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Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a trend.

So, this trend is going around, it's called Bubble Nails.

It's not like an actual bubble nail, I think it's more of a froth.

Adam: Froth. Kirsty: Froth. A froth.

Adam: Like a Cappuccino. Kirsty: Yeah!

Kirsty: So, we're gonna do that. Well, we're actually gonna try to do it.

I've never done it before and I know lots of people are trying and it's not working.

So, we're gonna do it on camera, figure out why it works and doesn't work.

But we're gonna start with a full set before we get into the frothy business.

Bit of froth, duck.

So, I've already prepped Andrea's nails because she's had a removal today.

I don't mean she's had like a removal man come around, I mean we've moved her nail extensions.

So, they're all clean and they are ready for sculpting forms to be fitted.

We're gonna do stiletto because we've not done stiletto for a bit, on this hand anyway.

The other hand has had a stiletto with this one.

Adam: No, the other one has got ballerina on. Kirsty: Yeah, no. I know that.

Adam: Alright! Kirsty: Before the last time.

Kirsty: Did they have stiletto? Did they?

Adam: They had stiletto last time. Andrea: They had stiletto on.

Kirsty: But your other hand is ballerina. Andrea: Ballerina, yeah.

Kirsty: Two different shapes. Andrea: But the same length, won't it?

Kirsty: Hmm!

Adam: That hand will be a little touch longer Kirsty: I'm only joking.

Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty: I'm only joking.

Kirsty: They'd be fine. Andrea: Funny thing is though, years ago, I didn't have...when I was first coming to you...

Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: ... if you remember, everything had to be more or less symmetrical, won't it?

Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: I'll be like, oh, there's like one more stone on this side than there is on...but now...

Kirsty: Yeah! It's totally changed. Andrea:'s done me good.

Kirsty: I've just cut this a little bit flatter because this nail is a little bit flatter and I wanted it to fit really snug.

So, you can see what I cut out. It wasn't a great deal, but it just made it sit onto the nail

or under the nail a little bit better.

I'm gonna put the forms on the fingers first and then, I will put it on the thumb after.

So, don't need to put the...

too much frothy business going in.

Going to fit the form on the thumb

after I've sorted these out.

Right! So, we've got Natural Beige, black. I'll need a bit of Clear going on.

I'm kind of making it up as I go along.


Ultra Bond Acid Primer will bond everything to the nail.

I say everything, I mean acrylic.

Now, I want to do some with a smile line.

So, we'll go for this one. I'm not gonna start at the cuticle because I wanna get the smile line sorted first.

I don't want to have to concentrate on the cuticle area being nice and flush. I wanna concentrate on this smile line.

So, you wanna use your brush to neaten up that smile line.

What you can do is hold your hand in the middle of that finger and sweep one side, sweep the other side,

if you know you're gonna get it symmetrical.

I'm just gonna round that tip off there, round out the point of that.

Then I wanna do the cuticle area, move that over onto that previous bead.

Now, I'm gonna use pure black,

bulk it up one side and then the next.

And I'm gonna pat and press this to get my length.

straight sides.

Just making sure everything's neat.

And with the black, you will get a residue, so it's a good idea, just to clean your brush and just sweep over

anything that you don't want slightly discoloured.

I'm gonna pinch this first before I cap it.

While that is pinching, I'm gonna move onto this nail and I'm gonna do a full black nail.

So, I'm gonna lay down a very thin Clear base.

Now, adhesion, when you think of adhesion and you want something to really stick to the nail.

If you have those clients that really struggle with adhesion,

go to the Clear because your Clear Acrylic will stick far more than anything with a pigment.

So, even like colours or even like the Natural Beige colours, every...

If you've got a troublesome client, make sure you revert back to your Clear.

You can always gel polish over that and make a pretty design or colour, but a Clear sticks so well.

So, if you're worried about any colour sticking and staying for a long time, you can lay down that Clear bead as well.

So, we've got a Clear base, we're gonna put black on the top of.

I'm gonna start here. I don't wanna concentrate on the cuticle, I'd rather concentrate on

getting my black colour on to this length. Very pigmented. You won't need it to be super thick, unlike me.

Now, I can concentrate on the cuticle area.

I can come back to this one and I can cap it and Clear.

