Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Testimonial Women in Leadership Programme, Julia Kofanow (ECWO)

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- I actually thought it was a very nice organisation

from the beginning until the moment right now.

We received a lot of upfront information for preparation.

I really love the network exercise.

It also made me think about who to send my

feedback sheets to and I received quite some nice

positive feedback from colleagues and what I especially

liked are the reading cases that we received as preparation.

I think the most important key takeaway from the programme

for me is just the overall notion of everybody has biases,

we do, I do, the colleagues do.

So to be more aware of that and a lot of different concepts

that we learned during those three days of the programme.

Quite interesting for me the negotiation part.

We always assume that as a person regardless of female or

male, we negotiate only in certain situations but

obviously we negotiate every day through the whole day

so that was quite interesting to see.

What was quite interesting to me, maybe because it was

also an ING internal programme, we met with colleagues

from six different countries and nationality wise

it was actually even more so for me the network, certainly.

But other really different concepts, for example,

how to structure if you prepare for your preparation

for your meetings or for your speech but also, again,

as I said, negotiation's really what they told us is

preparation is key and always have a couple of things

as kind of a plan B.

So what is your walk away point?

What would you like to negotiate and another what

kind of things you would like to talk about so for me

definitely in my role is quite an interesting concept

and I'm looking forward to test it out.

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