Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Deep Human - Practical Skills for the Future (Book Trailer) by Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange

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Perhaps you've noticed robots at the airport

Or read that patients today

are being diagnosed using big data

Artificial intelligence and automation are transforming our lives

but also taking away many of

the tasks that humans used to do.

Experts are predicting a Reskilling Revolution.

So it's not surprising that the number one concern

we hear from working adults is this

"How do I stay ahead in a future of disruption?"

We've spent the past decade searching for answers

Talking to experts in neuroscience, psychology & leadership

and teaching more than 20,000 people around the world

Education this far has focused very much on hard skills

Things that AI and the robots find easy to do.

but now in order to stay relevant, we must cultivate

our Deep Human Superskills.

In our book, we've selected 5 essential Superskills.

These skills are timeless, useful and transferable

no matter what job you end up in

in the future.

The people that we've taught tell us that

our Deep Human approach is much more than

learning just skills. It has the power to change limiting beliefs

and undo old, unhelpful mindsets.

We wrote this because we found out that so many of the old rules

are obsolete. What we want to share with you in Deep Human

is a secret recipe for success, happiness

and better and more fulfilling relationships

More meaning in life.

We believe that our future doesn't have to be one of

anxiety, disconnection and burn out

but rather for the first time in our history

AI will liberate us from mechanistic tasks and allow us to

focus on what makes us truly human.

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