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Here I have the Orbi Pro Mini or the SXK30 and with this video you give a short introduction

to this platform with the possibilities that this solution offers. Orbi SXK30 is a

business WiFi mesh system based on WiFi6, consisting of a router and a

satellite. Outside this bundle there are also router kits with two or three extra satellites.

If you want more extra satellites, these are also available separately. It is also possible to buy just

the router. You can add up to four satellites to a router. The WiFi

part consists of a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz radio. On 2.4 GHz you have a maximum of 600 Mbps

throughput and on 5 GHz you have a maximum of 1200 Mbps throughput. This Orbi system has

a shared wireless backhaul with the option to also connect satellites

wired. Installation and management can be done from the web interface, from

the router or four NETGEAR Insight, the 1st year of which is free and you also have app-based

management. By the way, you can also manage Orbi Pro remotely via NETGEAR Insight. With

which method you want to manage your Orbi Pro is completely free and the choice is entirely up to you.

During the development of this Orbi Pro, the business home user

was strongly taken into account . By segmenting into VLANs, a business and a private network,

the Orbi Pro mini creates a safe working environment by default. The Orbi Pro Mini has four

shielded VLANs for this. As a result, the network traffic from the private network can never end up

on the business part. Due to the separation of business and private traffic,

the WiFi part in the router of the provider can simply be turned off and

that gives you less interference. The company itself can

remotely manage all Orbi Pro mini locations via NETGEAR Insight , via one central console. When using insight,

you can subscribe to content filtering. This content filtering can also be

centrally managed. And so the Orbi Pro Mini takes the security of the home workplace

to an even higher and more professional level. What does the Orbi pro mini look like to you. On the back

of the router there is one WAN port and three LAN ports. These ports are all 1 Gbps.

On the back of the satellite we see 4 times a 1Gbps LAN connection. The front

of this satellite and this router look the same. On the front you

see the status LED. Included in addition to the power supply and network cable are wall brackets.

These wall brackets have 2 screw holes for on the wall and with the two supplied screws you

can mount the Orbi on this and so you can neatly attach the Orbi to the wall.

How do you do the basic installation of this Orbi Pro Mini. With an Orbi kit, the router and satellite are

synchronized out of the box by default. I am now going to show you how to install

this Orbi Pro with the App . I have created the location in advance we are now starting the Insight App.

I go to the company to add the hardware, I click the Plus,

scan the barcode.

I choose the location.

With this I add the Orbi.

I now see that the Orbi is connected

and then I can click on the Orbi.

It says, "Setup pending", tap OK for the Orbi Pro setup".

I choose it as router. Next.

Then I can enter an SSID. I leave the default

and I can enter a password. I click Next. It says, setup in progress

and now I have to wait about two minutes until the setup is ready.

The Orbi is now ready for use and I can possibly do the rest of the settings.

I will now also briefly demonstrate how you can Insight Pro can manage an Orbi Pro remote.

I select the company where the Orbi is located.

Then I go to the location

and here I see my Orbi. When

I look at devices

, I can change the name of the Orbi. Because it is always handy

to know which Orbi is with whom and if that shows up in the name,

only clearer. You press the pencil,

I type in a name

and you press the check mark. To further set the corporate SSID I go to Wireless:

To settings Here I immediately see the four SSIDs Of which only VLAN 1 is enabled.

VLAN 20 is the corporate SSID and I'm going to activate it now.

I click on edit I click on enable

I give the SSID a logical name

NETGEAR in this case. I set the security

This is set to WPA2. I enter a password.

And then I choose the VLAN profile "employee" and I click on save.

Insight will now push the data to the Orbi and if I have several Orbi pros with other

employees who work from home, I can also set up and maintain

the rest of the Orbis via this console . So much for this demo. If you are looking for a more extensive explanation

about our Orbi Pro systems, click on this video. Interested in multiple

tech backgrounds, be sure to check out our NETGEAR Tips and Tricks Videos on this channel.

For now thanks for your interest and if you've had this video, give it a like.

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