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Okay so I didn't know this was a thing but everyone's doing the mid-year book

tag so here we go. So yeah this is a tag I guess everyone does around this time

of year. I'm going to still maybe do my quarter wrap-up in a

couple weeks cuz I really do still want to go into my statistics but this seemed

like a fun list to go through and as I was like binging everyone else's I

really wanted to, also as a side note my cat's not been letting me sleep for

months, he's actually on the other side of this camera being freakin adorable

but she sent me this shirt, so it's like they want food and they sleep and then

they sleep and then they're up from like midnight to 6:00 in the morning which is

my life now. But it's okay, I love being a cat mom anyways and you got to see my

new mic. I got the idea from Jashanah cuz I wasn't liking any of the other

audio stuff, so if you're like I don't know a new booktuber like me this lapel

mic was 20 bucks and I'm currently liking the sound quality. I guess I don't

know if you guys like it but I feel better about it but let's get into these

questions. So what is my best book of the year? You guys if you've been watching my

channel for like more than a minute should already know the answer but it's

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin. I have a whole review up for this book, I adored

it. It was so fun. I also love her as an author, she's easily one of my top 2-3 authors

Her world-building, her character work, her plots, just her narrative

structure I love everything she does and this book is no exception

I just... I really liked it so yeah if you want more of the thoughts I do like

I said I have a review on it and I just I love it, it's just

hands-down such a great book. Alright so now number two is what is the best

sequel and I swear these won't all be N.K. Jemisin but The Broken Kingdom

was my favorite sequel of the year. This is the second book in the inheritance

trilogy. I do have a recommendation video for that trilogy I also talk about it a

lot. I love this trilogy I especially love this book, this book is probably my

favorite in it and it takes place after the events of the first book and you're

following a blind street artist and how her life changes after she meets a

stranger in a dumpster and it's wonderful and the narrative perspective

through a blind narrator is so well done and I just... I love it. I love the color of

this book, this is one of my favorite colors and so to have a book this color

like... I don't like the new covers that much so I... well I saw it on the

cheap I got the originals because I know I want to own these, so yeah my

favorite sequel. Alright now we're switching it up the next one is a new

release I want to get to and I recently got Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno

Garcia and I read Gods of Jade and Shadow by her I thought it was good but

not as good as I wanted it to be but this one is in a genre I'm not well read

in and a lot of my friends who have similar tastes to me have been really

liking it and I got this arc from a Goodreads giveaway which like never

happens and I love this cover so I've never been more pleased by a cover

before I think. I don't know just all the colors and I actually have no idea what

it's about because I know it's more like a gothic thriller and I mean I don't

like reading the backs of books for most of the things I read, why would that

change for a thriller? I feel like the least you know the better. Then

the next question is a new release you're excited for for the second half

the year and guys its Rhythm of War that's it, like I would like to pretend

that there are other things I'm more excited about like yes burning gods for

the poppy war is great but that's more like a four star series for me like the

Stormlight archive, that's like my Wheel of Time like for people who like are

obsessed with that. Like I will reread this series every time a new book comes

out until it's finished so it's like I'm always going to be hyped for that series to

an absurd degree. I am probably not going to read anything else when that book

comes out opening, at opening week? this isn't a movie but release day week it's

the Rhythm of War and I really really really want to see the new American

cover. Not that I really loved the covers I just want to see it and I want

to know what the what color it's gonna be for these, kinda want it to be purple

so we got blue red and yellow and I think purple would look nice not that I

have committed to getting the hardback yet because there's the new way of kings

Kickstarter editions and I've been, if you haven't noticed getting all of them

because I might not buy a lot of books but I guess when I do I like to be a

collector about it so I'm gonna get way of Kings for that and then it's like do

I need the hardbacks and the leather-bound? The logical answer is

probably no but we'll see what happens and so five is your biggest

disappointment you have. A few books that have disappointed me but I don't know

this is hard I wrote down a few things but none of them... uh I think of the

list I've put down here it's the Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and I do

have a review for this one I just... that ending man and I think it also

disappointed me because it's a long book and I spent most of my week reading a

book that had like no payoff in the ending for me, like I can see that book

having a good payoff for many other people. I don't think it's an objectively

bad book which is why I think it qualifies for being disappointing for me

if that makes sense. I just, I hate spending like five to seven days reading

something I don't like, that's just not, it's disappointing and so six though is

your greatest surprise and it's going to be two books. I know it's kind of

cheating but whatever, doing the Great alone by Kristen Hanna which is a

historical fiction, light thriller that I did not expect to love. I gave that five

stars. I like I rarely give anything outside of fantasy and scifi five stars

just like period. It's wonderful I mean I don't feel like I need to hype this book

up It's a book about a family that moves to

Alaska, the father has PTSD from the Vietnam War and it's about how this

family maneuvers this new life, this new start in Alaska but also the domestic

troubles within the household and it's really good I was very invested I really

liked connecting to the main character who was for part of the book 14 and the

other part 17 I thought she was a really smart teenager which I really like

appreciate so yeah and then I guess in a similar vein Catfishing on Catnet. I

just finished this book yesterday and I gave it five stars, I don't think I've

given another young adult this year five stars

They're usually four - four and a half stars for me but this one I really

really really loved this book yeah so this was... how to explain it? So you have a

