Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Quyến Rũ - Tập 03 | Phim Tình Cảm Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2017

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excuse me, what may I help you?

what are you doing?

I am cleaning up this room

do you need to clean up at this time?

master is used to waking up early

and he comes here first

so I

but it's ok if you don't want to, I will clean up another tie




breakfast is ready

you guys eat first

I don't feel like want to eat

just a little bit, dad

you might be tired later at the ceremony

what ceremony?

your youngest son graduation

I don't go

he might be naughty

but he tried his best to get the best score, you should forgive him

he proved his capability to us

I'm not the type of person who mind the past

then why don't you want to go?

you should understand

I am not self-opinionated

I willingly to forget everything if he changes

but he will be always like this

never change

this house is tired of him

but we can do nothing with this child

you will see

one day, this person will get damage to this family

he is always lived for himself

without knowing other

you are unhappy about it those days?

I don't want to talk about him

one day, if I die because of him, there will be no surprise of it

I go to take my breakfast then

do you remember the letter issue?

he still upset till now

I think it related to my brother

I have been praying this month

I prayed for his examination

now he got the best score, I'm so happy

I thought your father will glad about it and forget everything in the past


I'm wondering

if dad doesn't go to the graduation, should we go?

grandma, I want to go with my father

Thu, have your breakfast

or you going alone

if no one is going to see him, he will very sad

but all of us going to see him, let your father stays at home alone, it's not good either

grandma, you said that you allow me to see youngest uncle


are you not listening to me now?

don't ask for anything, just have your breakfast

you called me so urgent, is everything ok?

I was planning to go with my family instead, but now it's out of the plan now

if you have time, then go with me

where are we going?

my brother graduation

why didn't you tell me first?

I would have a proper outfit

this outfit is good

it's ok

have you bought a boutique?


he is a boy, not a girl

a boutique is a common gift for the graduation

no matter it's a boy or girl

it's weird if we are going to the graduation without flowers

ok, I will buy it then


you will be the one who give the flower to him

it's weird if I give it to him

it's ok

I will take care of it

let's go

your brother may be a good student

how do you know?

just guessing

your family is all the excellent persons

it doesn't suit me

my brother is

he got the best score of Business Administrator

4 years ago, when he first got into this university

he also got the best score

so good of him

why don't your family proud of him and going to attend his graduation?

he and my father relationship doesn't that good

order anything you want to, ok?

I afraid

of what?


just go to somewhere around the lake, it's cheaper

I tell you

I'm here for 4 years

to save money for this day

let's go


I tell you first

I only have a few thousand with me

come on

me too

order something

no, you order it

have you ever tried lobster with cheese?

ok, one lobster with cheese


one white wine

can you take a look at it clearly?

more than 3 million

not 3 hundred thousand


3 million

I pay for it

just eat it, ok?

feel sorry for me?



you go to ask another person to eat with you

I don't eat it


he switches off his phone

or we go home?

maybe he takes the wrong time

he won't, you can see that not much person in this yard

I know him well, he never called home, I call him first

when he told me about 10 o'clock, I felt weird

if he didn't want us to come, he could tell us directly

I have so many thing to do

maybe he has a reason

now I know why my father didn't come




I was wanted to treat you a meal

I'm sorry

only sorry?

even you felt sorry for me, but you shouldn't run away

turn back

I'm not

I can't afford it

yes, it is


you don't have teeth?

tell me

tell me

my mother is sick

all of my family is trying to save money

for her to get the surgery

throughout this week

I can't even save one

now you want me to eat something about 2 million

I can't afford it

today is your last day of probation if I'm not wrong, right?

yes, correct

how do you feel about this house?

as same as my previous working place

I have tried my best


I ask you about your work and living in here

Am I too strict over your previous master?


very strict

but I want to work in the family like this


the more strictly of the master, the more value of the helper will be

if I am able to fit the condition and being allowed to work for them

I will have a high salary

so, whether I agree or not

the money will be the point for you to stay or leave


I have learned a lot from cooking to other things in the family

and I always try to do everything in best and considered

so, I hope to have the appropriate salary

how much do you want?

I want to receive 9 million a month

9 million

am I wrong?

no, master

do you know the common rate of house helper?

yes, I know

you are requesting a salary with triple higher

although my family is totally afford to pay it

but it's unreasonable

why don't you tell me at the beginning?

so you don't need to put so many effort

if I tell you first, I won't have the chance to prove you

everything I have done for you and my price is reasonable

I see the contrary

everything you have done here

every helper can do it, too


another maid can do the same thing as mine

but I'm so sure

another meal won't as good as me

not as nice as me

not as clear and clean as me

and your bookshelf won't be alway clean

everyone can do this job

but it's rare if you can have someone thoughtful as me

I know you are punctilious

you won't be contented if everything doesn't happen as you want to

so I believe

I bring you the comfortable feeling over other helper

what if I can't meet your requirements

thank you and your family was allowed me to try and work here in your house

you only work with the salary of 9 million


thanks, he is fine, he is reading at the room

you can go in

I will talk to you later



sit down, please


how is your health now?

