Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 다크비(DKB) - 미안해 엄마 (Sorry Mama) 응원법 (Fanchant Guide)

Difficulty: 0

Move the crowd! Hello, we are DKB

Our DKB song entitledSorry Mamadebuted!

You know, when the song comes out theres one thing you cant forget to do. Everyone, what is that thing?


Fan, Chants, Thats right. Everyone, shall we take some time to teach you the fan chant.?

♫♪ [Music] ♫♪

It ended up being easy to follow It would be good if you let us know we made it easy

If you practice just 3 times, everyone as well will be able to do the the fan chat exactly like us

Yes, well up until now. 2, 3 Move the crowd! We were DKB. Thank you!

The Description of 다크비(DKB) - 미안해 엄마 (Sorry Mama) 응원법 (Fanchant Guide)