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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is the difference do and does? / English Grammar Rules

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hi guys that is e for you comm website

today I'm going to talk about the

auxiliary verb that is do or just do and

just use when you want to ask yes/no

questions we use do or guess depending

on the subject

below are three sentences with two

different subjects

she and you

hi sport yes she does

Jill like a sport yes I do

do we use do when the suggest is i you

we they

example do I know you

Jib come from England do how to cut the

grass do they want to can relax

yes we use dust with present singular

pronounce that means when the suggest is

he she or it for example just he worked

with him does she have a car

just as snow in winter past tense dip is

a past tense of both Jew and death they

call you

did it enjoy it

negatives the negative form of do is do

not is fokin English it is common to use

the contracted form of do not which is

Jones I do not like sport

I don't like sport the negative form of

death is does not in spoken English we

usually use the constructive form just

not which is doesn't

for example he just not like sport

he doesn't like sport the negative flow

that is yet not or we're speaking did it

for example I did not know you were

coming I didn't know you were coming now

decide which words are needed to

complete the sentences 1 da da da who

wants some coffee

exactly you want some coffee

two-way data they call flow

correctly what do they come from

three no she gotta talk like spicy food

good job

no she doesn't like spicy food for what

data Michael and I had in common

wait what do micro and I have been : 5.8

ah your father drives a red car

good job just your father try a black

car six top top top and Jill would have

a boyfriend

correctly yes Angela have a boyfriend

seven they gotta work on Sunday

it's luckily they don't work on sending

8 dr. tom we have school tomorrow

excellent do we have skirt mara 9.8 are

your parents luck

perfectly do your Palace smoke 10 top

top top true in play here

right jtrail employ here

Tongo the lesson today is up sir if you

are interested in this lesson please

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