So, I just want that black to have a layer of Clear over to give strength.

Don't like that, though it looks a bit bubbly. Looks a bit frothy.

Adam: Will bubbles weaken the structure?

Kirsty: A tiny. I wouldn't...what, a milliscule of a percentage.

If they were massive bubbles, yeah, but they're not. It's's more the look of it.

Aesthetic reasons.

Adam: Even though you're gonna cover it over. With bubbles Kirsty: No.

Adam: With bubble. Kirsty: Yeah, but not all gonna have bubbles on.

Adam: Alright! Kirsty: Some with have more bubble than other bubbles.

Kirsty: Some bubbles will be extra bubbly.

Andrea: And some will not be... Kirsty: And some will not be as bubbly.

Kirsty: So, I'm pinching that before I cap it because I don't want it to set

and then, I've missed the pinch. I don't wanna miss the pinch. It's all about getting the pinch in the right place.

So, you can always test pinch. Sorry, that was a bit mean of me.

Andrea: That was definitely a pinch.

Kirsty: I want a tiny bit of Clear here.

Same on this one.

And I'm gonna put some black at the end here and I'm just gonna blend that up a little bit.

So, we're coming up one side.

I want a little bit of Clear on this little finger because I'm gonna put some black up there.

Now, I'm gonna get Natural Beige.

Drag down.

Then I'm gonna use some Natural.

I'm just putting that on to blend.

Don't worry about this blend being perfect because it will be covered.

And we need a bit of Clear.

So, I'm gonna cap the black one in Clear.

That's gonna give that black nail the strength.

Now, I'm gonna put black by the cuticle.

Adam: I was actually having a think the other day, you know, what'd be really cool for your desk?

Kirsty: What? Kirsty: You know all those nails that you've got?

Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: If you put them all in a resin and have them all on the desk.

Kirsty: Oh, my God! Yeah! We can make it just a whole video as well. Adam: Mmm!

Adam: Then will be encased forever.

Andrea: Forever, yeah. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!

Andrea: That'd be cool, ain't it? Kirsty: Yeah.

Adam: Well, maybe it's not even for the table, just for a display or something. I don't know.

Adam: I just think it'd look really cool. Kirsty: Yeah, I love resin art.

Kirsty: So, on the little finger, we're kind of doing this reverse fade.

So, put the form on the thumb. The thorm on the thumb.

I'm all fingers and thumbs today.

Andrea: Form on the thumb. Kirsty: Form on the thumb.

Kirsty: Ready for the frothy business.

Then we'd dehydrate and add the primer.

Add a bit of Clear.

I can take these off now.

Hmm! I need a bit...oh, yeah, I can see a bit of dip.

Can you see?


Kirsty: See that dip? Adam & Andrea: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: Will add a little bit of clear there.

Kirsty: So, with this one, I'm gonna run the black through the middle.

Can you see how pigmented the black is? You don't need a lot of it.

Right! So, now, the nails are all on, that thumb is pinching. While that's pinching, I can start my filing regime.

Adam: Regime? Kirsty: Regime.

Adam: Oh, wow! Kirsty: Not routine. I need to change up the words. Regime.

Kirsty: It's like a beauty regime. This is my filing regimes.

Andrea: Used to go Regimes.

Kirsty: Oh, there was a Regime, wasn't there. Andrea: Yeah, in Hanlon.

Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Nightclub.

Adam: A nightclub called Regimes?

Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: Oh, my God! That's awful

Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Never went, Andrea. Andrea: I went once. Weren't good.

Kirsty: Weren't it? Sticky floors. Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Sticky sheets. Andrea: Yeah. Sticky people.

Kirsty: Hmm!

Alright! I'm gonna wipe over with Acetone.

Alright! It's gonna clean over those.

With acetone and it'll just sort of melt that top surface of it as well.

I'm so hot.

Kirsty: We were begging for summer and now I'm like, this is a bit ridiculous. Andrea: I know.

Kirsty: This is so ridiculous.

So, now, we've done this kind of...we called it Resin Art, didn't we?

Kirsty: We've done a video where we do... Adam: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: ...something looks a bit like resin art and it's a similar process, is what we're gonna do now,

but we're actually picking the product up and putting it onto the nail, whereas,

we set it and then put it on the nail.

