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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of Cho'gall - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]

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Hello everyone!

When I asked for video requests, one name that popped up was none other then Chogall.

My favorite hero to play within heroes of the storm, cant believe we havent done

a video on him yet so lets dive right into it shall we?!

We are Chogall!”

The ogres story takes us to the planet of Draenor where he lived a privilege life

within Highmaul, where he learned from the most talented ogre sorcerers.

A two-headed ogre was seen as an omen of good fortune and he gained an immense following

among Highmauls common ogres, but not among the higher ups.

His arrogance and lust for power put him at odds with the ruling elite, the high-ranking

ogres feared that his growing popularity would one day allow him to seize control of the


They couldnt let that happen of course so they tried to assassinate him, an attempt

which he just narrowly survive and he fled from Highmaul.

Chogall wanted revenge, but he knew that he needed more power to make it happen.

As he searched the world for knowledge and weapon, he came across the Shadow Council

formed by Guldan who had access to fel magic, more power that he hungered for.

This was around the time where Kiljaeden had found the Draenei living on Draenor and

he wanted them dead.

They made contact with Guldan and manipulated events, promising the orc power beyond his

wildest dreams and in exchange he sold his people to the Legion.

By manipulating events they pitched the orcs against the Draenei, formed the Horde and

had Blackhand to lead it while in reality, Guldan and his shadow council were the

ones pulling the strings from behind the curtains.

Guldan was intrigued by Chogalls confidence and lust for power so he made the

ogre mage his foremost apprentice and taugt him the secrets of fel magic, even told him

of the Burning Legions existence.

Chogall didnt care, he was only interested in the power and although he pledged his loyalties

to Guldan, the moment that the orc and the shadow council ceased being useful, he

was prepared to turn his back on them.

Another that joined the shadow council was Garona halforcen, a half orc half draenei

slave who proved to be a ferocious fighter and possessed a keen intelligence and a gift

with learning different languages.

She eventually escaped and encountered the shadow council.

Guldan sympathized with her to earn her trust, seeing how they both knew the pain

of living as an outcast and the moment that she lead down her guard, the shadow council


They placed magical spells on her mind which kept her obedient and allowed guldan to

see what she saw and they used her as the perfect assassin, taking out the voices that

rose up against the changes amongst the orcs.

She and Chogall would have a lot of story together, but well get to that later on

first theres the war on Draenor.

While the horde was rising, the Pale were doing pretty well in catacombs beneath Nagrand

and word of their otherworldly abilities reached Guldan.

The orc warlock cared little for the stories, but Kiljaeden was intrigued and pressed

Guldan to ensure victory at any costs.

That meant investigating the Pale and finding out if their magic could strengthen the Horde,

a job given to Chogall.

The Pale are orcs that traveled to the Throne of the Elements to seek the spiritsblessing,

their rite of passage of becoming a shaman.

When doing so, they enter a trance to attune their minds to the elements while some are

found worthy, others are not.

When they reach beyond the veil of the physical world, some of them found themselves not reaching

out to the elements, but something much darker.

These poor souls accidently glimpsed a realm beyond Draenor, the realm of the Void and

what the orcs saw drove them insane.

The ones who actually survived communing with the dark ones were exiled from their clan,

white skulls tattooed on their faces marking them as dead to their people and forced to

live in the caves beneath Nagrand.

When the Draenei crash landed on their planet, the naaru Kure had turned from the Light

to the Void and was spewing out Void energies, energies that drew the attention of the Pale.

They tapped into the Void energies that bled from Kure and seeped into the ground, through

the study of this power, the outcasts were able to speak with the void lords and the

void lords were those dark entities responsible for sending out the old gods in the hopes

of corrupting a slumbering titan spirit.

These monstrous entities responded to the orcs, bombarding them with visions of apocalypse

and revealing the secrets of using shadow magic.

Over time, the Void energies would turn the exilesskin a sickly white, and they would

call themselves the pale.

So Chogall was send to check out the pale and if they proved as mighty as the rumors

claimed, he was commanded to bring them into the Horde.

Chogall stormed into the Pales underground caves expecting a fight, but the pale did

not resist his intrusion, they were quite eager to share their prophecy of doom which

they called the Hour of Twilight.

