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that we focus on right, but in IDEA the federal law, it does

School didn't act on do anything about it, but called mom to

about trainings is you really need to have them specific. I

shall see you next Thursday. Bye Bye.

again. So thank you for being here have a wonderful week and we

resources type it in the comments and I'll be back to see that

questions that come up if you would like more clarification or

Thursday at noon Mountain. In the meantime, if there are more

have some surprises planned. I hope you will be with us next

so next week is my 100 and fiftieth Facebook live show so we


help you find that alrighty. I wanna make sure I'm not missing

and that district that you could get in touch with and they can

find that policy so. There's you know people within the school

office and ask the superintendent Secretary where you would

child's IEP as a special ed director, you can call the Central

know if he's unable to find it then you might you know if the

said, have the principal do the the leg work and find it you

protocol of what to do in the situation you know and like I

ask the. For you know, Where's the board policy that gives a

me know what the Baker at X Heather says that she hasn't been

able to find Sarasota's policy. so then I would ask you know

sure the ones I'm thinking. I've don't relate to school. So let

Baker X are. I have a couple of popping in my head, but I'm not

says to the topic of Baker Acts and I so I'm not sure what the

also political data can be really helpful too. So. So, Heather

always like to kind of combine the quantity or the. Data but

teacher or therapist about how they see their child doing so I

also like to hear that kind of qualitative report from a

me how you collected the data show me work samples and then I

are the kinds of things to me that are gonna be helpful is show

you give me an example of this can you show this? I mean those

and have that conversation about. Could you also tell me. Can

they still don't tell you anything, then you want to go back

no other than the coping. There's no extra task that you're

make a copy of what you already writes down right cuz there's

yeah, so the easiest way is going to be just to have the SLP

the easiest place to find that if you're not a trailblazer. But

put the the link in for that for my YouTube channel is probably

there are other videos. I've done on progress reports. So I'll

still and we need to change something.

making some good progress. does it look like we're at a stand

parents engage are they on track. It doesn't look like we're

school about how your child is doing so the teacher and the

So the Idea is that there's communication between the home and

get the logger or the service notes are they very mean in full?

then the other thing that you would have to look at is when you

something or more specific? and yeah, I mean you would just and

document like having the progress who poured modified or

additional documents. So what do you mean by additional

like that. Karen is here. Hey Karen. She says, I would think

it's easier to provide service logs notes. then it is to create

be some glitch and their communication system around things

to follow up because they need to be alerted that there might

the digging in the board policy book but yeah, I think you need

please share that policy with me and let the principal who do

an email. I'm wondering what the district policy is. Can you

a ladder to the. Saying you know I'm concerned that I never got

the parent should expect to get something she could start with

that, I would think some would be right and so you know I think

find out if one if there's a board policy that is in place for

board policies and you know you do some searching and there to

of the incident. A parent could look for the school districts

that it would be written up and go home within 20 - four hours

home to the parents. Some school districts will have a policy

be some kind of written documentation of this and it should go

determined on the district level. So yeah, I mean there should

serious thing you usually whatever the protocol is it will be

come to the elementary school. Yeah, I mean that's a pretty

cutting their wrist child has a history of suicide Attempts.

apparent that their child had scissors and look like they were

Is there a protocol that school should follow after mailing

anything. okay. So here's from Heather.

not let me know in the comments. let me see if I missed

have an idea of the reading program that they're using now or

is what kind of reading program and I don't know Corey. If you

me that explicit training so that would be another conversation

that they've got to get something else in for for others. Set

isn't built on explicit instruction, they need to recognize

or whatever but yeah. So if they have a reading curriculum that

and that's more than just going to like the first three classes

like the Wilson program, teachers need to be certified in that

The teacher has training in that you know if it's something

teacher, but to look at you know what the curriculum is and if.