I'm sure that Adam will link the video and you can sort of have a play around

and decide which is easier for you, I suppose.

So, this was...I don't know who dreamt up this particular technique because I've seen it on two Instagram post.

I've seen it on Vincent Nails. It was awesome and I've also seen it on Kingston Nails as well.

So, and I've seen tutorials, you know, your little videos.

So, we're gonna have a little go and see why some people are having problems and what works out best

because it might be the ratio of how much...

It's gonna be a loads of ingredients in here. It's like we're baking...

Andrea: With what? Kirsty: ...with nail ingredients. It's not edible. Do not eat.

Andrea: No!

Kirsty: So, we'll start off by...I'm gonna do a...

I'm gonna do one with the colour which is butterscotch and we're gonna do one with Snow White.

So, we're gonna put some other colour in here.

Now, it's just completely guessing, so I'm dragging off. I've never done this before.

Not this way anyway.

I've done it where we put it on a backing paper and we cure it, then gonna peel it off and we put onto the nail.

We've done it like that but we've not done it this way.

I wanna try the new trend.

I will need Acetone.

Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to clean my brush.

So, we've got the colours.

Now, we need...

just check. Acetone.

Adam: Monomer.

Kirsty: Monomer and Cuticle Oil. Adam: Cuticle Oil.

Kirsty: Yeah! Gel Polish, Acetone, Cuticle Oil and Monomer.

Hmm! And shiny top coat.

So, let's just do it.

So, Acetone, what I'm gonna do is, gonna dunk the brush in

and do a couple of drag-offs.


One, two, three. This is how we're measuring things by dragging off the brush.

Cuticle Oil. Got some Peach Cuticle Oil.

Adam: Lovely!

Kirsty: One, two, three.

It's already acting very strange in the pot.

Then I've got Medium-speed Liquid in here, so I'm gonna do, one, two, three.

One, two, three.

And then... what have I missed out?

Adam: Top coat. Kirsty: Top coat.

Kirsty: I'll do the same amount of top coat as I did with the gel polish we've just dragged off.

Both sides like that.

So, we're completely eye-balling this.

Adam: Just how things work out so well.

Kirsty: Alright! So, now, we're gonna mix all of this up.

Little potion.

Alright, okay!

Well, you can't beat them, join them and let's have a go.


So, I'm just gonna trickle this down.

I'm now gonna clean my brush and then I'm gonna pick up this like coffee colour, this Butterscotch gel polish.

I'm gonna add that.

Adam: Never make me a coffee, by the way, just in case that's the colour you make it.

Andrea: Hmm! Kirsty: You want Frothy coffee. Coffee is actually this colour because it's made in milk.

Kirsty: I don't think that one's as bubbly as the white.

Ooh, I like that though.

That bit of marbliness, That looks like they've got some cream in the coffee.

Adam: Which product do you think it is, that's causing the bubbles?

Kirsty: Well, it's the oil definitely and I think the monomer has oil in it,


I'm also going to now get my Dotting Tool, put some of the oil on the end and just add some little random bits.

And we've done this kind of thing before haven't we, Adam?

Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Remember? And we...but we did it on some backing paper. I think I can...

Kirsty: we peel off.

Adam: Do you know I think it could be the Acetone because that obviously evaporates, doesn't it? Kirsty: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: Shall we try it without some of the ingredients?

Adam: It'd be interesting to find out which one it is. Kirsty: Yeah!

Kirsty: So, pop me that in the lamp.

So, let's get some foil. I'll just mix it on the foil.

So, we're gonna have a swipe of white and we'll have swipe of oil.

I'm not gonna put the Acetone in, yeah, this is what we're gonna try on this one. And then,

some of the Monomer.

Adam: Yeah, you need Monomer as well don't you? Kirsty: Yeah! So, I'll just put that.

Kirsty: Let's give it a mix.

Is there something else we haven't put in? Adam: Top coat, Monomer, Cuticle Oil.

Andrea: You haven't put top coat in. Kirsty: I know.

Kirsty: Let's add some more Monomer.

Hmm! It's not going bubbly.

Let's add a little bit more oil.

Hmm, now it's going bubbly.

Can you see?

Adam: Hmm, yeah.

