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Hello friends, I'm Rita Jaiswal. Welcome to Shubh Vastu.

In today's video,

we will discuss Vastu for a Basement.

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Lets start this video by understanding

what is a Basement?

A basement is one or more floors or rooms of a building

that are partly or completely below the ground level.

Now we know what exactly is a Basement.

In today's video, we will learn....

Let us now learn...

A Basement being below the ground level.

There is not enough of sunlight and air circulation over here.

Hence Vastu Shastra does recommends

Basement for living purpose.

But due to rising land prices.

Basement is now a necessity.

For any reason,

if you want to build a basement.

Then a basement should always be build beneath

the entire building or house area.

This is the best option.

Here also Vastu's rule will be applicable

i.e. One should place light weight articles in North, Northeast and East directions.

Heavy articles in South, Southwest and West directions.

By any reasons,

if you want to build basement only in some parts of the house or building then,

basement should always be in North /NE or East direction.

A Basement should never be in

Brahmasthan, SE, South,

SW, West or Northwest direction of the building or the house.

Because there never should be a pit in the brahmasthan

and the direction of SE, South, SW, West and Northwest

should always be higher than North, NE, and East.

If basement is in those directions then

these directions will be lower than North, NE, and East directions.

Which is against the rules of Vastu Shashtra

and it can lead to many vastu defects.

Now we know the right directions for a Basement.

Let us now learn...

At least 1/3 height of the basement

should always be above the ground level.

So that there is proper sunlight

and air circulation in the basement.

A Basement should never be used for living purpose.

Hence there shouldn't be living room,

kitchen or bedroom in the basement.

Because can lead to respiratory problems in people living there after some time.

Basement can be used for car parking,

store room, garage, warehouse etc.

Basement is also not considered good for offices or shops

as there is limited growth in the business.

But a basement is considered favorable to a certain extent

for businesses dealing in wine shops , bars, casinos etc.

Basement should never extend outside the area of the building or house.

It should always be within the area of the house or building.

Basement should always be in square or rectangle form.

There should always be proper lights in the basement.

Always use light pastel colord in the basement

especially white.

If basement is in the wrong directions

then filling up the basement is the best remedy for this defects.

but filling the basement should also be done under the guidance of the person with proper knowledge of Vastu Shashtra

because while doing this number of things has to be taken in consideration.

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