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Episode 3

It's for you.

Thank you, but Mom should have bought me a cellphone as compensation.

How dare you ask compensation from Mom?

I got a complimentary SIM card along with the cellphone.

The last few digits are the same as your birthday.

I'll give it to you.

No, I've been using my number for so long.

It's troublesome to change it. I'd prefer the old one.

Do you know few businessmen use only one number now?

Just kidding. This makes me understand why you're so infatuated with Lily.

[Incoming call from Ning Xia]

Ning Xia, are you feeling better?

Much better, but I lost my purse.

I can't leave hospital. Could you come over?

No problem. I'll go over soon.

- Fine. Bye. - Bye

What an attractive dude!

There are always girls who can't take minds of you

You know, Ning Xia is just like my sister, huh?


Back in school, it was known to everyone that she had a crush on you.

She's not your sister.

Let me warn you, you're a fiance now

If you have no feeling for her, give her a clear reply

It shall keep at bay the confusion

- Fine. I've got to go. - Okay

Thanks for the cellphone.


Babe, no. You called for the whole night.

It has nothing to do with you.

Babe, no matter what it is, forget about it.

Right now, you only need to heal.

Stop calling me babe. It's irksome.

My dad is dead, so is my mom.

I'm not your daughter.

You're an orphan.

Orphan? So what?

Does that mean I don't deserve to be loved?

No. I mean...

Who hired you? Send for him. Ask him to come.

A cross-shaped scar on her left shoulder.

An orphan.

She's exactly of my daughter's age.

Don't leave me.

My child, I'm here. I won't leave.

Don't leave me.

My child, what's the matter?

What are you doing here?

My child, I can't hold back my tears at the sight of you.

I think you're absurd. Why should you weep?

Oh, this is left to you by the man who hired me.

It's Minglang. He was here.

I know he won't leave me alone.

Where is he?

You were having a fever, so I didn't awake you.

Shit. Fuck you.

What are you gonna do?

I'll leaving hospital, right now.

You can't. You haven't recovered.

I can't? Then, shall I face you granny everyday?

Check me out. Go.

Are you a log? Move.

Fine, I'll get it done.

Miss, can I ask you a favor?

Could you bring me along when you go home?

I'd like to be a maid for you.

A maid? Thanks, but I can't afford it.

Miss, I don't need to be paid.

I only need a place to live and food to eat.

In this world, I'm also lonely, without relatives.

Will you let me care for you?

See, I'm a good person. Trust me.

Fine. I'm not the police.

Presently, I'd say yes, as I'm in a good mood.

But, if you do a bad job, you'd be sent away.


- Fine. Check me out. - Sure.

Tidy up the room.

The storage room is there, where you can live.


What are you looking at?

Let me tell you, the room upstairs is not mine.

You're not allowed to get in.

Ning Xia, where's the kitchen?

The neighboring room.

Poor child, what a sordid life!

Minglang, you think I'm not good and pretty enough?

Why would you be indifferent to me?

Lily, you possess everything on earth.

Why should you still take Minglang from me?

Wait and see. I won't tolerate it anymore.

If we can't be happy together, let's be ruined together.

I'd look at the cross scar again.

Go back to sleep. Keep warm.


Come on. You're trespassing.

I'm here for Lily.

Her father caused me great losses.

She must pay back.

Hold on. Even creditors shouldn't come in such early morning.

Well...they are still asleep.

No law prohibits demanding payment in morning.

Dahua, what's the matter?

They came to make Lily pay back.

If you want Lily to pay back, you should go to her home.

Why should you come to my home?

Don't fool us.

Lily has married into your wealthy family.

Her debt is to be dealt here.

Okay. How much do you want?

I guess you're the elder son of Li Dachuan.

I suggest you'd better see the contract first.

No need. Cut it short. How much do you want?

Do you words carry any weight?

You came to my family in early morning, asking for money.

And you question my credibility?

Very well, listen, it's not very much.

50 million.

50 million yen?

Listen carefully, 50 million yuan.

She owes us. Look, it's written here. 50 million.

It's clearly stated in the contract.

If Jiang Dacheng Clothing Ltd fails in delivery,

it shall compensate 5 times the sum, that is 50 million.

5 times! But Jiang Corp had a fire.

It's robbery and blackmail.

Are you legally illiterate?

It ain't good to make false claims.

Where is Lily's husband, Minglang?

He's not here. You may come again later.

What is it?

It's the successor to Li Corp, Minglang. There you are.

You are...

It doesn't matter who I am.

The reason I'm here is for money.

How insolent! You better get lost.

Brother, what is he doing here?

Mr Qin claimed he had a contract with Jiang Corp.

A breach of the terms will incur a 50-million compensation.

How do you know my surname? Do I know you?

Isn't your name written on the contract?

What concerns Lily also concerns me

You can talk to me.

Fine. We'll discuss it among Lily and us.

Lily is not here. Get lost.

