mean, I would take my chance.

I would take a bite, chew it slowly.

I found the screw, Grandma.

Please tell me the reward is a trip to the dentist.

Grandma, I think I left a bag at your house.

Finders keepers, b****!


Grandma, how could you?

And how you gonna leave a bag at your grandma's house?

You thought she wouldn't find it?

Grandma's like to get lit too.

So, this girl dyed her hair blue,

sent a picture to Grandma...

Dyed my hair today.

Something different for a little bit.

Grandma is like,

Oh, and not real.

No, seriously!

I hope not.

It's just fun for vacation.

When did ugly become fun?

Pop says please tell me that's not Alexis.

You're being so mean.

Sorry, I thought you were kidding me.

Didn't think you would do that.

It washes out soon.

Mom thinks it's cute.

Yeah, did Mom do hers?


I just want to be like Kylie Jenner.

She did it n looked cute.

No one wants to be Kylie Jenner.

Not even Kylie Jenner wanna be Kylie,

when she got hair like that.

Why this Grandma so savage though?

At least she's gonna be honest.

I mean, I think her hair looks cute.

But I mean, you got Grandma's honest opinion.

At least Grandma ain't fake.

She ain't gonna lie to you.

I left my pajamas at home,

but my grandma said she had something I could wear,

and then she brought back this.

She gave him one of her nightgowns.

I bet it's hella comfy to sleep in too.

Or you could just sleep, you know,


I used to have one of these when I was a kid.

So Deborah added herself to this group on Facebook called

God, Another Gay Group?

I saw God in the title,

and I thought this was a Christian group.

I don't approve of homosexuality.

Can someone remove me please?

Oh Deborah.

You got to read the whole thing.

She added herself to every God group on Facebook.

Come on, Deborah.

So, this Grandma posted this on Facebook.

It looks like some pizza dough,

and fellow old person Hazel is going to comment,

Sorry Allison but they look like shite,

hope they tasted better than they looked.

I have not tried the recipe yet.

I will post a picture.


Come on, it's dough.

It hasn't even been cooked yet.

How you gonna be like,

oh, it's looks terrible.

Hazel, I think you just mad she have 55 likes on that pic.

I wonder if people get jealous like,

look at Gertrude over here,

showing off her bosom.

She got 21 likes on that pic,

and now you just mad my bosom don't sag to my knees.

Ashley posted this cute pic of her on herAfrican safari,

Who needs a boyfriend?

Grandma's like,


Man, she didn't even like the pic or anything.

She just like, you need a boyfriend.

Time's running out.

I'mma need some great grandkids out of you.

The elephant ain't gonna give me my great-grandkids.

So, chop chop, time's running out.

You might want to find a boy for Valentine's Day,

and then dump him after you get the chocolate covered strawberries.

Grandma Anita, she knows what's up.

Make sure they're Godiva too.

Oh, I remember going in there.

A chocolate-covered strawberry thing was $60.


Like for chocolate-covered strawberries,


Take her advice.

She lived long enough to know what's up.

Cody posted on Facebook,

I'm bored. Any girls want to hang out?

Grandma Carla is like,

Sure, what you wanna do?

Not you, Grandma.

Man, Grandma, she lonely.

She just wanna hang out,

see her favorite grandson Cody,

but you here being rude.

Would y'all hang out with your grandma?

Comment below.

So, this guy posted a selfie on Facebook,

and Grandma Rosalind is gonna be like,

This is really an ugly picture.

Please take a better one for your grandmother.


How she gonna do him like that?

To be fair, it is a pretty bad picture.

Who takes a pic like this?

Grandma texts.

Do you want beef tonight at 6 p.m?

Who the f*** is this?

You wanna throw down, I'll f*** you up.

It's Grandma,

I got a new phone.

Oh no, Grandma,

I am so sorry.

Man, you get hella defensive over what?

I'm just asking you if you want beef tonight.

She like, who trying to fight me?

Who trying to fight me at 6 p.m. tonight?

I'm making dinner.

Grandpa Joe goes on Facebook,

and is like,

"order corn" to Old Country Buffet,

while he's eating Old Country Buffet.