Kirsty: Right! Let's just try this.

Give me your hand.

It's not as good, is it?

It's more.

Andrea: It's not bubbly, is it? Kirsty: It's more splodgy.

Andrea: Like it's separating. Kirsty: Yeah!

Andrea: Not bubbling.

Kirsty: Yeah, it's not.


Oh! She definitely would need the Acetone.

Let's clean that off.

And now, I wanna try without the Monomer.

To see if we can do it without a Monomer because maybe that's why some people have trouble.

So, if you're not putting your Acetone in and that's why you could be having your problem.

Let's now, we're not gonna put in

Kirsty: Monomer Andrea: Monomer.

Kirsty: So, you've got to swipe at the oil. I think we'll need at least two of those

and we'll need,

one, two, three, like that.

Kirsty: And then... Adam: Is that Acetone, that?

Kirsty: That's Acetone, yeah.

Let's add a bit of colour.

Adam: Top coat, Cuticle Oil. Kirsty: Top coat.

Kirsty: Cuticle Oils there.

Kirsty: Let's give it a whizz around. Andrea: Yeah, you haven't put Monomer in have ya?

Kirsty: To be honest with you, I don't think the topcoat is gonna make a massive difference.

Yeah, that is bubbling.

I think we need a tiny bit of Acetone there.

Just because I feel like it's a bit thick.

Kirsty: I feel like the Acetone... Andrea: Yeah!

Andrea: It needs it. Kirsty: Thins it. Yeah!

Kirsty: I don't think it necessarily adds to the bubbles.

Andrea: Unless it's always reacting with oil because oil will separate, won't it. Kirsty: Yeah!

Give us your finger.

Andrea: And that's definitely bubbly. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: Yep, that's definitely bubbly.

Andrea: So, it must be the Acetone reacting with the Cuticle Oil. Kirsty: Oil and the...

Andrea: Hmm! Kirsty: ...and the gel.

Adam: But it still doesn't look bubbly as the other one. Kirsty: Yeah, but I added bubbles into it, don't forget.

Kirsty: But I wanna check if we now put Monomer in, does it make it more bubbly?

I wanna make sure I take off what's on the brush and make sure we mix that in.

Does it?

Andrea: No, not really. Don't look like much different, does it? Kirsty: I know. Do you think it does?

Adam: Can't tell. Kirsty: Hmm!

Kirsty: I still feel like it needs more oil.

Will put a little bit more, yeah.

This small oil. More oil, the better.

So, definitely, when you know when we were doing like a wipe?

Three, I did three oils, I would double that up.

Alright! Let's have a go now. Let's do this.

Yeah, the oil definitely does more. So, I've added more oil to that and I think that's even better.

So, I'm gonna add a little bit more oil to this one.

Let's have a bit of coffee.

And then, I'm gonna go into the oil that I've got on the backing paper

and just add some larger droplets.

By adding those little droplets, see what it does, it pushes the gel away from the oil.

Oh, I like them.

I like them a lot.

Gonna do like a little one, just a ickle one up there.

So, it's sort of fizzled out to nothing.

Pop me that in.

I'm gonna put just a little one here.

And I find the thicker the solution is, the more bubbles you get as well.

Like, the thicker on the nail, the more you apply, the more bubbles you do get.

Pop me that in.

Right! Now, on the thumb, I'm gonna do two.

So, we're gonna go here and here.

I'm putting the extra bubbles on, it's just sort of like need to just have a look and see

if you're happy with how it is.

And pop it that in a lamp.

This is the bit I'm a little bit worried about.

So, if I touch this now, I can feel the oil.

So, we've got to make sure we get all that oil off because no toe...

no top coat is going to go over the top of oil.

So, I'm wiping over with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I've got to give them a really good wipe

and that's what was worrying me, that it would all start peeling off, when actually it looks even better.

Kirsty: Don't it? Andrea: Yeah!

Kirsty: It's kind of made the holes more prominent.

Ooh! Clever! Look.

Again, you can feel the holes a little bit.

And you can sort of feel where the bubbles are. They are like tiny little holes.

Right! So, we're gonna put two top coats on.

One to seal it, one to smooth.

Hmm! But before we do that,

I want to use some foil.

