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Hello out there thanks for looking in

Calling in from your hermetically sealed homes in Northern California. I hope we're all keeping safe and out of trouble. I

Hear there's more suicides and drug use and so that's why I want to bring

uplifting and

Spiritual music to people so it doesn't happen

If you're thinking of doing it, don't do it during the music because the crime people will go back and check

What was he doing at the time they'll look at the video. They'll say look at that solo on two three

And I'll go to jail for a solo

Alright. Oh

I guess I'm doing it because I miss my friends I miss

Bad parking. I miss low pay I

missed the

Couple in the front row talking during my soul

Okay, this is the program I

Use Headphones for Bassist

Hate say something this but for some reason I felt like doing it. I've got a Calypso

Samba a couple progressive jazz tunes a ballad and a

Cuban son and they're all very short

Sorry about that

We gotta watch that drummer

Colette so sorry about so the basin the drums are products of this

Necessity I'll be happy when they're no longer necessary. I'll use them on a couple tunes and then I'll let them go

I know some people are really averse to them and some people are okay with them

Studies have shown that suicide goes down with them. So I'm using them for now

Great Samba by even lens is called Samba Durrel

Oh summers behind me

And log fate

Actually, it's probably a digital fade on this machine, but all right samba door

Oh go to sergio mendes album brazil arrow and here the happiest tune. I think there is

This is song. I like very much. It's called lullaby for a ladybug was written by Christian McBride

But the version by Geoffrey Keyes, er the solo piano version that was remarkable

And I listened to it and wanted to learn it. So of course I start to

Transcribe it. I get to the first chord and it's something I can't transcribe and as it turns out it is

Not that it is this

It is a seven note chord in the right hand, how do you play seven notes? Well double with the thumb

Double with the middle finger and it really works and sounds beautiful. So I bought the

transcription which came in

9 or 10 or 14 pages, I forget that

in anyways, if you if you learn it and copy it you're doing less than what was done originally, so

You learned the basic chord changes and feel and then you make something out of it lullaby for a ladybug



Yes, Jeffrey Kizer phenomenal pianist orchestrates this tune so well

You know, we're gonna change moods

here is a

rock ballad that

Seems like classical American music to me. It's a bit of Americana that

Moves me

All right, the Eagles love that song

Here's a song by George cables called Helen song I like to play it. It's it I tell people it plays itself

it has just sections that take care of itself and

You don't need to worry about it it

sings its own song

Yeah, George cables Helen song is fun to play takes care of itself I

Want to also introduce my videographer behind the cameras David David could play bass but he chose to help me in a technical way. He's

doing the taping which is a big relief because if you're worried about

The technology is hard to concentrate on the music. Alright number 6 honor said this is called Nelson's song

It's a song. I co-wrote with a cuban pianist named Nelson. Yes

I've been to Cuba three times. The first time was a music visa

1989 I met a wonderful pianist Nelson Diaz who I think is in Spain now and together we sort of wrote a tune he

showed me a section and I

Developed another section. We put him together

Developed what's called a song as soon as a song form Cuban

Song folk song and he was having

He was his wife's having a baby. So she had a son. So it's Nelson's son Nelson's son


All right Nelson song well, let's see we're ahead of time so

I'll do something else here

There are people out there who actually like jazz

So maybe I'll do a gesture. There'll be a lot of bloopers in this because it's a


Fire that bass player he cannot walk


Okay, I'll do a

short ballot here

Something very pretty. And again, this is a sad song but

Don't take your life really it's not worth it

so and

Don't do drugs

Soon we'll be out

November's coming

wave of new possibilities

That was a song my mother used to sing very good singer wonderful voice. My dad was a amateur kanna player I inherited

These records most of these records many of these records on the wall here

They were my father's cannonball

San Francisco Ella Duke

Oliver Nelson's my Erroll Garner was a big favorite Nancy Wilson huge favorite music. I

Inherited was from them. Ok, I'm gonna close with one more

this is for all my friends out there and all the friends of all the friends and

We will

Be together again doing things that we like to do soon

Okay, thanks for spending some time with me take care of yourself we will meet soon. Okay. Bye

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