If he writes on their wall while he's there,

and they're out of corn,

they'll automatically restock the corn.

But they didn't, so, he tries it again.

Order corn.



Can I speak to a real person?

Excuse me.

Please order corn.

I'm sitting in the buffet right now.

There is no corn.

Will Joel ever get his corn?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Holly D. is like,

Facebook, please put pictures from Christmas on here.

Grandma, what are you talking about?

I am trying to put the pictures from Christmas on the Facebook,

but it won't work.

Were you trying to command it, like a robot?

Your Grandfather told me to try it.

Man, look at all this technology now.

Old people think you could just like clap,

and then on your light,

and just voice command everything.

Like the iPhone has this, so maybe the Facebook has it too.

Please put pictures from Christmas on here.

>> Sorry.

A God at Fortnight.

I can't do that.


My auntie gave birth, and my grandpa is very excited.

So she sent him a pic of his grandson,

and his response.


Now, leave me alone.

I'm trying to have my banana and apple sauce,

or whatever the hell old people eat.

What do old people eat?

They like bananas, right?

Ellen messages Walmart,

Please call.

And Walmart is like,

Hi Ellen. Is there anything we can assist you with today?

Ellen is like,

Yes, please call your Opelousas, LA store,

and tell the manager more cash registers.

Now please.

Like I'm standing in line,

and I'm getting sick of standing in line,

and I need you to get more cash registers, like right now.

Like go, this second.

I would imagine old people to be like hella impatient,

like their time is very precious,

it's running out.

I ain't got time to wait in line at Walmart all day.

Grandma's like, Charge your phone.

It is.

You never call so I thought it was dead.

No Grandma, there's a reason I never call.

It's funny. A grandma thinking that grandkid's phone is dead.

Perfect excuse.

For anybody you don't want to talk to,

my phone was like always dead, it has like a battery problem.

Grandpa Joseph made a Facebook account. It said his birthday on it.

He was like, ain't nobody can know how old I am,

and then just posts on Facebook,

Yes, I never authorized you to show my birthday on my account.

Remove immediately or expect a lawsuit.

I am suing you for showing everybody how old I am.

Man, calm down.

What the hell?

You're the one who put it in.

Grandma Gertrude over here playing some good old Cards Against Humanity,

When all else fails, I can always masturbate to

Grandpa's ashes?

Oh, what the hell?

Man, this Grandma got no chill.

Get out of here with that.

Nobody needs to know this.

So, the police posted this on Facebook.

Do you know this man?

We'd like to speak to him about an incident exposure

in Albany Road/Kings Road, Fleet.

He's described as a white man, in his 40s-50s,

and they have a digital image of him.

And Grandpa is like,

why didn't you speak to him when you took his photo?

I mean it's obviously a digital image but you know I feel like squint and look at it,

like it could pass as real person.

You know, if some people were like a floating head in real life.

So, this girl sent grandma a picture.

Looking all cute or whatever,

I think I'm looking at your new haircut.

It's very nice.

I still like long hair.

Thanks Grandma! It was time for a change though, hair grows.

Okay, I'll wait.

That's a nice way of saying I don't like it.

I'mma wait...

until your hair grows.

'Till then, I don't want to see you.

I don't like it. Get out of here.

My Grandma was absolutely savage.

Guess what I gave my husband for his birthday.

A divorce.

On June 8 1994, free and single and ready to mingle.

What is this?

She made herself a certificate?

Did Gertrude really put this on her Christmas cards?

It's honestly amazing how much more I enjoy doing the dishes

when I have two essays due on Monday.

And if you don't do the essays,

you may be able to make a career out of it.

Love you.

Oh my God! A professional dishwasher, dishwasher-er?

So if you wash dishes for a living, are you a dishwasher or a dishwasher-er?

Oh no!

So, Ashley posted a picture with her friend,

and Grandma is gonna comment on the picture,

Please change your picture.

You look beautiful, your friend, not so much!


Yikes! Rude.

She literally don't care.

Ready for the new year.


Grandpa Joe comments,

Looks like a dull party.

Happy New Year's beautiful.

Man, when Grandpa gonna roast your party, you know it's a dull party.

But, anyways that's all for today.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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Bye guys.


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