Enough. I'll verify it first.

We will bear the due responsibility.

Then, I'll believe in you.

This is a copy of the contract. Look it over.

Okay. Allow me some time.

The time of delivery is next month.

You'll find my contact info on the contract.

Call me when you have a decision.


Thanks for your time.

What's up? What were you arguing about?


Mom, good morning.

I wish my sons can be honest to me.

Who was asking for payment just now?

Well, it was people asking the way.

Asking the way?

Why would anyone ask the way in our home?

It's weird.

Minglang, show me what's in your hands.

Right hand or left?

Bullshit. Let me see. Come on.


I find the three of you look weird

Are you hiding something from me?


Mom, I'll go see if Lily's up.

Dahua, take my clothes to her mom.

Minglang, how can you do this?

Didn't we agree to abide by the rules?

Yes, I agreed to live separately from a year.

I'll live downstairs, Lily upstairs.

Minglang, you wanna make me mad?


Remember, Minglang is a ball.

I see.

Dahua, get the breakfast ready.

Ding, get the breakfast ready.

Look, your pretty face has withered, and hair tangled.

Would you like to take a shower?

A shower will refresh you. Everything will be fine.

Have a look.

I'll take a shower.

The dishes will be kept warm. You can eat after shower.

What the hell?

The knob doesn't work.

Mom, how could put up Lily in the storage room?

I can't allow it. Never.

You sound so mean. It's not a storage room.

For a working-class family, that would be a main bedroom.

And Lily picked the room herself.

- Lily picked it. - Yes.

Minglang, I chose that room.

Do you remember we used to study there?

Now, it fills me with recollections. It's great.

See, Lily recollects the old days in that room.

Lily, did you sleep well last night?

Quite good. I slept over time.

Fine. I know what to do.

That's good.

Ding, is the breakfast ready?

Madam, it's ready.

Okay. Come have breakfast. Go.

Was I mistaken?

Maybe, it's not my Zhaodi.

Laidi has a cross on the right shoulder, Zhaodi on the left.

You can find our daughters.

I got it.

Cross-shaped scar, cross-shaped scar.

On the left for the elder sister, on the right for the younger.

I'm terribly sorry.

What's wrong with you?

Are you a moron or a pervert?

Didn't you know I was showering?

Sorry, I knew.

Then, why did you come in?

I...I just wanna....

You're ridiculous. Why did I bring you back?

I just wanna...

Whatever you wanted, you should have knocked first.

I just wanna know if you need any help.

I was showering. Why would I need your help?


Tell me who you are.

Why have you come to my home?

I'm not a wicked person. I...

Leave now. I don't need you anymore.

Please, don't let me go.

- Are you going? - I won't do it again.

I'll care for you.

Leave, or I'll call the police.

Ning Xia.

Please don't call the police.

Women in the country shower together.

I didn't know the custom in the city. Really, I didn't know it.

Let me stay here.

- Get up - Let me care for you

Please don't let me go

Why would you weep and kneel?

- I'll take good care of you. - Fine.

But I'm telling you, if you behave strangely again,

I'll call the police to take you away.

All right. I'll never do this again.

Miss, you must be hungry.

You might wanna have breakfast before it's cold.

- Dahua, has Minglang left? - Yes.

Dahua, tell me now what you were hiding from me.

Nothing. Aunt, I shall never dare lie to you.

Fine. What did Lily do last night?

She was asleep when Minglang came back.

But the light was on.

I guess she didn't sleep at all, poor child.

You pity her? Anyway, she's not here to sleep well and live cozily.

I wish her to be smart enough to leave Minglang herself.

Otherwise, her life will be miserable.

Aren't you too...

Shut up. Let me remind you who support your life.

Don't take the wrong side.

I'll stand beside you.

Be smart and alert.

I'm trying to learn from you.

But I'm confused by your conflicting attitudes to Lily.

Damned fool. I allowed her to live here

so that she'll understand the disparity between Minglang and her.

Then, she'll give up.

Do you think I really want her to marry into our family?

But, doing this when her family just suffered a disaster.

It will affect your reputation and the listing of the company.

That's why I don't wanna irritate Lily.

Of course, I don't expect to take advantage of the Jiang family.

I only wish we won't be implicated.

So, I'll have to make it look good on the surface. You fool.

I feel chilly. It's freezing cold.

Cold? You need to see a doctor.

Aunt, I'm wounded by Icy Palm.

Icy Palm. I'm let you see my Iron Palm.


What's wrong?


Mrs Li, what's wrong?


Lily, you're a pretty, young lady with good education.

I really like you.

You see, Minglang is too rebellious.

I'm afraid he'll be your burden.

Whenever I think of this, I feel really bad.

Frankly speaking, I've suffered a lot in this family. It's my fate.

But you're different. You're still young.

I see you as my daughter. How can I see you suffer?

Mrs Li, you treat me so good. I won't suffer.

