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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5A , UGC NET/JRF English

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hello welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute

I'm professor Albert Sharma and today

finally I am going to explain you the

first part of Wasteland which is written

by the Nobel Prize winner and the

greatest poet ever born the 20th century

was the early 20th century and that was

TS payment yes you have gets to drive

what the thunders said so many people

have been requesting and due to some

unseen reasons or say my position you'll

I could not finish this part then and

also I was waiting for you people to go

through all the previous videos of

Graceland so today we are going to do

what the thunders said no as I've

already told you that it is like an epic

compressed epic it is written in epic

ematic style using lots of figures of

speech and allusions from the past

writers so in this you also you will

find allusions of Christ his

crucification the journey to the chapel

perilous as I already mentioned in my

methodological background video and also

the Hindu fables from the Commission's

let's begin from the first few lines of

this part this part actually justify is

whatever was written before by him that

means whatever he has mentioned in the

first two parts this part is like the

conclusion to the whole so after the

torch light red and sweaty faceless

after the frosty silence and government

after the agony in stony places the

shouting and the crying prison and

violence and liberation of tundle of

strength over distant mountains he who

was known living is not dead these lines

describe the trial and the crucification

of Christ and there was a frosty silence

there people had no sympathy anger me if

they were going through the pain but

could not express because of the terror

of the Jews so people killing somebody

who was supposed to really live who had

come to this world to redeem us redeem

us from the sense

had we killed the very prophet who was

trying to save our lives

so it is it is in contrast there is

transferred epithet frosty silence stony

places and that means nobody had that

sympathy or would understand what they

were doing so it is said that the

shouting in the crying of course of

mother of Christ prison and - and

reverberation it is said that Christ was

taken into prison and then child and

then crucified so feather

also participated in the agony it became


thunderous stormy full frame full of

night name that means it also reacted

along with the killing of or say

crucification of Christ it is like that

he was crucified at nine o'clock so nine

o'clock is also

said as the dead are and people they go

with the officers at nine o'clock and

they get lost into the work until 6:00

in the evening this we have done in the

previous parts so same thing you can

relate here and then of thunder of

spring over distant mountains it was

raining very heavily everywhere he was

now living is not dead we were living on

out dying with the little nations

actually Christ did not die at that time

when he was crucified

no his morals were understood his

teachings were undisturbed later by the

mankind and the humanity sustained

because of his teachings went today as

we are facing the atmosphere of horror

dinner war because this was written

during the time of say after first world

war before the second but in that it was

published in 1922 so he gives the agony

the frustration the paying people suffer

during the Great War that is the first

world war so he says that he was living

till date in our hearts but how we have

become so cruel full of hatred Envy

towards each other that now we are dying

with little patience and if the death

comes slowly it is more painful so now

we have killed traced in a heart we are

no more making him live in our hearts

that means he's dead and now we are

dying so actually he did not die at that

time when he was crucified he is dead

today because of the dead times because

of the bad times when man has lost

sympathy pity love towards each other

this part has many illusions journey to

mms fear is sure

and resurrection of Christ and the point

has mentioned two types of dead with one

is spiritual darkness and the slow death

which is undignified and which we are

facing and the other one which was

dignified and at one stream that is

Christ and he was still living yeah or

we can say that he was in a heart

through his teachings and we really

believed him after his death let's take

the next science here is the water but

only rock rock and no water and the

sandy Road the road winding above among

the mountains which are mountains of

rock without water if there were water

we should stop and drink among the rock

one cannot stop and think slate is try

and feet are in the sand if there were

only water among the rock dead mountain

mouth of Gary's teeth that cannot spit

here one can neither stand nor lie nor

sit it says man this word this life has

no consolation no peace water is

signifying consolation peace survival

especially survival water is necessary

for survival and rock rock symbolizes

the hard life the harshness of life the

this life is full of struggle pain

misery and our feet are over the very

hot sand that means we cannot stand firm

we are always shaking with pain and


there is no consolation there is no

support and what have we done we have

killed Christ already so we are left

with nothing which can make us survive

or health through this life

these mountains are advancing towards us

with Carrie estate as if they are going

to engulf us alive so all these a

horrible order full of terror situations

are making us go towards or shift

towards death slowly if we guys suddenly

it is said to be a good death without

anything but the gradual death is quite

unbelief I'd very painful so what have

we done we have come to Christ and we

have poured our debt which is coming

slowly with little patience next he says

that yeah one cannot stand nor lie nor

sit there is not even silence in the

mountains but tries to like thunder

without rain

there is not even solitude in the

mountains but red sullen faces near and

small from those of mud crack houses

again it is a satire it is an irony of

upon the modern life we are so selfish

away from pity and sympathy that we

sneer and snarl we try to kill each

other because you can take the example

that Christ who came to redeem us he was

killed even he was not spared he was a

very sober and simple man so that means

we people are so greedy we kill each

other we destroy we can part paying to

each other a chance because of a greed

and selfishness so same is there so

suppose this continues this planet will

be empty of human life very soon so he

calls the faces a sullen face so sullen

means the faces do not have any kind of

sympathy towards each other they are

gloomy they're full of hatred so

all these are lines or narrating the

present condition the modern times which

TS Eliot and other men were facing after

the first world war so I would end this

part here and we would take it gradually

and coincidentally today is Good Friday

and I have taken up this part which

narrates the crucification of Christ but

of course there is resurrection humanity

will survive humanity will live forever

with that people see in the coming a

lines of the same part what the

Thunderer said if you liked this video

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The Description of What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5A , UGC NET/JRF English