guess is you've been having ongoing conversations with with the

then I don't know you know, look at Corey like you know I my

IEP, but that's where you want it. You want it in writing and

so it sounds a little strange to kinda put staff training in an

talk about also support for the staff that works. A child and

probably isn't used to like figuring out where do we even put

because not many parents ask for staff training in the school

this in the IPA but the service is for the child are the ones

with them ahead of time to kinda get their wheels Turning

know you might have some draft language that you want to share

specifics about training can be you know written there. I you

the optional statement of service delivery is when the

required to go and then the important you know what's the

ongoing follow up coaching gonna look like and so usually and

what's the curriculum? How many sessions who's gonna be

know who's gonna do the training. What's it gonna look like

have done Corey when I was talking about specifics, but you

to be amended to add the staff training. so I'm not sure. You

needs to come back to the IP team and the EPA the EPA, but need

you don't want to just have this verbal discussion. It really

some additional support talk to the special Ed director, but

speak on their behalf and go to the principal and talk about

teachers appreciate when parents can get involved and kind of

often say that parents have to be the EP police right so. Some

and now to see that it still isn't working and that's why I

of time and came up with wonderful specific measurable EP goals

I said, you just have to be really careful and really specific

and I know it's it's really frustrating because you took a lot

and the supplemental Aids and Services section of the. and like

teacher? So yes, so that teacher training Corey goes into this

Reading Comprehension. I E P goal says explicit instruction and

instruction. How do we request additional support for the

strategies. We know there has been very little explicit

know what you mean there. Corey came back so let's see she says

And Heather says their pros are only concern. Heather let me

to have that service log and service notes and those. You know

educational records that you're entitled to sing

SLP services. and so for sure for that billing, the SRP needs

applying for Medicaid. is it yes, Medicaid funds to pay for an

take care of log because sometimes school districts are

specific things that related service people typically you know

Heather said yes, service logs and session notes so those are

you want and I think Heather had talked

getting meaningful progress reports and what information that

you're there amending the IPA, you can also be talking about

could be an amendment meeting where you get more specific about

what what the SRP is really supposed to work on. and then while

think you need to have a conversation with the SLP and you can

writing, then you would need to do that at a meeting and it

do that. Individually but if you want something clarified in

what happens when they're not really working on the goal. So I

might kinda go with Corey too. As far as how do you you know

conversation you wanna have with the SOPA is like how is

working on WBKI going to help with the site, PA and so this

words I think so yeah. so then that's like a whole. Another

pronouns. And continent valve the continent continent continent

was saying his goal is to produce three word phrases using

specific with staff training and you want to add ongoing

coaching so alright. we got some more comments here so Kimberly

I need to figure out this or try this. so you really want to be

obviously be an expert at it right without some other like oh,

to. Our first class on I don't know using Excel and then

implemented. It's like for all of us right. We can't like go

zero percent of that new information is gonna actually get

workshops, if we only give teachers an article to read like

coaching from somebody who's certified or specialized in

whatever the the training is because if we only give teachers

when you ask for staff training is follow up coaching ongoing

using for the training the biggest. That you want to look for

do you can even ask for the curriculum that they're gonna be

is gonna be what you know number of sessions that they're gonna

to be as specific as possible. you want to know who the trainer

really cut it right. So if you're writing staff training into

the IPO or asking for in the state complaint, you really want

training. So for my definition of staff training that won't

article to show that they had read it and that was their

an article for teachers to read. teachers had to initial the

Yeah, you know it's like training and they you know, passed out

attorneys and advocates and one of the advocates, said Wow.

know I had posted something in a close Facebook group for

added to the resolution now the whole. Conversation, though

parent training on a state complaint as far as you want that

parent training for others in the district. You could include

then that would be something that they would look at doing

parent training as I said can be written in the IP. Hopefully

because you have parents that don't understand their rights so

the more apparent training that we can provide the better

being told and. Verifying it and it really becomes an issue

their kids. Two. many parents are accepting things that they're

to know more information so they can be better advocates for

the reasons I do this weekly show because we need more parents

district. we have to start spreading the news and that's one of

complaint, but for you know open it up for parents in the

be actually helpful for those students and individualized have

parents. Not only for that parent that filed the state

parent training around writing, you know an IEP that's going to

training together. However, that doesn't always happen but have

I think is the best is when staff and parents can have the

because what I would kind of envision and hope for is that what

resolution in state complaints for parent training. Also happen

IEP. So my aha moment the other day was we could be asking for

officer will order staff training on such things as writing and

and get their services A lot of times the state complaint

things have not happened, The IPA wasn't implemented the child

have that written in the IP when. File state complaints Because

you as a parent want additional training, you can request that

specific training that can be written in your child's IEP. If

our parents. So please know that you know if the staff needs

gonna share with you was an a ha moment that I had the other

day. we often look at writing training into IPA's for staff and

Quit other questions. Do you guys have The other thing I was

therapy room. so things like that would probably be helpful


he's in the general classroom or she's just doing it in her

speech is she judging how well he's using those sounds when

know as he. On that, just isolated or actually using it in

then like I said some of the specifics for articulation is you

time talk about some of the strategies that have worked and

know the progress noted on the graph and also to you know each

grass, but could you also add a narrative that explains you

really doesn't explain much. then you can say thanks to the

want different information if the graph is helpful, but it's

just. Depends on what information you want different parents

while you've been working with him that you found helpful so it

know working with him at home. What are things that you've done

could ask you know what are some tips that you have for me, you

working on it. so maybe you can use the same strategies you

might be helpful. if you know you're wondering how she's

simple sentences spontaneously Some of that kind of detail

isolation is working on those sounds in words and phrases and

know you're working on WNCT. So what else would you like to

know? Would you like to know? is he working on those sounds and

obviously I guess an articulation goal and she says that you

want to get an idea on so she's only telling you like if it's

but yeah, whatever the goal is. that's the information that you

Excuse me

your special at director.