Lily, you should know, it's not easy for our family to make the way up.

Mrs Li, I can understand.

My parents also had a hard time in the start up.

Actually, it doesn't matter for me to bear hardship and toil.

But it's not easy to be a wife in the Li family.

When I was young, my mother-in-law made my suffer a lot.

Whenever I recall it, I feel sorrowful.

Mrs Li, it was in the past. We're pretty good now.

Don't cry. Take it easy.

Fine. Lily, you're so sweet.

Look, you're like my own daughter.

I don't wanna ruin our relationship with the malice towards daughter-in-law

Lily, look, here are 3 photos. All better than Minglang.

This is our shareholder's son.

This one is even better. Good-looking and wealthy.

And this one is a bit old and divorced.

But he's extremely rich, handsome and goodhearted.

Mrs Li, I don't understand what you're talking about.

I just mean that Minglang and you are not a good match.

If you have a good match, you should go for it.

It's for your own good, Lily.

Mrs Li, I appreciate your concern.

But I love Minglang only.

You love him only, but he may not love you only.

Aunt, settle down.

Shut up. No one takes you as dumb when you're not talking.

Mrs Li, I've grown up with Minglang.

I know him. He's a good man, and he loves me very much.

I hope so.

The game has begun.

Everything will run its due course.

Minglang, let's make it a bigger game.


Caocao, I wonder if you know the order of Qin Corp.

You mean the one before the fire accident.

I remember it. It was almost done.

But the fire burnt the products and fabrics to ashes.

Okay. If we redo it with our current human resources,

is it possible to deliver the order?


I see. Fine. Thanks.


Brother. I wanna know how much Jiang Corp owes the other party.

I wanna see the contract.

You know mom very well.

If she should know, she'll make a fuss again.

So, I've thrown away the contract.

Let me ask you, do you really plan to pay off the debt for the Jiangs?

You're the successor to the Li Corp.

You can't act rashly.

After all, the Jiangs have nothing to do with us now

Brother, what are you talking about?

Lily's business is my business.

I must help out.

Then you should be nicer to her.

She's good girl, anyway.

Although she has moved in, she hasn't married with you.

Well, had it not been for the car crash, she wouldn't have to put up in our home.

Ding! Who the hell is making noisy in the morning?!

I hadn't even been up.

Oh, the fucking Lily dares to go against me now.

See how I'll deal with you.

Who let you in?

What are you doing? It's my home.

Who allowed you in?! Stop it.


What's the matter, Mom?

What the hell is going on?

I asked them to do construction.


Yes. That's the room you assigned to Lily.

And I'm renovating the room.

Where is Lily?

I forgot, I'll go with her to the company.

Hold it for me. I'm going. See you.

Company? Which company?

How I wish it had been a dream!

When I woke up from the nightmare, at least my parents were still alive.


Watch out!


Lily, let's go.

Don't be sad. You still have me.

Dude, the poor inheritor to the Jiangs hasn't show up.

Is the news correct?

Rest assured, the boss can't be wrong.

Oh, get up and stretch your legs.

How much money does Mr Qin pay you?

Money, money. You only have money in your mind.

Did you see the 5.8 yuan in my pocket?


And there are more. All for you.

Shit. You bought peanuts with my money.

Asshole. You learned to steal.

Fucking asshole.

Stop. Here it is.

Our chance to make money.

Go find our men.

The greater the commotion, the higher the pay.



What are you doing here?

- What's the matter? - Qiansun is leading a riot.

- Leave now. - Hold on.

It's Qiansun again. I'll check it out.

No, don't. It's too dangerous.

I'll talk it out.

Lily. Lily.

He's not to be reasoned with.

Lily, you can't go. They are dangerous.

Lily, you can never reason with them.

I don't believe it.

Lily, you should go back. I'll deal with it.

We're dealing with it together.

You're the target. Go home.

Leave it to me, Lily.

Come out, Lily.

If you run away, you'll be damned.

Come out now.

Come out.

Come out, Lily.

Come out.

Why are you hiding?

Come out.


Where has she gone?

Why are you hiding?

Come out.

What are you doing?

Little girl, did you see anyone come in?

Say it.

You're not talking.

Come out, Lily.

Darling, what's your name?

My name is Yunduo, meaning cloud in Chinese.

Where is your home?

I have no home. I live in the factory with my mom.

Factory. You mean this plant.

- What about your dad? - He's in heaven.

- Aren't you afraid to be alone? - Lily


Caocao, I'm here.


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Caocao, let me meet with the workers.

Right now?

I have to face it, anyway.

I can't always avoid it.

You sure?

Yes. Let's go.

When we need love, we can only cuddle each other like we do now.

The grudge between men and women can sometimes be solved on bed.

I know it might be hard for you.

But as long as the end is achieved, the means doesn't matter at all.

The best part of mankind is to separate spiritual needs from sensual needs.

We're of the same sort.

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