I'm good

how about you?

I'm fine


Dong told me

you are quite hesitated in work

even when he getting old, he wants to be as you

let me

yes, goodmorning


this girl is..

new maid


she is the best helper

normally, the pretty won't be along with other stuff

but this girl has it

she almost perfect

drink it


but this girl is requiring quite a high rate

but it's ok, cheap things are no good

do you know where is she from?

she is a distance relative of aunty Tu

my wife's relative

oh ok

I see

it's hard to find a maid who understands and thoughtful, don't get the master mad because of the smallest things

by the way, do you have something to tell me or you just come to see me?

no, I don't have

just want to visit you

still remember last time when me and you carried every single TV

to customer's house

time flies

drink some

oh hello


I didn't mean to

I have to admit the water from my brother has a good taste

why are you doing this? this belongs to Le

where is Le?

he is sick, he will take care of the garden every 10 days

the weather is so hot, so I just watering


if you are doing this

are you not tired of doing this?

I'm watching you watering like this, I do feel tired of you

you go to work for another field, let me take care of it

no, this is my work

let me do it

I told you

although I am your master younger brother, but I am not old

I am younger than him, he is quite strict

but I

if madam hears it, it doesn't good

you don't need to afraid of her

it's transparent

can you come over here and have a talk with me?

I told you something relate to your story last time


my wife hurries me to come here

can I ask you this?

have you told her?

I told him already


has he told you something?

he kept silent

so I didn't remind him one more time

are you scabies?

No, i'm not

whenever I feel nervous

I will scratch my body


if I can't persuade him, then you talk to him yourself

when my husband keeps silent, it means he half agree with it


are you sure?

jus talk to him directly

I'm not him, how can I be sure about it?

talk to him now?

when will you want to talk to him?

is he happy today?

it's hard to wait for him to be happy

today is the day

he is just allowed Dung to work here

nothing is tensed

Dung is working here from now on?


I'm happy

for what?

I'm so glad that Dung is found her job finally

and for you, too

you have a good helper

I tell you this


I know you are not the bad person

but you should keep yourself

you always like this..

if you continue like this, your wife is getting jealous

and you know your brother, too

don't let anything happen goes worst

now you should go to see your brother

everytime I want to talk with him

it feels like creepy through my spine

what do you want?

sit down there

how are you and your wife?

we are so miserable

we lend money at interest, but now we has been refused to pay back

I just

it's your family false

you and your wife don't want to work

you want money go to your pocket himself

so you have this day

do you remember I have been warning you so many for this


I remember


it's because of my wife

it's her fault, not me

how could you say that?

you are the man

you are the master

you should be decisive

you can't do it so you can't blame it on others

how old are you?

almost 50

when will you become mature?

sometimes, I feel that you even more naughty than my youngest boy

how can you become master of your family

I know I'm wrong

I am nothing

you can scold me

but please don't be hot

if you are hot

I will feel guilty if you die

I mean I will take care of my fault

I have a brother like you, and a son as my youngest son

I will

drink some tea to cool down

forget it

what do you want know?


I tell directly, don't be so mumble

can you help us some money for us to build a business?

it's totally fine

I am your brother, I also don't want you to die

but you must tell me, what type of business do you want to do?

yes, I


what do you mean?

if you want me to join a business, you must tell me what do you want to do?

and how much?

will the business bring profit back? and how?

when will it recover the funds?

it's a business, not a game


I haven't heard from my wife

wait, can you wait for me, I go to ask my wife then I tell you later on, ok?

forget it

don't need to ask

ask your wife to come over here



are you dying for food now?

no, I'm not

you can call it a few month later then

a few months? it's a long time

it's fine, let me ask my wife to come over

I go home now

I forgot my hat

I want you to find a solution soon

I can lie to your father on more time

from a small shop

my father built it to be a big electronic center like now

I won't believe that we have to lose now

it's different in the past

and now

comparison between competitors is difficult

I did plan with you about this

you still have time to rethink about what I said


I won't change again

I understand

how about your father?

with the business he put all of his effort in it

will he allow you to take this risk?