maybe you know, you could also ask for some clarification from

might be you know a conversation to have at the SAP and if

sometimes people don't like to share that with parents so that

log and so You can see what they've been working on that way.

to ask the SLP to also give you monthly copy of their service

do. sometimes people get defensive, but one thing you can do is

things are actually happening right so one thing that you can

and language pathologist, we wanna make sure that you know

the you know if your child's working with the SOPA, the speech

responsible for. A progress report, so if you're working with

has that in the person that provides those services there also

from the special teacher. but whatever I E P goals, your child

think when we think progress reports a lot of times we think

so Kimberly great question. So if you guys you know because I


for her to give me a more meaningful progress report. It's

working on WNYC sound. It feels I feel it's very minimal. What

do others get in this related. Area What questions can I ask

emailed. He had weeks. he had off weeks and that they were

got from the school as all that was given was his graph. She

can't add to conversation, but we'll listen to replay. I have

one pression about the recent progress report. I got home. I

on? Ooh Kimberly Hey from Iowa. Okay, Kimberly I am at work so

resources there so anybody. What's your question? What's going

and inclusion. so you really get some great like I said vetted

would recommend using Swift if you're looking for some kinds of

best practice resources and it's focused on universal design

about universal support, opens another window but anyway, I

Just for teachers, there's a lot of Resources here this one is

some of their things are in Spanish.

Design for inclusion, so you can go and listen to this

here but anyway, so I really. Recommend the Swift Center again

wonderful webinars so that's another. It's it won't come up

Lord Nelson. She's a member in our Facebook group Universal

right. These webinars was like wonderful people Doctor Louie

Okay, here we go so. And these are like really really good

webinars let's go back here to the research shelf.

Spanish so that's really helpful too. There's videos there's

there's all these things. Some of the articles are written in

that cuz it came up. Did you see it? I don't know, but so

teacher so you oops, I don't know if you probably didn't see

information with the school board member a community person, a

things like this can be like really helpful If you are sharing

had you know there's already these things have been written so

Why inclusive education? So that will come up as a PDF, so you

articles that different parent training centers.

So they highlight some parent and family organizations, some

family and community.

actually go back here and find something for you. so here's

right but

You can find just an abundance of things, so let's see if I can

Should you see usually it will come up with a list not seen it?

huh. Of course when you're on live TV, It's not gonna work

that. And you can put in a turn and so I think I use best

practices. And it will search through.

let me show you a couple of things here. So when this person

thought about was under the resource shelf here you click on

had asked me about best practices, one of the things that I

Committee and you're looking for. Research, This is the place

that you could start and you know it's vetted information. so

like mentored by the Swift employees staff and it's like pretty

fascinating the positive results. but if you just serving on a

districts can apply to be and know a swish school and they're

years. I'm not sure but it. Has a wealth of information. They

also have schools that are swift schools and that school

Education. It's been an existence for I don't know maybe 10

resources and it is funded by the Federal Department of

up this is an excellent site to go to look for additional

If you've heard of the Swift Education Center, give us a thumbs

screen with you.

about best practices. I thought what I would do is share my

asking for articles, you know whatever some types of resources

district. so if she watches the replay shout out and she was

I had somebody write in or send me a message today about she is

the only parent on this inclusion task force in her school

is, but my suggestion would. Have the conversation

this time of year. I don't know what this specific situation

different expectation of where you know the student would be at

bottom line is and sometimes it's because the team just had a

or you know whatever it is, but you need to kind of get to the

here and he hasn't and so we haven't been able to work on that

know doing. Need to amend the IPO to be think you would reach

a conversation and a discussion and then their needs to be you

and having that addressed you know so somehow there needs to be

his teachers are so you might look at calling for an IP meeting

appropriate education right no matter how experienced or knew

for them but I mean your child is still due. you know

Teachers this year, so I'm sure some of that is like upstream

on how things are going, I know Corey Sun has new brand.

a meeting so you're gonna formalize it and you know, depending

great word. then you go to the next step which would be to call

don't get anywhere, then you escalate. I don't know if that's a

have basically it's you know to adjust the conversation. If you

the teacher has you know talk about those show them that you

So if there's additional papers that you know work samples that

haven't sent those papers home. I don't know.

on or they say, Oh, actually no we've been working on it and I

explanation of you know why those IPA goals haven't been worked

wanna do is to give them an opening to give an excellent

like accusing and you know coming off really aggressive what we

this goal. Could you tell me more about that? so instead of

that week. It doesn't look like he's even started working on

when I look at the Humber has or the papers he brought home

you and so then you could say you know I'm concerned because

not an official IP meeting. They still bring documentation with

feel like whenever you go for even a teacher parent conference,

and it's not to you know pounce on them. You know be

aggressive, but it's a conversation that you need to have and I

documentation and ask for a meeting with the special Ed teacher

take a copy of that. So basically you want to bring your

report has said you know not address this goal at this time.

