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The President: Thank you very much, everyone. It's great to

have our governors with us and spouses

and friends. Please sit. Please.

So, this is my fourth one with our First Lady.

And I want to thank the First Lady for having done such a

beautiful job with the settings and all of the things.

She works very hard in these things.

(applause) I also want to thank Mike Pence, Vice President,

fantastic person. (applause) Mike and Karen, thank you

very much for working so hard.

So, we have an incredible group of people I know just about

all of you and we argue a little bit, but 90 percent

of the time we get along and I just said, call the White

House, call me anytime you have difficulty because we're

all in this together.

Our states are doing fantastically well.

We have a tremendous sampling of our governors.

Great, great turnout tonight, which we appreciate.

And anything I could do to help, you're going let me know,

you're going to call.

I thought we'd would do something a little different.

It's never been done before. And rather than sitting and

making small talk all night, I thought we'll have

the press leave when they depart, we'll start

asking questions, making statements you can make if you

have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them for you.

But we'll have an exciting evening and a little bit differen;

that hasn't been done. We're meeting tomorrow morning, as you

know, but this will take a little bit of the edge off

tomorrow, but that's okay with me.

That's fine.

(laughter) So, we're going to have a tremendous evening.

And again, I'd like to thank the military, the bands that

people worked so hard to chefs.

They've been just fantastic. (applause) Fantastic.

We had a tremendous -- we had a tremendous week.

The State of the Union was something that I think people

really enjoyed. I very much appreciate the the receptivity

to what we all had to say.

And some of you were there.

Many of you were there, actually. But I -- it was very

exciting. And then, of course, as you know, last week we made

our deal with China. We made our deal with Japan a

couple of weeks before that, $40 billion.

We made a tremendous, tremendous

USMCA deal, Mexico and Canada.

We've totally renegotiated.

The deal with South Korea was not a good deal for the United

States, now it's a great deal for the United States and many

other things all enduring to the benefit of your states

and to you as governors.

So, I just want to congratulate you on having done in all

cases a great job. Most of the states, almost everyone

has set a record. You've had a record, virtually every state.

I can almost not even have to put it down in a speech

because I go to states, I speak, and I say, you've had the

best year you've ever had.

But the fact is, you've all -- I know you very well.

You've done a tremendous job. It's not easy being governor.

And it's -- you just look at the way our country is doing.

We've never done as well as we're doing right now.

So, it's an honor to have you all.

And we're going to be doing some questions and some

statements in just a little while.

To the media, thank you very much for attending.

I appreciate it. Thank you. (applause)

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