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mix these 2 ingredients and give a glass to your husband before bedtime, it makes it very


After this video you will quickly prepare and consume because this duo is incredibly

good against diabetes, cancer, fatigue, weakness, problems cardiovascular, brief

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Whether for its nutritional properties, for its protective effect on health or

simply for its taste, there are always a good reason to devour a


Indeed this is exceptional For its anticancer properties

For its cardioprotective effect To help his liver

Car Rich in vitamins A, B2, B5, B6, C, copper and manganese, it's a concentrate

antioxidants with moderate glycemic load (about 90 kcal per 100 grams).

Can be eaten with their peels and leaves in order to make the most of their

nutritional properties.

Here are some good reasons to consume it regularly.

For its anticancer properties reduced risk of prostate cancer,

gallbladder, kidney, as well as of breast cancer in premenopausal women.

The leaves protect against lung cancer.

For its cardioprotective effect Thanks to its compounds which prevent and

limit the oxidation of bad cholesterol, sweet potato lowers risk of disease


The cloudy version, would be particularly beneficial against the progression of atherosclerosis

and its leaves would have a protective effect on the wall of blood vessels.

To help the liver

Animal studies have suggested a protective effect of sweet potato on


In men, it would reduce the risks of hepatitis and would reduce the level of enzymes

liver, indicators of injury and liver disease.

improves blood sugar control in diabetics, stimulates the response of the system

immune and slows deterioration of cognitive function as well as some

memory impairment.

But all these benefits have not yet been proven in humans, especially

in diabetics who need to watch their carbohydrate intake, including sweet potato

is very rich.

Against the Diarrhea: sweet potato is effective

to prevent and combat it

Diarrhea is characterized by an emission more frequent and less formed bowel movements


It is mainly due to an infection viral, sometimes bacterial, more rarely

to parasites, fungi.

Diarrhea in adults and children is a frequent reason for consultation in

pediatrics which, in children, is treated by an adapted diet.

Sweet potato is added to carrots and rice.

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This is rich in beta carotene protects intestines and skin

The sweet potato is a vegetable rich in beta-carotene, antioxidant.

She brings 10,500 micrograms to 100 g, more than twice as much as we need


Studies have shown that sweet potato was interesting, both to prevent

the risk of diarrhea only to treat it.

The beta carotene it brings plays a barrier effect against germs

of the intestine.

It is advisable to consume this in case hormonal disorder, fertility problems

and menopause

Then we will talk about the peanut

A 30-week clinical study on the effect regular consumption of peanuts

demonstrated improvement in several healthy blood parameters

cardiovascular, such as concentrations magnesium, folate, vitamin

E, copper and arginine (an amino acid)

Its protein content is therefore high. very rich in antioxidants, contributes to

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. peanut fat is basically

good fat, mainly mono fat and polysaturated, which would reduce in humans

the risk of gallstones.

So no if you think the peanut is getting fat is wrong

In addition, it is a source of phytosterols, compounds beneficial to health

cardiovascular, and contains resveratol, another compound with similar actions.

Many studies have been conducted including in Canada to measure its preventive effect


They found that consumption of two or more servings of peanuts per week

decreases the risk of colorectal cancer in the woman, but also thanks to its content

phytosterols, it would decrease growth breast cancer cells, colon

and prostate.

The presence of these phytosterols also induces a decreased risk of lung cancer.

Given its magnesium content and in fiber, peanut also helps

decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes 2 in women.

Finally know as I said above that peanuts don't make you fat: not only

it is very nourishing so allows to be faster satisfied but also she

increases metabolism.

On the mineral side, the peanut is very rich zinc, required for operation

optimal immune system, healing sores and development of the fetus.

It contains manganese, copper which helps the body to fight against radicals


But also a lot of vitamin B3, phosphorus, whose role is as important as calcium

for the maintenance of bones and teeth.

But still magnesium, vitamin E, potassium, selenium, vitamin B1 B6, folate and iron,

which I would not have time to detail here all the advantages.

However, if you want to benefit from all its effects, it should be respected

some consumption tips.

If you choose peanuts in the form butter, make sure your product

does not contain additions like sugar, preservatives, aromas or hydrogenated oils,

which are actually bad fat.

Some brands do not use any additions.

However, it is less stable under this form, so consume enough


Those who live in the islands can get them fresh, and


If you like them roasted, choose peanuts unsalted and dry roasted, then salt them

yourself to avoid a surplus of sodium.

The roasted peanuts in their shell remains a good alternative, because they don't contain

no salt or fat added.

In addition, this mode of consumption keeps all the benefits.

Now I show you how to benefit of their virtues combine forever to be

in the top

Ingredient A sweet potato of about 100 GRAMS of color

preferably dark and 50 grams of peanuts preferably fresh

Mix everything in 200 ml of water, sieve and have a drink morning and evening,

In case of diarrhea boil everything and consume in pudding it goes immediately

help you stabilize the flora

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