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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Try DIY Fake Bangs Like Rihanna

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- In the words of Mia Thermopolis,

"This is as good as it's gonna get."

(energetic music)

- Today, we are using our own hair

to give ourselves some faux bangs.

- (gasps) Yay.

- You guys have probably seen this on the internet before.

It's like really popular with

like a bunch of different celebrities.

So, basically, you take the ends of your hair,

and you use that to make the bangs,

and then you put the rest of it in a bun.

- How is that gonna look good?

- I think it's gonna look great.

- I'm going through like a hair crisis right now.

I feel like every girl like goes through that thing.

Where it's like, should I get bangs?

And then, like you do it, and you regret it.

And you grow them out and you're like, should I get bangs?

And it's just like a cycle.

- Let's get started. (laughs)

- This with curly hair, I look like a poodle.

- (gasps) Did you get your nail?

Medic, medic!

- I have a hard time too because my hair is really heavy.

So, like it falls.

So, I have to bring it like really far forward.

- Karen and I did have bangs in high school.

Side bangs, 'cause we were cool.

Insert very embarrassing photo here.

- Do we have water, anyone? - Why do you want water?

- I'm like a Chia Pet, if you put water,

it'll like grow and get like shinier.

- What? - I've honestly

recently been thinking about bangs.

You just have like commitment

written all across your forehead.

- Get you a girlfriend that has bangs,

'cause you know she can commit.

That's a t-shirt, copyright.

- Oh, okay, well, we're here.

(lighthearted music) We made it.

(lighthearted music) (laughs)

Now we're gonna take the front part of ponytail

and make the bang, I guess.

- There's a lot of stakes riding on this part.

It's like, you go here, Cousin Itt.

You go here, preteen boy.

- I look like I have a faux hawk or something.

- Is this gonna work with our hair

kind of being like two toned?

- Why is there such a big gap though?

I don't know how to fix that.

- How much of this should I do?

Is this too much, guys?

- I'll need like several bobby pins for this.

- I feel like I'm gonna need more than two.

- You kind of look like a unicorn from the side.

- You have so much hair.

- [Nina] I know (laughs).

- Oh, no, I might've gone a bit long.

Okay, clearly,

these are too long.

- I'm determined to get the look.

Please don't judge me, internet, I'm trying.

- I think I look like a Spice Girl.

- I'm like still struggling to get the placement right.

And I don't know if I have enough hair.

- What do you mean?

You have enough hair. - I don't mean it like that.

- Ah, almost felt the bang burn.

- This is about to be a really different video.

- I'm just gonna call it a day

because my arms are getting tired.

- No doubt, this is a look.

But I think I need like more on the sides.

Can I use your finger right quick?

- See, just me straightening my hair

is gonna take awhile, FYI (laughs).

- I know, I was like thinking about when I could use that.

And I was like, oh, Sheila's got a long way to go.

- Let me see.

Oh, yeah, girl, you need more work than I do.

- (gasps) Oh, yours look pretty.

(energetic music)

- I feel like I'm creating a rat's nest up here.

- Let me see it, oh, my God, your bangs though.

- Oh, no. - Okay, number one.

(both laugh)

- I'm gonna have to start over.

- I feel like I'm not able to create

a nice like circular topknot, it is more like a tower.

- It's a look. - It's a look.

It's not the look. (fun music)

- Okay. - Daggum.

- Twist away, twist away, hide the troubles away.

This is what happens when I like

spend too much time on something, I get like really loopy.

- It's been like 10 minutes (laughs).

- I've gone and messed it all up.

- Let me see.

Oh, (laughs) no, oh, no.

(energetic music)

- Does that look okay? - Yeah.

You look adorable, you do look like Tinker Bell.

Like a punk Tinker Bell.

- I really think that you should give bangs a shot.

'Cause you remind me of like an Audrey Hepburn.

- I tried to go for the Keira Knightley wispy bang effect.

I don't think that's as effective.

(Caryn laughs) You look amazing.

- Thank you. - I'm so upset.

- [Caryn] Am I making up my mind, do I want bangs?

I kind of want bangs now.

- Bring in the scissors! (Caryn laughs)

- I definitely think that this is great

for like if you wanna like test it out,

and like see if you're like into getting bangs.

- Maybe I should get bangs. (fun music)

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