So, getting a bit excited. I'm getting a bit excited.

Right! So, we've got the new product, which is Foil Glue.

If you're watching this video many years after, it won't be new.

However, right now in 2019, in July 2019, it is new.

So, we're gonna get the Liner Brush, which is a 03 brush.

So, we're gonna run that through the Foil Glue gel

and I'm just gonna add little wavy bits.

I don't want to go completely round the edge, I just want to...

Pop that in the lamp for me. Now, we'll cure that.

Right! Now, we're gonna get some Holographic Gold Foil.

I think the gold will look really nice with the coffee colours and the black.

Kirsty: Yeah, you have black coffee, don't you? See you would not have it that colour, would you? Adam: Hmm, no!

Adam: I don't mind the latte or a Cappuccino now and again. Kirsty: Yeah.

Kirsty: You need a Stoke-On-Trent frothy coffee. Adam: Frothy coffee.

Andrea: Frothy coffee. Kirsty: Frothy coffee.

Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty & Andrea: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: Frothy coffee!

Kirsty: Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, I'm gonna use now, on a Lint-free Pad, just to clean the silver side of the foil.

Let that evaporate.

Adam: See the holographic coming through. Kirsty: I know, yeah.

Kirsty: Alright! You can pull that out the lamp for me now and then, we're gonna press and pull.

Try to use a different part.

Look at that, that's mega! I'm sorry, but that is pretty awesome, that is!

That's just right finished it off, sorry. Bit excited.

Bit excited there.

Andrea: Definitely awesome, ain't it? Kirsty: Hasn't it? Oh, my God! It's amazing!

Kirsty: Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Do you know it looks like the Moon.

Looks like surface of the Moon. Andrea: Oh, yeah!

Adam: It's been on the documentaries on this weekend because it was, anniversary. Kirsty: Yes!

Adam: 50th anniversary. Andrea: Of the Moon landing...

Adam: Mm-hmm! Andrea: ...that supposedly never happened.

Adam: Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist, Andrea. Andrea: Well...

Kirsty: It happened, that did. Andrea: Well, I think so but...

Kirsty: Some people are weird, aren't they? Andrea: Some people don't think it did.

Adam: They definitely faked some stuff. Andrea: Yeah, definitely, yeah.

Adam: Hundred percent. Kirsty: Do you think?

Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: No.

Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: Why because he didn't get the shots or too bit too excited.

Adam: Yeah.

Adam: The released footage, which was actually filmed test footage. Andrea: Yeah!

Adam: And then they just black background out.

Kirsty: I'm totally doing Moon nails. Adam: Okay!

Kirsty: I'm going to do moon nails. Adam: Okay!

Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty: I made it first, guys.

Kirsty: So, anybody does moon nails first before, I do. I came up with the idea. Just saying.

Adam: You're just on the spot there.

Kirsty: Yeah, I'm just saying. Adam: Haven't checked the internet to see if anybody else has already done it, it's just yours.

Kirsty: Yeah, it's mine. Adam: Okay!

Andrea: I just think if they did do it, then why haven't they gone back?

Andrea: Why they never bothered again. Adam: We are now.

Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Oh! I'm in...absolutely in love with these nails. I'm so impressed with myself right now.

Andrea: They are absolutely. Kirsty: Do you love them?

Andrea: I do. Kirsty: Aren't they lovely?

Kirsty: I love them.

So, we're gonna do two top coats.

One will smooth...well, will seal, the second one will smooth it out even more.

Oh, I'm in absolute love.

This is what I love about Instagram and you know, like YouTube, sharing ideas

and playing around with products, it's so uplifting. I absolutely love it.

Adam: Yeah, I learned about tidal locking with the moon the other day,

which is all this stuff going on about the moon and then I was like...

Kirsty: I am gonna...Right! Now, as I feel this

because it's a bit lumpy bumpy,

I want to buff it before I do the top coat that's gonna smooth it.

Adam: Will it not hit the foil?

Kirsty: Well, you're gonna have to just have a butchers and see.

Kirsty: I mean, I know we're taking the shiny off, so... Adam: It will go back on when you put top coat on.

Kirsty: Yeah!

Kirsty: Yeah! Also, the ones that have got like, more of the...

Andrea: The little bubbles Kirsty: Coffee.

