Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Employee of the Month: January 2020

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We're here celebrating Employee of the Month for Sandra Stith who is one of our

Long-term Care Specialists. She's been with the division for over 30 years and

her service is impeccable. We are a part of Home and Community Based Services. We

work with the elderly and disabled in the community who received Medicaid

Services in their home and so their job is to receive calls and then complete

care plan changes for the clients that call. We also get calls from stakeholders,

we get calls from family, hospital and so our job is to try and keep people in

their home, safe but with the services they need and when it's not possible we

help with referrals. They may go to assisted living, they may go into a

nursing facility, but our job is to really provide services to try and keep

them in the community. Sandra is like sunshine wherever she goes she has a

smile for everyone and a joke. I don't know where she gets them from but she

always has a joke, but she's very knowledgeable, very compassionate. Even

outside of the job she calls staff when they're out sick. She you know really

takes time when she trains staff. Some people call her you know kind of strict

but she knows policy well and she wants staff to know it. So she refers you

back to the manual and that's a good thing. I just want to say Sandra is a

bright shining star. She relies on her faith in God to help her and doing her

job each day. She comes in with a smile. She comes in with a word of

encouragement when needed and so I enjoy working with her. We came from frontline

up to management and so it's a great thing to know Sandra and I hope you get

to meet her one day.


The Description of Employee of the Month: January 2020