you know gather that if it's evidence because of progress,

if it's evidence by the work that they're giving your child,

how. Know that those IPO goals haven't been fully addressed. so

one you wanna find out

made at this point. you know something like that. but if you so

progress reports will say you know goal has not been addressed

at this time or you know not progress. You know no progress

the progress reports. I know some depending on the form. some

approach and so when. The things to look at Corey then would be

says specific IE P goals not fully addressed to date how to

you guys put in your questions so Corey is from Alabama and she

and Corey had a question so let me find Corey's question here

know did you get? You guys have a wonderful progress supports

get it written in the IP. so it is more specific but let me

will be sent home win to actually have a conversation and to

only in the goal, but instead of just checking progress support

there's all those little nuances of how things are written, not

consecutive in the school week and say that he met its goal. so

can't just collect three data points. that were you know

the idea was. The data point would be every other month, so you

that we're going to say, Oh, he met his goal and it's like no

saying. Oh these past three days he did so well on his math

which is like too far away from me. I would like it to be you

know shorter increments, but what the teacher was doing was

case the data was being collected every other month on the AEP,

so you can see what days the data was collected. And another

double check on that asking for the data that they've collected

making so asking for work. Samples is an excellent way to

progress that teachers are saying that your child is or is not

subtraction with regrouping, so it's always good to verify the

look. It works simple, so we're examples. We're not too digits

Oh the student, you know, met his goal and yet when the mom

digits subtraction with regrouping and the teacher was saying.

recently with with her family and the the goal was about two

monthly report with work samples with the data collected. I was

thing that you know some parents do is that they'll ask for a

Talk about what's gonna be most meaningful for you? the other

at your next art meeting and I think you have one coming up

so A J and what you could do is look at having that discussion

know in the comments. What what makes it a meaningful report?

written progress reports. Let's give you a shout out and let us

helpful, let me know in the comments or if you get really well

during the school year so if your privacy reports aren't very

down and what skills do I want the child to learn. What point

focusing on is looking at that big goal and how to break it

learning and that's you know. That's what we want. Teachers

correct, but they'll talk about the skills that your child is

report, Hopefully they'll not only put the percentage of

because then when you do the when the teacher does a progress

two digits subtraction with regrouping so identify the skills

computation. with addition, another benchmark could be you know

subtraction so one shirt. Objective or benchmark could be about

multiplication, but guess what we're back here at addition and

yeah, by the end of the year, we want him doing this kind of

goal, you break down that computation math goal and you say

child already knows, but anyway, the idea is or if it's a math

words. I like them to give me a list of the words that the

you know what I like and then this is another side of sight

baseline and It fits in reading or whatever, and you see how

many words the child's reading now all that good stuff. that's

can look and break down the skills. so if you look at the

short-term objectives, I think it's so much more helpful if we

and so on, and instead of measuring that when we look at

benchmark is the student will be up to 60 percent accurate. The

second benchmark, the student will be at 70 percent accurate

tell me much there either is they'll have like the first

short-term objectives or benchmark. And what really doesn't

Ed teacher is gonna kinda latch onto and especially if there's

percentage of accuracy a lot of times that's what the special

written. So if the goals are written with you know this

you to me but I wanna. For is what skills get new skills does

my child have and so that goes back to how the goals are

percentile. now, whatever the goal was right. It doesn't tell

more often, but Adrian's question is about you know just seeing

maybe like you know your your child is at the seventieth

due, but actually they can come progress. Reports can come home

districts to send out progress reports when report cards are

progress report and also have free. the default is for people

progress reports so that needs to be a discussion at your IPO

it's another box to check off, but we really want meaningful

specific about what information you you want to receive in the

table or Adrian's in Texas so that our table because you can be

feels like okay, I have to give a progress report you know and

information that it doesn't really tell us much and it just. It

reports can I think most often provides such little helpful

isn't giving the full picture. Yes, I totally agree progress

expected very little provided and thinking a simple percentage

able to be. But I told her we would still answered so she has a

question about progress report how much detail should be

I come back to this my page and I will comment and enter

questions that you have so let's start with Adrian's she wasn't

still know that you have time to type in your questions because

answering eight Adrian's question here in a second.

reports. We did have a question about that, so we'll be

If you are a replay is that right, yes viewer

meetings about extended school year for many of you that are

coming up. so you might have a question about that progress

monthly Q and A time so questions that you have I put some

when you're watching this and where you live, This is our

asking her to do but once you get the logs in the notes, if

examples in the post. I know there's some conversations

Hello Good morning, Good afternoon Good evening, depending on

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