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- Oh, my God. (laughs)

- This is so not worth the effort or time.

- Oh, that's kinda cute.

That felt good.

- Hey, Naturally Curly world.

I'm Grace.

- I'm Evelyn.

- I'm Nikki and today we're gonna be trying peel off makeup.

(relaxed tropical music)

- Why does this exist?

You know, girl, I don't too much know.

I feel like this is an innovation

from like around the world

because all our products, I think, are from...

Made in Korea.

So, I feel like it's part of that Korean beauty innovation

and it's trickling its way down over here.

- I feel like peel off makeup is stupid.

I feel like why would anyone wanna do that?

It looks like acne in a jar.

You know, it reminds me of when you were a kid

and you put Elmer's glue on your hand

and you have the fun of like peeling it off

and like, oh, look at my dead skin, yeah.

That's what I feel like peel off makeup is.

- To be frank, I'm a little bit scared

that after this experiment I'm not gonna have

any more eyebrow hairs because you have to apply it

and then peel it off, which to me,

sounds a lot like waxing, you know?

So, in general, like, I really like my eyebrows.

I think everybody needs them.

They're nice face framers, you know,

and I really don't wanna have to resort to

filling in my eyebrows everyday

or living Evelyn's lifestyle,

you know what I'm saying? - Wow. (laughing)

- The line I'm gonna be trying is Romantic Red Roses Wow!

Long lasting lip color.

I'm gonna be trying watermelon.

It comes with a brush applicator.

So, if you wanna get precise,

(cap clicking) you can do that.

I think I'm gonna just hit it, you know what I'm sayin'?

Oh, it's very cool.

It smells like Elmer's glue.

Oh, now I see why they want you

to use the applicator (laughs)

'cause this is everywhere.

The color right now is really red

and it's supposed be watermelon.

And it's applying really sticky and kinda patchy,

so I feel like you have to work really fast.

I got the (laughs) Kylie lip kit. (chuckles)

If you're going out like this,

this is a really nice high gloss lip color.

And if you didn't wanna talk to people,

you could totally be like,

"Oh my God, go away (mumbling)."

Oh no, it's on my teeth.

Is it gonna stain my teeth?


(upbeat music)

We're gonna take a break.

Let this lipstick lip color dry

and then I'm gonna peel it off for you guys on camera

because that's what y'all wanna see.

- So, I'm doing peel off eyebrow tint.

This is by Etude House.

So, I just pulled it out.

It smells very perfume-y and chemical-y.

Um, so, that doesn't make me feel good.

(laughing) Okay, it's really dark.

This just seems like a terrible, terrible plan.


I have an event to go to tonight

and I'm just like, might have to cancel, y'all.

It has like a jelly substance.

It's kinda sticky.

I'm a little bit worried about, like,

getting my hair caught in my eyebrows.

You know, like, you do with lip gloss.

So, just trying to keep it out of my face.

So, yeah, I'm gonna let these dry for a few minutes.

I'll be right back.

- So, I'm going to be trying this thing called

a face shield patch.

And what it is, is it's a barrier

between your face and your foundation,

so you can just peel your foundation off.

I saw one Youtube video--

Oh ho ho, oh my gosh.

It's like (blows air) like a spider web (blows air).

You have to work really fast.

It's a clear gel.

You have to work really fast

because it's gonna, like, stick.

Where you put it is where it stays.

I'm really excited to have the satisfying feeling

of, like, peeling my face off.

It's probably gonna feel like when you finally

take your bra off at the end of the day. (chuckles)

I'm going to--

This is just for foundation,

so I'm going to avoid my eyebrows

or what is left of them, alright, you now what I'm saying?

Some people a little shady, you know what I'm saying?

I feel like it's already starting (laughs)

to peel right there.

Yeah, I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead

because I'm already starting

to rub off some of the product.

But, I'm gonna let this dry

and then I'm gonna put my makeup,

my foundation, on top of this.

- Okay, so, it's dry.

It doesn't look like it's dry.

It looks like it's wet, but it's dry.

And I guess now it's time to peel it off.

So, if you like this color, this is not the point of it.

The color isn't supposed to be this.

It's supposed to be a stain.

This is not the color payoff.

The color payoff, I guess, is supposed to be lighter

'cause it said it's supposed to be watermelon.

And we all know what watermelon looks like

and this ain't watermelon.

Gonna take it off.


Oh, that's kinda cute.

That felt good.

That's my skin.

It's the imprint of my skin.

Oh, it comes off in one smooth thing,

like, it's not, like, breaking apart,

which I thought it was gonna do.

I thought it was getting into the little cracks of my lip

'cause I haven't exfoliated.

Don't be judgmental.

It looks like a regular lip stain

and you coulda just got a regular lip stain,

but you were trying to do the most

and you got peel off lip stain.

Overall experience, I give this a one.

I don't like things staining my teeth

and it smelled really bad.

The application was terrible.

It kinda tingled when it went on.

For fun, I'd give it a two 'cause peeling it off was fun,

but you coulda got the same experience

by putting it on your hand and then peeling,

which I might do that.

I might put it on my hand and peel it off just for fun.

This would be a fun gift for kids.

Just don't tell them it's lip product.

You know, just have them stain up their body,

which is kinda cool,

and they could peel it off.

That would be fun.

But, I would not use this

as makeup application.

Okay, so, my eyebrows are dry.

So, now, I'm gonna attempt to peel them off my face.

Maybe it's not all the way dry.

It's a look.

Alright, it's stuck in my eyebrow hairs.

This is so not worth the effort or time

that I've spent sitting and waiting.

And honest to God, eyebrow wax takes less time than this.

I think I did it wrong.

User error?

Not a good product?

Probably the latter, but...

It's all outta my eyebrows.

It was a process to get out.

I think I should have left it in a little bit longer.

Maybe it would have peeled better if it was like

super duper dry.

In terms of the tint, I mean,

it definitely tinted my eyebrows,

which is cool I guess.

There are no ingredients on this bottle

and usually I like to check my ingredients.

Didn't get to do that this time.

My skin is pretty sensitive, so we'll see what happens.

I would probably rate this,

yeah, like a one out of five in terms of effectiveness.

Zero out of five in terms of how fun it is.

Zero out of five in terms of fragrance.

It is easy to order online, but not as easy as

picking something up in a store.

Really not necessary for anybody to ever use.

- Alright, so, I know my face doesn't look like it's dry

'cause it's so shiny, but it's actually completely dry.

It's so weird.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and apply my foundation.

I mix two colors, and (chuckles) we'll see

if the application process is smooth.

Oh, no.

(laughs) Why does it look so light? (giggles)

Okay, so far, the application itself is not...


Oh, oh no.


Oh, no.

Look at me. (laughs)

So, I think I'm done.

I think I have applied my foundation

evenly, smoothly.

Okay, I'm ready to peel this off.

Oh, God.

Oh, gosh.


Oh, my God. (laughs)

(high pitched crying)

So after, I mean, I don't even know how long

I've been sitting here trying to peel my face off.

It's still not off my face.

The foundation is still, there's still pieces

that I'm just, like, picking at,

ugh, slowly but surely.

This is not effective.

I rate this experience

a one out of five

because I regret ever sitting here

and putting this on my face.

It's still on my face.

I wouldn't do this again.

I don't recommend this.

So, let me know if you have tried

these peel off makeup products

or if you've ever wanted to try peel off makeup.

Let us know in the comments below.

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