Kirsty: The coffee. Andrea: Craters

Kirsty: Yeah, the crater effect.

Kirsty: So, I'm gonna try and just smooth them bits and I'll just lightly go over the rest of the nail.

Just so when I top coat it. It all fuses together.

Yeah, they're just smoothing it a bit, that's all.

I know it's an extra step that you're gonna have to do if you're in a salon,

but to be honest with you, you can add this effect to a set of nails that maybe,

somebody just wants to change up and make it look a little bit different

and I know, we could...let me get Andrea's other hand.

We could potentially, add some of that frothy business to those, couldn't we?

And just to change it up a little bit. Especially, if somebody's got like a plain set...

Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty: ...and they want something to change it.

Kirsty: It doesn't take too long. So, this step, this extra step, is worth it.

I even thought, "oh, what if the top coat was thicker?" "Would it level it out more?"

I think it would actually make it look more prominent. I think the lumpy bumpy bits would look even worse.

So, don't be tempted to add something that's too thick.

Kirsty: I've learnt so much today. Andrea: Yeah!

Andrea: Ain't it good that after all these years, you are still learning stuff. Kirsty: Yes! I love it.

Adam: What is it called? Teaching your granny to suck eggs.

Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Oh, no! That's when you're...

Kirsty: I'm not a gran. Adam: ...learning something you already know, isn't it?

Andrea: Yeah. Adam: Alright! Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Kirsty: Yeah! Andrea: Yeah!

Kirsty: That's me.

Old dog.

Yes, let's do this final top coat now.

Do you know what? I'm gonna put some bling on this finger, so I'm not gonna do that one just yet

because I'm gonna put some Acry Gel on to secure my stones.

Andrea: I can't see it peeling off. Kirsty: I can't. No, I didn't think it'll peel off because they're been double topcoated.

Kirsty: Pop me that in the lamp.

I don't think it'll peel.

It was my worry when I was, you know, having a look at it online.

I thought it might, hmm, look like that might peel.

Andrea: But because of the oil in it... Kirsty: Yeah!

Kirsty: But having cleaned that off, all the oil and feeling it and seeing it, how it worked,

I do think that it won't peel now.

Give us your hand.

So, because it's so gorgeous already, I don't want to overpower this nail with too much bling.

So, I'm just gonna move this around. Got the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on my brush.

Move it to where you want the stones.

Then I'm gonna topcoat, we're not gonna cure the Acry Gel.

Gonna press the stones into the Acry Gel.

Like that. I want them.

I've totally trashed my nails.

Andrea: What have you been doing?

Kirsty: Well, camping didn't do them any good. Andrea: No!

Kirsty: Not really, no.

Adam: How did you all get on in the camper van? Kirsty: It was great, you know.

Andrea: You enjoyed it? Kirsty: Yeah, absolutely loved it. It was great.

Kirsty: There you are, guys.

I hope you've enjoyed this video and learned lots along the way because I have learnt loads.

Don't forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. All the products that I've used today will be listed below.

I hope you have a go. I hope it's helped you.

See you in the next video. Bye-bye!

Kirsty: Frothy.

Andrea: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: A frothy coffee. Adam: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: Say that when you're drunk. Andrea: I know you can't say it.

Kirsty: With your teeth back in. A frothy coffee. Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Can you remember them now? I remember them now. Frothy coffee in the market with my mother.

Andrea: Yeah, frothy. Kirsty: Frothy.

Andrea: Frothy coffee. Kirsty: Like all bubbly.

Adam: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: Right, so! We've gone from being tired to being a little bit crazy.

God! I'm so _ hot.

Kirsty: Now, we've gotta get the stuff ready for the bubbles.

Andrea: I have no idea what you are talking about, no. I can't tell what you're on about

Kirsty: Can you make frothy coffee nails? Andrea: Coffee nails?

Kirsty: Frothy coffee.

Andrea: Frothy coffee. Kirsty: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: Frothy coffee.

Kirsty: Your arms doing my bloody head in. Andrea: It always does.

Kirsty: Is it Acetone? Adam: Yeah.

Kirsty: Are you sure? Adam: You definitely said Acetone.

Kirsty: Are sure I did? Adam: Million percent, you said Acetone.

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