I will persuade my father about a plan of this centre

I will show him that this is not a risk move

it's a plan

tomorrow onward, you will seat here on behalf of me to manage the company

where will you go to?

I will be a seller here

and I will work together with other people

I want to meet the customer directly

and I will go to other centers to monitor them

I want to know why I lose this battle

before reform this company

is it necessary?

can you give a plan with every small detail?

I think it's needed

I am not underestimating your experiences

but you and my father generation have passed

everything has changed

maybe the customer now is having a different thinking

I want to understand their needs

before go on a reforming plan

its important

calling a dog?

I called you

why are you sweating?

I know

helping Dung out on her housework?



in my brother room

he has just scold me


what's wrong?


about money stuff

was he helping us after scolding?


he gave me some bloom

he asked you to come over


is he done scolding you, now he wants to see me also?

no, I don't go there

he asked me to call you over

and you

go over or not, it depends on you

what if he gives you gold when you come over there

or money

it's your call

he called me directly?

he said "you go to ask your wife come over here"

who is my wife?

it's you

if not, who will it be?


who's that


repeat it

who is Trang?

tell me

I'm kidding only

going along with me

he asked you to go only

if I go there, he might scold me again

oh ok

are you scare?

just listen to him

it's fine

he called only you

then you go

why are you asking me to go along with you?

what type of man are you?

you need a wife everytime

I was running to here

I don't be stupid to go back there

you want money, you go there alone

and me

I won't remember it

but I will miss you

here, take this

take care of your mother

I won't take it

take it back

I will see you as my friend if you don't take it




what did I tell you this morning, I just want to share it with you

shut up and take it

this is too much

keep it, or I mad at you

this is just too much, I can't take it

it's ok

sometimes, you only have 100,000 you would give me half of it

do you know how much I got?

I give you this

it's not worth a little of the money you gave me

this morning, when we at the restaurant

I had a feeling that you are from the rich

yes, I'm from a rich family

very rich

why did you have to live here?

I like it

I can't understand you even I am your friend

why didn't you take Van Anh back from that Sh guy?

for what?

you think that Van An left you for money

if I were you, I would take her back no matter what


because of love

you will do everything for loving her

I really don't know if you love her

or you only want her to love you


going back home tomorrow?


when will you come back?

I also don't know

maybe soon

I have to look for a job here

looking for the flexible job


Miss Dung, do you want chocolate, I have chocolate

no, I don't want, thanks

you don't like chocolate

I am growth up, I don't like chocolate

my grandfather is getting old, but he likes chocolate

only my father doesn't eat chocolate

then you give it to your grandfather

it's ok if you don't take it

but you remember to take bath of me, ok?

I don't want my grandma does it for me

it's ok, you get into the house first, I take bath for you later




what did my father tell you this morning?

about your work?

I am able to work here from now on

it's ok then


you know my father

if he doesn't like it

no one can't stop him

if you go to another place, Thu will be very sad




why didn't MInh back?

I don't know

did he tell you something this morning?

I couldn't meet him

it's so good that dad didn't go to his graduation

otherwise, I really don't know what would be happened?

so strange

what do he want?

he told me his graduation started at 10 am

when I came, it has finished

he is a weirdo

and he switch off the phone

it's ok

forgive him

it's ok, don't worry

I won't tell father about this

don't know when will he back?

listen to me

don't worry about him

in fact

the distance from his university to home is about 30 kilometer

with the condition of our family, he can go back whenever he wants to

it isn't necessary for him to stay at the hostel

he wants to lead a dissolute life

do whatever he wants to

a person like this

the more you worry about him, you would hurt yourself more

he isn't a kid no more

he can take care of himself

you are getting old

enjoy your life

don;t think too much

you should change your outfit

then have dinner


your father allows Dung to work here

it's good to have her here

she is so good at taking care of a child

and Thu likes her

whenever you are busy

you can ask her to help you out

yes, maybe

my job is getting busy next time

I can only ride her to school at the morning

and the afternoon

ask her to help me


Dung is thoughtful

you can trust her for that

it's so cool, don't

it's fine, it's fine

let me do it


bro, who is this girl?

a new helper of my family


it's me

am I bothering when call you at this time?

it's ok

I'm still up for working

I want to tell you one thing

when I visited your father this morning

I met a new maid of your family

I want to talk about this girl

yes, go ahead

from the day that girl come into your house

do you feel something strange about her?


why are you asking so?

ah yes

she has

something like seducing

I mean another thing

does she have some strange moves?



it's good if she has nothing

but you must pay some attention to that girl

ok, go on

I know something related to dignity

she impressed me with it

I feel insecure about her

you should notice about her


thank you

that's all

you may continue your work


come in

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