They saw this as a time when shadow would envelop the entire universe and snuff out

all life in existence.

Make peace with your end, for the hour of twilight falls

Like with Guldan, Chogall didnt really care about what they believed in, their prophecies

of doom meant very little.

He was far more interested in the power they had, their ability to wield shadow magic,

something he had never experienced before.

This would serve as a potent weapon for the Horde so to win the pale over, he claimed

that the Horde was a means to an enda weapon by which they could bring about their

Hour of Twilight.

The pale reveled in this opportunity to serve as agents of apocalypse.

They joined the Horde and formed a brand new clan known as the Twilights Hammer and

as Chogall learned to master their shadow magic, he also began to see the truth in the

Pales prophecy.

The war with the Draenei eventually came to an end with their major cities brought low

and nearly all of the Draenei wiped out.

Blackhand, now officialy in the roll of Warchief, was not done quite yet as he set his eyes

on the rest of the world making sure that the orcs dominated the planet of Draenor.

The Warsong clan together with the Twilights Hammer were send out to topple the ogre bastion

of Highmaul.

Grommash Hellscream and CHogall both took part the siege and both were quite happy with

the opportunity to slay the ogres.

For Chogall, this siege was the opportunity he had been waiting for, the vengeance upon

those who had exiled him from the city.

He personally sought out and killed the strongholds leader, Imperator Margok, both were two-headed

ogres, both were very gifted sorcerers but only Chogall had learned the secrets of

fel magic and the Void.

With these powers under his control, he bound Margok to his throne and burned the ogre

mage alive.

Your reign has come to an end, the infinite night begins.

(Darkness comes!)”

I ... am....king!”

So here we are, the orcs have done what kiljaeden asked of them, they have nearly exterminated

the draenei and conquered most of Draenor but it came at a great price.

Demon blood was now pumping in their veins, the use of fel magic had corrupted their planet

and worst of all...Kiljaeden had stopped communicating with Guldan.

The dark titan Sargeras saw the orcs as a great oppertunity, a great weapon which he

could unleash upon azeroth to weaken its defenses and get it ready for another invasion from

the Legion.

He was the one who had ordered Kiljaeden to remain silent, to not deliver the promised

power to Guldan since the Horde was flush with victory and that made them arrogant and

hard to control.

He needed them to become desperate, on the brink of self-destruction, so desperate that

they would do anything if it meant saving themselves.

Years went by, years with sillence, hunger, orcs turning on eachother, some even falling

to madness until the time was right.

Sargerasspirit had infiltrated the guardian of Azeroth named Medivh, that which was supposed

to guard the planet from threats like the Legion had fallen into his hands.

Medivh made contact with Guldan, showed him the world of Azeroth, a world full of

food, space and plenty of enemies for the orcs to kill.

They build up the dark portal, connected the two planets and the first Horde invasion could

begin, an invasion which Chogall and the twilights hammer joined.

Stepping on to Azeroth, a planet infected by the old gods, the dark creatures of the

void was quite an experience for them.

The voids call had become louder and clearer than they ever had, driving the orcs into

a state off ecstasy.

This was seen as a sign of destiny, they had found the place where they belonged, where

they would bring about the Hour of Twilight.

Their presence had a profound impact on Chogall.

He had believed the void was a powerful force, but still didnt care for the Twilights

Hammers mad ravings of prophecy and dark gods but here...on this planet...he had undeniable

proof of their existence.

Now hearing these whispers had a bit of an effect on the twilights hammer as they became

disobedient and sometimes simply wandered off, never to be seen again.

Warchief blackhand thought about making an example out of them by erasing the entire

clan from existence, but Chogall intervened.

He told them that the Hour of Twilight was near and that the Hordes success would

be the best way to bring that moment to fruition.

Until then, they needed the Horde, needed t okeep up appearances with Blackhand and

obey their true masters in secret.

The clan agreed, Chogall became their official chieftain and the twilights hammer became

obedient, effective soldiers while in secret all they did was in the name of their dark


The old gods seemed happy with the Hordes lust for war and destruction so it was no

great sacrifice to continue with the conquest of this world.

As the weeks passed and Chogall attuned himself more to the Old Gods, he branded the

Twilights hammers prophecies onto the skin of some of the pale orcs.

