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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 西洋查理的災難要到了? I.C 查理究竟是不是富二代?|這群人展榮展瑞 K.R Bros ft. I.C Charlie【去你的晚餐 07 】

Difficulty: 0

Hi everybody, I'm Charlie

Have you ever fret over what to have for dinner?

The best show of the year you must not miss,

Hot Dinner

Yep. Hot Dinner

We've received invitation from Charlie during Super Lousy Cover Song last time

And here we are

So for those stans that had watched Super Lousy blooper

You should've know that

Charlie is possibly an

Charlie is possibly an affluent 2nd generation

We were chatting

What I've found on him was

He didn't has much longing of life

He don't feel much confused and stress

Probably he's just being optimistic and that's all

So there goes our mission of the day

We are going to find out evidence to proof Charlie is a affluent 2nd generation


There's a LED light

[Originally from the building] There's a LED light


I don't agree with his face expression

What was that?

Have you hide anything?

A girl?

Are you ready?

Come, let's go in

Move! Faster!

Look for evidence

Fridge! It's unreasonable to be this big!

Does your mom know about this?

[Beer] Does your mom know about this?

Look at the milk

Ladies and gentlemen

He doesn't drink bargain milk

But only from Australia

Every store sell this

Hold right there

Even the eggs must have serial number

Egg undergone strict selection

This fridge is unreasonable

The landlord provided this

[Useful landlord] The landlord provided this

Whatever we found it's on landlord

Yep all these belong to landlord

Ladies and gentlemen

Let's give a big hand to welcome Charlie

Hello everyone I'm Charlie

[Charlie, an university student with a strong passion on Western and electronic music Promote Western trend and introduce background story of singer and DJ through video]

Welcome to my house


Charlie, I found that you do have lots of collection

Actually no

Just that row

And he's got that!

Is this my self-portrait

This is Ray

You are so perverted!

Why does this look so similar with Ray

This is my little fans

He drew me, and gave it to you?

I think we look quite alike

You mean with my brother?

Oh, you mean we look alike?

Handsome guys usually look similar

[Nigga WTF]

I saw this

Simpson here

Because I used to be a fan of Simpson

You seem to like every cartoon appear in almost all of the guest's house

No No

I like Simpson a lot, really

Oh, right

I told him before

You did?

I am a superficial person

I like whatever I saw in others house

Thanks a lot

The end of this show

Just kidding

I want to say something

I found an ingenuity

These are more than just a collection

They are Charlie's family member

You got it right

Gosh! Look how close are we

Let me guess

Their family member



And girlfriend

Alright I was joking

I'll be serious. This is dad

This is mom

And this is Charlie

This is my brother

[Not close with each other?] Since when you have a brother?

I do have one

This is me

So this is you?


Nigga WTF

Dumbfounded cat

Awkward fries

Speechless orange

So do you listen to Girl's Generation?

No, I don't

You don't? Damn it!

What you were saying

Korean maniac

Mind your words

Do not delete that part

He just said 'Get lost the Korean maniac'

He discriminates

He wants to raise

A war between hallyu and western trend of YouTube circle

Listen to what you've told me before

You wanted to come to me and look for western bosom friend

In the end what you guys sang for cover

Korean songs

Because I found them sound great!

Yep, they sound great

Music has no boundaries

We did Super Lousy Cover Song for western songs

We should try out something we've never done before sometime

I would like to challenge music from South Africa next time

Well don't you try to fight with us

[Brother cooperate in perfect harmony] Well don't you try to fight with us

We've got two mouth

And we will win

Alright, we gonna keep finding proof for affluent 2nd generation

I got it!

This bed looks expensive


There's nothing worth smelling for

Even guy's belonging you want to sniff

Is this solid wood

I have no idea. This belongs to the landlord

Oh, not bought by your mom

Just put everything on landlord

All other stuffs belong to landlord anyway

I'm gonna open this

Sure sure

You own very little of clothing

And you tidied it up clean


Because I have mysophobia


Every guest in this show

Said they have mysophobia

Everyone could just say they had mysophobia

What is this?

Love letter


You are a fan of Mayday

Yes, I am

I actually wanted to made this and gave it to Mayday



What was that?

That's not right

So once you wanted to write this to Mayday

Yea yea yea yea yea

You think you were in a relationship with Mayday

How could this looks more like a girl wrote for you

No! This is my hand-writing

This is your hand-writing?

These doesn't look like your hand-writing

You think I'm not familiar with you

'Idiot. Now you started to diss me'

'Even know how to talk dirty some more. Hahaha~ '

Time to stop

We shouldn't read further

Every little boy has their own case to keep memories

This is what a straight guy wouldn't have, okay?