girl and her mom and they're constantly moving around the country to get away

from their dad who was abusive so they're always running away from him

because he's now out of jail from stalker charges and things like that and

so the only way that she can have friends is on the website CatNet which

is run by an AI who's like doing this kind of in secret and the AI and this

girl becomes friends and gosh it's a wonderful story about friendship

and like it's, it's so good and it was way more gripping and intriguing and

mysterious and like not put downable than I expected. It was so good and like

at the end it was like maybe implying there could be a sequel and then I saw

there's going to be a sequel and I was legit excited so yeah that was a big

surprise for me. I was going to read it because I think I heard about it

first from Bree and she said it was really good and I was like cool I'll

read this and then I was reading it with Kayla and Reija and yeah both Kayla and I

had a great time we're still waiting for Reija to finish up to see her thoughts

but yeah I just also like it's about a website where you pay with cat pictures

to get online, like... cats. Anyways and now for the next one is a

new favorite author and I'm gonna have to go with the fabulous Dr. Karen Lord

ah stole my heart I have only read one book by her so maybe this is premature

but this is her debut book and I gave it 5 stars

and I bought it. This story was so good it was so satirical, it was a wonderful

comfy fairy tale, folklore story based off I don't know if it's specifically

Barbados but that's where she's from and it's definitely got Caribbean vibes and

Caribbean mythical creatures and it's about this woman, this human who has to

deal with the interference of these mythical creatures in her life and she

goes on this journey and it is wonderful and yeah I just love it and I love this

cover and I'm so excited to read more of her work. She also writes a lot of sci-fi

I know that unraveling is another book within this world but I'm excited to get

to so yeah she is...she's a new favorite for me and so fictional crush?

I haven't...fictional crushes are weird I haven't really had one in a long time

but if you had to tell me right now pick a fictional crush I guess I'm gonna go

with Geralt from The Witcher but I don't know if that has so much to do with the

books I've been reading in The Witcher series or the TV show but that's what

I'm gonna go with so yeah Geralt and I'll see ooh

now who is your favorite character alright we're gonna go back to the city

we became because it's basically almost anyone in this book but specifically

Bronca, frickin love Bronca. She represents the Bronx she is I don't know if she's

70 or just older than 70 but she's 70 year old lesbian Native American woman

running an art gallery in New York and I freaking love her and her energy but I

also like I said all the characters in this book are so amazing so yeah

now the next one is books that made me cry. So I'm not good at crying when I

read things or watch movies unless they hit very specific relatable points like

I don't know... what are things that have legit made me cry?

The end of Onward the movie made me cry and what's the movie that Disney

did, the movie that was probably not a good representation of what happened but

it was about Mary Poppins and like getting the rights to it and you kind of

get to delve into the creator of Mary Poppins like complicated relationship

with her father I cried at that movie I'm blanking on the name I will put an

image up by.... Saving Mr. Banks. I knew if I talked about it long enough I would get

there but yeah that movie someone needed to have warned me but in terms of books

the closest I've gotten this year is this is how you lose the time war, yes I

still have this copy but I think I can finally start returning library books

soon but yea this book I had to sit with it and I had to slow down and read it

out loud because it's about a love story that like it has to go through this

tragic moment and I had that part it just made me feel so I don't know cry

but I don't think a books made me cry ever

maybe so this is the closest this year so far. And book that made me happy and

that is check please vol 1 again go read check please this is your weekly

reminder that my channel sponsors you to go read check please it's so good and so

now we're on to 12 which is beautiful book so I think I'm first gonna go with

His Dark Materials because this was gifted to me by Thee Princess from castle

library and it was so sweet it's one of my favorite series of all times and I

have this beautiful Edition which I really like I even like it without the

cover a little bit like without the dust jacket so that's for sure one of them I

don't know I I like all the books I've shown you like

I think this is a beautiful cover I guess I really love the color on this

one I already told you Mexican gothic is objectively gorgeous

so I guess real talk if we were we're starting in January probably right but

in December I did get this book and it is objectively the prettiest thing that

I, one of the prettiest things I've owned like it is phenomenally gorgeous so this

is this is definitely up there but technically got that in December but I

got that like December 30 so don't know if it counts and now it's

asking me what I'm supposed to read for the end of the year I don't... so I do have

like my series TBR that I posted for my summer so that has some series that I'm

focusing on so obviously I'm focusing on those for the summer and presumably also

the fall because I cannot finish everything, I'm not that amazing but I

also want to read more like Karen Lord already mentioned that I want to read

all her things I want to also want to read more by or anything by Nalo

Hopkinson I have one of her books on my Kindle right now but I really want to

read her stuff cuz Njeri and Nikita really love her so I really want to read

those and of course I fell in love with Exhalation which somehow didn't make it

in this video but I love Exhalation by Ted Chiang and he has his first short

story collection stories of your life and others so I need to read that so I

guess those are things, obviously rhythm of war but that should be obvious if

you're here so yeah that's my mid-year book freak out and I no one else is

tagging other people so I guess I won't but I guess if you want to do it do it

comment down below a cat emoji if you just want me to know you're here or

comment on any of the books that I've read or if you didn't want to do this

video but want to tell me your answers to one of the prompts I'm good with that

and otherwise like if you liked it subscribe if you want to and I will see

you in the next one bye!

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