Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Save our Internet! - Savetheinternet

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"The vote is closed" On july the 5th the first vote was won

"And, that has been rejected" (Applause)

"The commitees decision has been rejected"

But despite our efforts, this is what happened:

"Thank you for this joint accomplishment we achieved today"

"This is a, an enourmus strike against freedom

of speech in the internet"

We lost the second vote

but we can still turn this around we just have to go one step further...

"The EU-Parliament tries to introduce the feared and so called Article 13"

"Sign the petition we linked in the description"

"There is a petition on, that i linked below this video"

"More than 644.000 (signings), the number propably grew by 1 or 2 thousand now"

"...and the real concerns voiced by our citizens.

Just yesterday, i received a petition signed by almost a million people

against the jury committee mandate"

"I could sign it but this has nothing to do with text we've created"

"In that case, it should be no big deal for you to allegorically accept these 736000 signings"

"Too often people think of these copyright disputes as being between large corporate interests"

"We, from SaveTheInternet, are fighting for

you, we are fighting for a free internet, free of uploadfilters.

We are the lobby of the normal people, people like you and me and we need your help.

We need you to sign our peitition so we can raise our voice for you in the european parliament.

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