Then he cut off their flesh to form pages, to create a book that codified teachings about

the Void.

This book called the Twilight Canticle would become a source of power and motivation for

the followers of the old gods for decades.

I tried to find out what happened to this book, but apparently it hasnt really been

used in the story yet so might be a topic for the chronicles volume 3.

Despite their guardian secretly being corrupted, conquering the humans was not that easy.

Not all of the clans had stepped through the dark portal, the years of war and hunger had

weakened them so Guldan though back to their time on draenor, thought back to how

they had empowered the horde by breaking the worlds elements and infuse their energy

into the orcs.

Seeing how azeroth also had elemental spirits, far stronger than those on Draenor, he figured

that they could do the same here and his shadow council spies informed him about massive elemental

activity near a smoldering volcano called Blackrock Mountain.

Chogall confirmed their reports, but kept some information to himself.

He did indeed sense the elemental power within the mountain, but had also discovered that

these spirits were in league with the Old Gods.

When the shadow council tried to conquer the mountain, they found out that the level of

raw elemental might was simply too great.

They were burned from the inside by flames as this was the domain of Ragnaros the Firelord,

he who commanded innumerable lesser elementals as well as the dark iron dwarves who in ages

past, had been foolish enough to unleash his might back on to the world.

Before their would be outright war, Chogall worked towards peace.

His connection to the Old Gods allowed him to step into the mountain and after extensive

conversation with the dwarves and ragnaroselemental lieutenants, an accord was reached.

The dark ones, the old gods were delighted with the work that the Horde was doing and

they werent against helping, but had no intention of giving even a scrap of power

to the Burning Legion puppets.

Lets not forget that Sargeras his whole reason of forming the Burning Legion was to

stop the voidlords plans so instead of giving power, they did allow the shadow council to

set up a small refuge called blackrock spire, high up in the mountain.

If their warlock would stay in that area then they would not be disturbed by Ragnaros or

his followers.

Guldan was of course disappointed that they had failed in conquering the mountains

power, but a refuge would do.

Tensions between blackhand and guldan were rising so a place away from their warchiefs

eyes was priceless.

Blackhand was told about their failure and had expected nothing less.

He was more then ready to crush Stormwind city without the help of stolen elemental

power, but the city was not without its defenses.

As Killrog Deadeyes and Chogall were ordered to lead the assault, Anduin Lothar took the

bulk of their soldiers behind the Hordes lines, cutting a massive line through their


Bleeding Hollow and twilights hammer broke off their attack and tried to push back the

knights in the rear, but this only worked to the humans advantage as it allowed Stormwind

to open its gates and strike the orcs, like a hammer to Lothars anvil.

There was no way that the orcs could fight off the assault from both sides so their only

choice was to run.

It was the biggest disaster the Horde had ever suffered.

Blackhand was furious, nearly executed Kilrogg and Chogall on the spot, but the Horde

was pushed back, for the moment as they had to come up with a new plan of attack.

Meanwhile Garona Halforcen had also joined the Horde invasion and had made contact with

the Medivh.

Medivh felt sympathy for her seeing how she was an outcast and he was intrigued by her

intelligence, by her entire existence.

It was clear that Garona was no threat to him and thanks to Guldans endless cruelty,

she had no real love for the Horde.

He decided that it would be more valuable to have her as an ally or even a friend among

the orcs than another spirit haunting his home so he invited her to come back whenever

she liked.

She did just that, something that Medivhs new apprentice Khadgar could not appreciate

at first but over time they developed a friendship and even discovered that it was Medivh who

had opened the dark portal.

They quickly escaped the tower to get help from Stormwind and when Guldan realized

that Garona was in the same room as king Llane, remeber he could see what she could see, he

tried to use his magic to force her to kill the king but Garona was actually able to resist

this murderous urge.

Lothar, Khadgar and Garona then confronted the guardian and in that battle, Medivh assaulted

her mind tried to take control of Guldans mental chains and use her against her allies,

but it was only partially effective.

Confusion rippled through the half orc and she soon found it impossible to see the difference

between friend and foe.

She fled the tower and made her way back to Stormwind to inform king Llane of what had

happened, but standing near the king, something snapped in her mind.