How would a straight guy has...

You don't have any?


You have no youth

(My youth~My youth is yours~)

Right I have no youth

What is this room for, Charlie?

This is where I work

A stressful room

This is where you watch it right?

I watch it there

[Explain immediately] I watch it there

Ladies and gentlemen, I found something

He's got tissue papre beside the computer

He said he didn't watch it here just now

Then which room will it be?

So where would you usually watch your own YouTube video?

Right here!

Yea that's what I meant!

[Think the other way]

Watch video it is

Yeap, feeling touched

If you saw those yearly rewind videos

Because recently there are lots of YouTuber include touching content If you saw those yearly rewind videos

Because recently there are lots of YouTuber include touching content

We are now back at living room

Actually just now once I rush in I started to keep on peeking at this machine

I had a feeling when I saw this machine

'Wow I gotta smash it'

I don't think this will be cheap

No no, the landlord gave me this

So same goes to the headphone

So usually you'll be doing this by yourself in your house

Yep I think I got it

Something like this?

Yep right

This cannot be done alone

[Loner] Won't it be lonely?

I can make you excited

For the record, both of us are hard to be excited

No, I confirm I can do it

I promise, alright?

Then I'll start now

It's awkward

I'm not excited

Help us to add some lighting

[Three loners]

Actually I'm quite nervous now

For what?

Because the dishes I made doesn't taste good

But what we are gonna made today

They are ready-to-eat food

And we're just gonna string it together

It has no difficulties at all

So you tell me where do you find it hard?

What are you nervous for?

You were born with a sliver spoon aren't you?

No no no

I did help in making dishes when I was young

Helping your mom?

Yea yea yea


Slaughter the fishes you know


At the same time while they are preparing the dishes

I gotta do something

What we are gonna prepare for today is an exquisite breakfast

So we should create a vibe for it

First of all

[Took Charlie's] First of all we're gonna place some magazines

[Took Charlie's] But we're not reading it

That's why the magazine better be brand new

Let's place the flower here

And there're some roses here


I bought these from Family Mart just now

BARISTA latte and caffe

From my point of view I see this blue color as Keelong

The one in orange color should be me

So the flavour for blue color is

Lemon sweet and sour americano

Since Keelong himself is a 'sourish' person

So I think this is him

And this one is

Double thicken deep baked

Because I personally think myself is a deep emotional feeling person

[Self-appraising time] Because I personally think myself is a deep emotional feeling person

[Self-appraising time] With ordinary outlooking

[Self-appraising time] But with deep feeling inside

[Self-appraising time] That's why I think orange color is me

If you wanna place the drink

You better prepare something in your house, like


Oh you cut in such a sissy way

Could you just give a hand

Instead of being picky there

Can you give a hand

He cut it like this just now

Light like this

Just give it a quick one like this!

You must treat it gently, they are soft

We've prepared fruits

What we're gonna do today is

Colorful Fantastic summer stick

Then I'll leave it to you, show me what you've got

I myself think that Charlie

He is a

Complicated person

And with both inside and outside

I'll mix both of this flavor together

This cup will be Charlie

Let's do this together

And see who did it better


Why do I feel the one I did looks ugly

No, no no

Because the sandwich is too big

Alright, we'll leave the ugly one aside

Those are for Ray

We'll create another good-looking one

Sure sure

Come on, the dish is served!

Take a look at my garnish and presentation

Our sandwiches are more important

How could you pour out all my stuff?

What we've made for today is

'Colorful' Fantastic summer stick

If it's sandwich string fruit just say so

What's the point of giving the faking name

Let us just while doing this...

Just dine in whatever you want

So Charlie, who do you wanna drink?

You wanna drink Keelong, Charlie or Ray?

I'll go for Ray first

You wanna go for Ray first

How was it? Devious

Strong taste of milk

Milky taste of Ray is really strong

Much of sweetness

Just like your smile

Oh, flirting

He has already got me just now if I'm a chick

This taste great

Who made it?

I mean where you guys bought it?

They are ready-made

He said 'made'

Both of us made it

work, work, work, work

We are getting into our topic now

Let's play a game

There'll be 5 questions from us

If you manage to get half of it correct

You're gonna drink this

If you manage to get half of it correct then we will be drinking Charlie


Let's add some cheese

How long have you been listening to Western music?

Since primary school

About 6 to 7 years

Regarding to this game,

We'll play music

There'll only be first 3 seconds and you'll have to guess the title

Alright 3 seconds, ready

Alright, stop

It's 'Alone'

By Marshmello

There's nothing hard about this

The recognizability is really high

This is appetizer

Stop being proud of yourself

Alright, sorry sorry

We worried you couldn't take it

So we started with the simplest one

Let's put the trickiness to level 9

Alright, next

[Even the host feel dumbfounded]

No way

The song never start at all

This is just the sound of water

No I'll tell you what

It's just a sound effect

But a true fans would remember every single sound effect in the MV

Again, let's try it again

3 seconds! 3 seconds! 3 seconds!

