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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tai chi - Fulcra: hips, waist, core...

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Where is the centripetal point. There you go.

So, centripetal point and fulcrum...If you can remember those two things.

Then later you connect them to the dantian. The dantian is connected to the centripetal point through the fulcrum.

Then you change the fulcrum.

So don't move the hand.

It's not about the hand movement. Power is generated in the legs, directed by the waist and expressed through the hands.

The hands aren't doing anything. You are not expressing the power of the hands.

There you go. That is why the arms are relaxed.

So that you can maintain that centripetal engagement.

As soon as I tighten up the hands. That happens.

If I relax the hands, that happens.

As long as the power is being generated by the legs and directed by the waist, and levered on the hips,

so the fulcrum changes.

The waist is a fulcrum too. But it is one of these. It rolls like a ball.

So you can pivot on the dantian.

But the dantian is in the middle. The hips can change sides.

So that was done by switching this hip to that hip, dantian, this hip, this hip, dantian.

It is not the arms. As soon as the arms get involved, I get locked into using the centre pivot.

And that pushes me off balance.

But if I keep the shoulders and arms relaxed...

I can have that kind of punch.

So if I do this, which fulcrum are you on?

This one. Well, then let me push this side.

The this. this is still. So you are punching with this...

So, move this back. Don't collapse it.

Let this push there. That's it. Oh! actually let you turn the compass.

Yes. Because this is the fulcrum, and that is the other end of the crowbar...

I am pushing the crowbar,

And that hits me right there. There you go.

That is even faster because I so relaxed.

That was the fulcrum.

Put the fulcrum there. Nice.

Now you are tightening up the shoulder again. When I punch, I don't want to go like that.

I want to go...

I want to train that.

So, if I don't train that I am going to fight like this.

But I don't want to be an @#$%^&% when I am training.

But when you are practising, by the same token, you want to make sure that you are not creating a false sense of security.

And you also don't want to create any bad habits for yourself.

There you go.

If i come in like this...

So that is...

That way, I get to feel what is real, also.

So, when I attack you,

you want to engage it with the ground...That's it.

There you go.


Let it just flow through you. It is the connection to the ground.

The pedagogy that karate uses is really good.

The arguments about the superiority of particular style are usually made by people who are "coloured belts."

And when you get to a higher level you start to realize that it is all the same stuff.

So, if you can feel that connection...

That centripetal engagement from here to your feet,

Then you get more relaxed. ....turn your hips.

That's it. There you go.

The Description of Tai chi - Fulcra: hips, waist, core...