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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #073 Learn English by watching TV series (with NETFLIX)

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everyone I'm Georgiana

founder of speak English my

mission is to help you to speak English

fluently in this episode I'll recommend

you some of my favorite TV shows that

will help you with your English I'll

give you some useful tips on how to use

Netflix to improve your English and

later you'll practice your English

speaking with an exciting mini story all

right let's start Netflix has changed

the way we spend our free time we spend

a lot more time watching our favorite TV

shows so why not use all this time to

speed up the way we'll learn English -

English language TV shows can quickly

introduce you to authentic English and

can help you keep you motivated and

entertain as you learn so in today's

episode I'll let you know how watching

TV can help you improve your language

skills you'll stop feeling guilty about

watching TV the next time your friends

ask you what you did all weekend

you can proudly say that you spend all

weekend watching TV here's what you can

do while you're watching a TV show in

English always choose an English show

which you're interested in watching and

always use subtitles in English to make

it easier for you start watching TV

series which you've already watched in

your own language since you already know

the plot you'll spend more time focusing

on the language practice listening to

different accents the more you listen to

different accents the easier you'll

understand them

remember to use subtitles in English and

because there are so many series worth

watching nowadays it's hard to choose

so I'll start recommending my favorite

series that can also help you improve

your speaking and to learn new

vocabulary in English let's start with

science fiction Star Trek The Next

Generation begins with the enterprise-d

crew tested by an omnipotent being known

as Q after successfully solving the

mystery and avoiding disaster the crew

continues on their mission to explore

strange new worlds to go where no man

has gone before on the other hand Star

Trek discovery follows Starfleet's

travels in its quest to explore new

planets and new life-forms it explores

the war between the Federation and

Klingon while following the crew of USS

Discovery although it's hard to compare

these two amazing series I could mention

that you'll find better special effects

and much more action in the Star Trek

Discovery Series I guess I like them

both mainly because they're so different

let's continue with drama Mad Men is a

drama about one of New York's most

prestigious advertising agencies in the

early 1960s focusing on one of the

firm's most talented advertising

executives Donald Draper I simply love

this series the costumes the makeup the

hair the sets it's all a work of art

let's continue with other which is a

dark and twisted series and after every

success it seems that there's a failure

the main character flees Chicago with

his family to escape a drug cartel

though to his surprise he finds a

drucker tail in here

new home in Missouri and although many

people could compare this series with

Breaking Bad I consider other to be

unique let's continue with suits which

focuses on Mike Ross who's a brilliant

college dropout and begins working with

Harvey Spencer one of the New York City

top lawyers forming a winning team the

series is very entertaining and can help

you improve your English since it's easy

to follow plus the actors pronunciation

is very clear I'll continue with house

of cards which is one of the best series

ever produced it's about a Congress man

named Francis Underwood who begins to

take revenge on those he feels have

betrayed him together with his wife


they take Washington by storm this

series is certainly one of my favorite

most of all I love the main character

played by Kevin Spacey and my favorite

TV show is called Outlander which is

based upon author Diana Gabaldon

historical time-travel book series of

the same name and tells the story of

Claire Randall a combat nurse who is

mysteriously dragged in time until 1743

when she's forced to marry Jamie Fraser

a young Scottish warrior although it's

my favorite series I only recommend it

if you have an advanced level of English

let's continue with comedy the good

place is about four people and their

common enemy from the other world who

struggle in the afterlife to define what

means to be good it's a very funny

series and the dialogues are easy to

understand I'll continue with motored in

the jungle set in New York where a

daring new minstrel takes over the New


Infini while young boys haley ways for

her big chance

this show is fresh and sarcastic it's

beautiful because of the performance the

music and the genius of Rodrigo the

maestro let's continue with Silicon

Valley which follows the struggle of

Richard Hendricks a Silicon Valley

engineer trying to build his own company

called Pied Piper have been very

impressed with the series since I saw

the pilot episode a lot of laughs very

precise for the freaky world of

programmers and characters are normal

and the last series I want to recommend

is the marvelous miss Mazal which

focuses on Miriam Mazal an energetic and

sharp Jewish girl who's perfect life is

turned upside down when her husband

suddenly leaves her for another woman

it's when she accidentally stumbles upon

the stage of a comedy club

Hanson discovers her comedy skills and

now I'm gonna tell a story but with

questions I use this technique in my

courses it's very effective this is how

it works first I give some information

listen to it carefully after that I

start asking questions after every

question there will be a few seconds of

silence it's your turn to give a quick

answer in English the answer can be

short yes/no a name etc after a moment

of silence I will provide a correct

answer the goal after some practice is

to be able to answer quickly and

automatically here are some helpful

hints you can check the transcript if

needed pause the audio to answer if

necessary give short and easy

answers quickly it's better to give a

short and quick answer then a

complicated and hesitant one pennies

okay if you answer with just one or a

few words don't worry about making

mistakes you'll always hear the correct

answer after the question try to answer

out loud most of the time when you

listen for the first time and the

questions seem too complicated it's okay

to listen without answering sometimes

the questions may seem very easy they

are designed like that on purpose to

build the foundations of your English

the point is not only knowing it but

automating it let's get started Jamie's

biggest hobby is watching TV this Jamie

have a hobby yes

Jamie's favorite hobby is watching TV

does Jamie like TV yes he likes TV in

fact watching TV is his favorite hobby

was Jamie's favorite hobby eating fries

no no Jamie's favorite hobby is not

eating fries his favorite hobby is

watching TV who watches TV as a hobby

Jamie Jamie watches TV as a hobby

what's Jamie's favorite hobby watching

TV Jamie's favorite hobby is watching TV

he watches 88 programmes a week does

Jamie watch any programs yes Jamie

watches some programs in fact he watches

88 programmes a week how many programmes

does he watch

eighty-eight Jamie watches 88 programs a

week what kind of programs radio


no not radio they are television

programs this Jamie watch 88 programs a

month no not a month he watches them

every week who watches the programs

Jamie Jamie watches them he has a TV in

every room in his house does Jamie have

a TV at home yes

jamie has TVs at home he has one in each


what does Jamie have radios

no not radios

Jamie has a TV in every room in his

house where does Jamie have the TVs in

every room he has them in every room

does he only have them in the kitchen no

no he has one in each room where are

Jamie's rooms at home the TVs are in the

rooms and the rooms are in his house in

the dining room he has four TVs and he

watches four channels at the same time

does Jamie have five TVs in the dining

room No

not five Jamie has four TVs does Jamie

have four TVs in the kitchen no not in

the kitchen he has four of them in the

dining room where does he keep them in

the dining room Jamie keeps them in the

dining room he also watches four

channels at the same time

Jamie watches so much TV because he's a

TV critic what is Jamie's job he's a TV

critic he works as a television critic

that's his job

what's Jamie an astronaut now he's not

an astronaut he's a television critic

why does Jamie watch so much TV because

he's a television critic is he a

television critic

yes Jamie watches TV for many hours

because he's a television critic that's

his job alright this is the end of this

mini story this technique can help you

improve your English fluency with the

questions and answers you'll automate

your speech because you'll translate

less and less in your mind if you like

these types of lessons

check out my English courses at courses

dot speak English you have

hours of mini stories with professional

audio and text honestly I think it's the

best way to get excellent spoken English

alright this episode ends right here

I'll be back next week with a new

episode take care bye bye did you enjoy

today's episode get the transcript now

at speak English speak



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