She had resisted Guldans order to kill the king before, but her fight with the guardian

had scrambled her thoughts.

The line between friend and foe blurred, her willpower faltered and with tears streaming

down her face, she obeyed the command and plunged a dagger into Llanes heart.

Garona escaped the keep in the confusion that followed and without their king, stormwind

eventually fell to the Horde, forced to flee to the lands of Lordaeron.

While Medivh was taken care of, Guldan had been busy trying to search his mind to

find more information on the tomb of sargeras, that which was promised to him if he was able

to conquer the world.

As Guldan had been left without reward before, he figured it was wiser to get information

on his own, but unfortunately while he probing around in Medivhs mind, that was the time

where they killed him which left the orc in a coma.

This was the moment that Orgrim Doomhammer had been waiting for.

He had been informed about the corruption of the Horde by his friends Durotan and Draka

of the frostwolf clan, thralls parents, who both lost their lives for giving this


Doomhammer had enough and decided it was time to take control of the Horde, he challenged

their warchief Blackhand to Makgora, a duel to the death to claim the title of warchief.

With the mighty Doomhammer in hand, Orgrim was able to secure victory, told all of them

that they had been used and lied too and made ready to cleanse the corruption from the Horde

starting with the shadow council.

As she was fleeing from Stormwind, Garona had been captured by the Horde and was tortured

for information to figure out where the shadow council was hiding.

She told them about their hide out in blackrock spire and a large force of Horde soldiers

stormed the smoldering volcano.

None of the fire elements or the dark iron dwarves stood in their way while Ragnaros

and the Old Gods kept their presence hidden, eager to see how this violent situation would

play out.

The shadow council warlocks could do little to save themselves from so many, not even

their fel powers were enough to hold them all off, but a few of them were able to survive

amongst them Chogall.

Without him, the Twilights Hammer would fall to madness again and Orgrim could not

afford to lose their fighting force.

He also swore his allegiance to their new warchief claiming that he was manipulated

into Guldans surcive.

Orgrim wasnt too sure if the ogre told the truth, but he also didnt really care.

He needed their fighting power to protect their new lands and Chogall had already

proven his usefullness to him by introducing him to the dark iron dwarves.

The dwarves, secretly commanded by Ragnaros, agreed to let the Horde claim blackrock spire

as its new headquarters since the old gods were delighted to see what chaos the orcs

would bring to the planet.

Your petty quarrels only make me stronger.”

Orgrim also spared Garona.

It was no secret that Guldan had been cruel to her and her assassination of king Llane

had been very helpful.

She too swore her allegiance to the Horde and Orgrim gave the job of looking after her

to one of his most trusted lieutenants, Eitrigg.

So what about Guldan?

Well he eventually woke up from his coma to see that everything had changed.

There was a new warchief, his shadow council was nearly annihilated and Orgrim was just

about ready to take his head.

In order to save himself, Guldan convinced him to keep him around since he would have

need of his magics, he would give them new warriors to help with the war, to help with

their conquest.

Reluctantly, Orgrim gave him a chance and for a while Guldan wondered how to deliver

on this new promise.

He needed to regain a foothold, regain some forces so it was important that these new

troops would secretly pledge their loyalty to him so his mind turned towards his fallen

shadow council.

The members were dead, but their spirits still remained intact.

If Guldan could bring them back from the grave, he believed that they would be forever

grateful to him.

He would meld their spirits with the corpse of stormwinds greatest knights, since using

orcs or ogres was out of the question, the horde would never aprove, so Guldan and

Chogal went too work.

They conducted bloody ritual after bloody ritual, failed time and time again until they

finally succeeded.

Guldan fused the spirit of his old ally Terongor to the corpse of a fallen stormwind

knight, necromantic energies surged through the rotting body and raised it into undeath.

The shambeling skeley horror became known as Teron Gorefiend and he was the first of

what Guldan would call the Death Knights.

Despite his wishes, these death knights felt no real loyalty towards guldan nor to the

horde, all they cared about was their own survival.

The Horde worked on building up their fleet and going forward with their conquest of the

world while the Alliance of Lordaeron rose up to fight against them.

