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How to Edit PDF Files. Although a PDF file is intended to be the final version of a document,

with the right software and a little know-how, you can edit the file to make last-minute

changes. You will need A computer with internet access Adobe Acrobat Adobe Photoshop and pdf

editing freeware (optional). Step 1. Buy and install Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have access

to Acrobat, check out free PDF editing software available online that can also be used to

edit images, change or delete pages, and edit text. Step 2. Open the PDF in Acrobat, and

turn on the Advanced Editing toolbar under the Tools menu at the top. Step 3. Click on

the TouchUp Object Tool to edit images in the PDF. Right-click on the image you want

to edit, or Control-click on a Mac, and choose Edit Image. Step 4. Open the image in Photoshop

or another image editing program, and change it as desired. The image updates automatically

in Acrobat. Step 5. Click on the TouchUp Text tool to edit text in the PDF. Use the same

font as the original document. Step 6. Combine multiple PDF files into one file by clicking

Combine and selecting Merge Files into a Single PDF. A window pops up, allowing you to add

the PDF files you want to combine. Step 7. Click on View at the top, scroll down to Navigation

Panels, and click Pages. Change the order of the pages in the PDF by clicking on the

page's thumbnail and dragging it to the desired location. Did you know Did you know? Adobe

was named after the Adobe Creek that ran behind founder John Warnock's house.

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