Actually I know who is it


The sound effect just now

I knew I saw the boundary between generations

[Old people]

Alright, let's proceed to the next question

Oh my goodness

Even both of us have no idea on this

What the hell was that?

This... this is awkward

You treated him so well, allowing him to listen more

He has already started 'when I was a boy' and you still

Ain't this dance music?

By Hardwell

If you are not able to guess it I can already see there'll be a lot of DJ fans down there


I think there'll no longer be anyone watching my video after this

Your channel is gonna ruined

What should I do?

I'm so done

Music itself is subjective

It's impossible for us to know all the top 100 DJ


You're such a sweet talker

This is who I am

How could I love every single one of them

There must be some I'm not into

This is actually the Young Again from Hardwell

You knew the song, you just didn't know it's name

How much he got it correct so far

You only got one correct

[Few minutes ago] Alone

[Few minutes ago] By Marshmello

[Few minutes ago] This ain't hard at all

[Few minutes ago] The recognizability is really high

You just get ready to drink Charlie

Alright let's proceed to the next

Oh this, this is fine

This is way too simple for a simple question

This... Here. Excuse me for this one

So your answer...

Alright, Alone. Wait, not Alone!

Wrong, wrong

That's it, that's it

Slip of the tongue

No slip of the tongue

Do not delete this part

Just keep this part

This is the song by Alan Walker-Faded

We left only one last question, western Charlie

I found our show awkward

We are doing demolition to the others expertise

Who would wanna come to our show afterward

Alright, next

This is 'You Belong with Me' by Taylor Swift, am I right?

From the moment you stepped into this house

[Staff crying] By seeing this,

[Staff crying] You shouldn't have gave question about Taylor Swift

[Staff crying] The thing is he just got two correct anyhow

The thing is he just got two correct anyhow

Give me a chance, alright?

Alright, shall I drink now?

Yea you must

I added a slice of cheese for you just now

It has a layer of oil on top

It's not oil

It won't be unhealthy

It's just lemon and milk are not able to dissolve together

Do you think Keelong and Ray can be together?

No, they can't. A mountain can't accommodate two tigers

I'm gonna ask you a question now, Charlie

You are living alone in this house,

Won't you feel lonely being alone in such a big house?


So, how long has you been single?

You can say so... I didn't have any since after high-school

Because in this stage I had a lot of things wanted to achieve

So I'm not able to distribute the time for...

[Eating non-stop] So you put your job at first place

[Eating non-stop] Then would you like to share

Since there might be many people wondering

Why would the job is more important

Don't understand what do you mean by that

[Love fruits a lot] Because for what I'm doing now

[Love fruits a lot] There are more and more people watching

[Love fruits a lot] So I will want to get this thing done well first

So I will want to get this thing done well first

Alright, let's make an assumption now

I'm just assuming

Let's say you has to choose 1 out of 3 girls from TGOP

I would choose Jupiter

Do you know my relationship with Jupiter?

You don't?

You didn't know as well?

Team member

So actually I found that you

Are acutally quite independent in some kind of way

Living alone...

Although as a affluent 2nd generation

Why would this term still here?!

I don't get it

Why would the term still here

Then how do you find the dishes for today?

It's simple

Not bad. And able to fill our stomach

Are you nervous?

A little

Very little

It's hard to make this awful isn't it?

Yea, these wouldn't taste awful

Ladies and gentlemen, tell us which flavour do you like. Is it Charlie's coffee or Keelong's coffee?

Or Ray's coffee?

Comment your answer below

It's our pleasure to have Cherlie as our guest today

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I've prepared two presents today

For both of you guys

You are so thoughtful

Because usually those present prepared for twins

There'll be only one

And be like 'Here, both of you settle this between yourself'

Let's start from Keelong

He is finally showing the strength as affluent 2nd generation

It's The Weeknd LP

I bought this from largest record store in State

And this is the complete album you love the most

I'm surprised Yea that's for you

What about Ray's?

God, I'm so excited for mine

Acutally you got it right just now

You bought two?

You wanna know why would I do this?

Because I love it too much

How do you know I like him?

How do you find out?

Because he asked me

Yep I asked him

No wonder they said you have personal relationship with Keelong

God, this is amazing

A huge successful for today's Hot Dinner!

Because of this present

I was going to said our recording today goes bad

You finally said it from the bottom of your heart

Bye bye!

Why is it still awkward

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