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Hello everyone this is William Amzallag and Welcome to our 34th episode of Jeunesse Longevity TV

and 8th episode of Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming a healthy hero !

You have now the knowledge and may be the skills to access to enhanced health and greater longevity.

By now you are well aware of the science that is covering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

To take it to the next level you need to personalize the approach by building your own program.

A healthy lifestyle is a holistic, a complete package in which each

of the contributing elements can influence every other.

The contributing factors are : Healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, regular sleep, mastering

stress and emotions, having a good social network and avoiding toxic thoughts and toxic relationships.

Obviously, you cannot change everything overnight, so you have to enter in the healthy pathway by one door.

Which one ?

You will start with the skills that are most essential to you.

Reversing bad habits often begin with ONE smart move in the opposite direction

Each step you climb puts you in a better position to climb the next one and bring you closer to the top :

Becoming a healthy hero !

Once you begin climbing, you will find out that the skills you need to take each

step enhance each other and create a positive synergy.

In other words, each skill you acquire makes you better at the next, and the next, and so on !

The best way to set that positive chain reaction is to find your natural entry point to the program.

But before you do that you will want to prioritize the skills you want to develop,

so you can make rapid progress.

There are 4 issues to be adressed.

1/ Your dietary Issues as :

Lack of general nutrition knowledge

Unhealthy food preferences

Lack of cooking skills

No control of eating behavior

2/ Your physical activity patterns as :

Lack of motivation to exercise

Difficulties in finding time for

Trouble in establishing an exercise program

Get bored with exercise

3/ Your overall health issues as :

Insufficient sleep

Stress overload

Chronic pain

Social isolation

4/ Relationship that affect your daily routine as :

Household situation



Social network

Despite your willingness to start with one of those issues there are some basic rules to start with :

1/ If you are not exercising at all, do your best to sneak bouts of physical activity at anytime in your day

2/ Start to control your food choices by stocking some healthy food at home

These 2 steps are important because they boost your sense of control and your self esteem.

Now you sent to yourself the following message : "health is a priority TODAY" not one day

The next step is to devote at least 2 weeks to work through the skills of each domain.

Take the time you need, the important thing in that you are making these changes.

Once completing the circuit you will acquire not only a powerful set of skills

but also masterizing the METHOD for acquiring skills.

You are now a healthy hero !

But if you want to stay a healthy hero all your life there are 3 basic conditions.

The first one is called SYNERGY :

Once you acquired the skills to adress all the issues you must combine them together and apply them together.

They should exist harmoniously so they can work in concert and have an additive effect upon one another.

Call it positive feedback loop or virtuous cycle,

this investment in your well being can yeld very positive gains.

The second one is called PERSISTENCE : this is a 24h a day job, 7 days a week and all your life.

You cannot afford long vacations or breaking off for a long time.

Be prepared, anyway once you get the skills the new habit will take place and the old one will be forgotten.

The last one is giving INFORMATION on lifestyle and well being.

We can help changing our culture to make health a prevailing priority

in lots of small steps that will add up over time.

As individual you can protect the health of your children and gran children

by promoting an environment that can change our medical future.

'"Never doubt that a small group of commited citizens can change the world" (Margaret Meads)

So, while taking personal action, lets also be part of that group of committed citizens,

and change the world for the better.


For your family

For your friends

For your company

Andfor everyone

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