When the Horde reached quelthelas, the kingdom of the high elves, they discovered

that there was a magical barrier around the city which kept their use of magic hidden

from the outside world while also preventing invaders from using magic of their own.

This shield was being maintained by several runestones which presented an opportunity

for Guldan.

He figured that if they would dismantle one of these runestones then not only could they

disrupt the barrier, they could also use it to strengthen the Horde by turning one of

the runestones into something called an altar of storms.

Chogalls people had long ago created a ritual which allowed them to channel raw

arcane magic into regular ogres, turning them into the highly intelligent two-headed ogre


Orgrim still did not trust Guldan, but the orc warlock had done nothing to set him

off and they could use the additional power so he allowed them to get to work, which would

prove to be a big mistake.

Guldan had no love or loyalty to the horde, only his own plans his mind and the new ogre

magi, in secret, pledged their loyalty to him.

Now, all that remained for Guldan was finding the right time to make his move.

Despite the magical barrier falling, silvermoon and the high elves were not defenseless and

they were able to cast a new shield around their city powered by their sunwell.

Doomhammer was losing his patience.

Quelthelas had never been their main target, Lordaerons capital was and he wanted to

move on.

Guldan reassured him that they had found a new way around the elves shield and would

only need a few more days to get through it.

Orgrim gave Guldan some of their forces and 3 days to finish the job, while the rest

of them marched on Lordaerons capital city.

The perfect opportunity for Guldan to betray the Horde as he took his forces, including

Chogall and his clan to their true destiny, the tomb of sargeras.

The power contained within would be his as they used their magic to raise it above the


When Doomhammer found out about this betrayal, as you might imagine he wasnt too happy.

They had not been able yet to siege the capital and their reinforcement routes were cut off,

guldans betrayel meant that they had failed and had no other option then to retreat

all the way back to blackrock mountain.

The betrayel would not go unpunished though as Orgrim send out the blacktooth grin clan

lead by Dalrend and Maim blackhand, which you might remember from Upper blackrock spire

and they approached the island not long after the tomb had surfaced.

Guldan with a few his followers quickly went in leaving Chogall and the twilights

hammer behind to hold off their enemies.

Inside the orc warlock did not find the power he so desired, only his demise while Chogall

nearly lost his life.

He survived only because his Twilights Hammer followers put him on a ship while the

winds carried the vessel west into uncharted waters...

The war was lost by the Horde as the alliance was able claim victory at blackrock mountain.

They would come back for a second invasion, one in which eventually the alliance decided

to step through the dark portal and take the battle to the Horde.

When they did, Garona halforcen wanted to join Khadgar in their expedition even if it

was only in secret.

She had been able to escape from Eitrigg, but found that the shadow council still had

a dark presence in her mind, trying to bend her thoughts.

Slowly, patiently, she fought her way back into control and when she was confident that

she could resist their orders, she had sought out khadgar and explained to him what had

happened, why she had betrayed them and murdered the king.

He believed her, the evidence was right in front of him as he could see their spell work

still woven through her thoughts which meant that at least one member of the shadow council

was still alive on Azeroth.

Over several months, Khadgar secretly met with Garona and carefully unraveled the shadow

councils hold.

He was successful and for the first time in her life, Garona was free.

In gratitude, she offered to do whatever she could to hunt down the shadow council on Azeroth

and when she asked him to join them into Draenor, he convinced her to stay behind and hunt down

the council, hunt them down and kill them all.

She picked up on Chogalls trail as her journey took her to the mysterious lands of

Kalimdor, while Khadgar and the sons of lothar were forced to shut down the dark portal and

stay behind on Draenor.

Chogall and the twilights hammer clan knew nothing of Draenors fate.

Even if they had, it didnt matter, the whispers of the Old Gods were calling to them.

Chogall and his followers sailed toward the continent of Kalimdor in search of their

dark masters, eager to help them bring about the Hour of Twilight.

And thats where were going to end the story for today, next week well pick it

back up with trying to figure out what exactly happened between chogall and garona since

some of the events have changed with the chronicles.

Theres also the events during the cataclysm and of course alternate Chogall, but like

I said, that will be for next week.

For now, thank you very much for watching everyone!

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The Description of The Story of Cho'gall - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]