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Hello internet fans! Ryan Perry here Simple Biz Support. I got a question

today from Ethel regarding how to add a call to action to Facebook when you're

uploading video to your business page. In it, she was going, "well what happens if

the CTA the call-to-action button does not appear?" And I thought that was pretty

strange because right here in the original video post you have the option.

Here's the videos uploaded you can put a title and right here is your call to

action. So, I jumped on my Facebook page and I uploaded a video and sure enough

that call-to-action wasn't there! It's simply the process has changed. So, what

you need to do is you need to go into video upload a video. I'm just going to

grab one there used to be the call to action was right here. It's no longer

here, so what you need to do is upload the video let's see if we can actually

delete this upload the video like I did. To this one just six minutes ago so I

just tested this out once the video is uploaded all you need to do is click on

the pull down arrow here click on edit video now your call to action is right

here. The other thing that was missing from the first video was the ability to

poost - to poost! To boost the video and that is also moved. So essentially the only

difference is you need to upload the video first then you can go in and edit

to create a call to action right down here in the bottom left hand corner and

if you want to boost the video that button is now right here. So you're still

able to do it it's just the order has changed if you have any questions make

sure you leave a comment below take care everybody!

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