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Please welcome back to our show Paula Abdul.

(audience applause)

Straight up now tell me do you really want

to love me forever, oh oh oh. ♪

Or am I caught in a hit and run? ♪

Straight up now tell me is it

gonna be you and me together, oh oh oh. ♪

(audience applause)

That's a really beautiful jacket.

Is that custom?

It's not custom, but it was custom fit for me. (laughs)

Well I mean, you're particular.

Yeah well, it's never a Sunday walk

in the park with clothing for me.

Yeah, yeah.

And I cut this much off,

and I make clothes for my chihuahuas.

Let's give you some shoe cam.

Put your feet on those feet.

Love it.

(audience applause)

Patent leather booties, rolling into the pants and whatnot.

Thank you.

You never age.

Oh bless you, thank you.

You look so good.

(audience applause)

Thank you, you too Wendy.

So (laughs), thank you Paula.

So you're still dancing?

Still doing your thing?


(audience applause)

I got to tell you, you're performance

at the Billboard Awards, amazing.

Thank you.

(audience applause)

Thank you so much.

Like you didn't miss a beat.

But when you were standing on the rafters, and you jumped

into those men's arms, I was very frightened.

Yeah, well for a minute there I was thinking,

"Am I crazy to do this"?

(audience laughs)

But I am.

But see, it was scarier for the dancers than for me.

Because I like doing things like that,

I'm a daredevil that way.

But they're like, they were scared.

And I said, "Oh, you're not going to drop me,

because I know where each and every one of you lives."

(audience laughs)

(laughs) But you realize that after a particular age,

if you break something, it's never going

to heal the same way.

True, that's why I take good care of my body.

It's 30 year anniversary from Forever Your Girl, the album.

(audience applause)

That's a long time.

But it's different, you know?


Training's different.

I wake up after meditating and getting a cup of tea,

I have long talks with my body.

(audience laughs)

And I have to tell, feet don't fail me now.

Yes. (laughs)

(audience laughs)

And I pay a lot of attention.

You take your body for granted when you're younger,

but now I have to really stretch.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, it's working for you.

(audience applause)

It's working.

So I miss you and Simon.

I just have to throw that out there.

I miss the two of you together.

And I recall you telling us one time, that you and Simon

never smushed, you're more like brother and sister.

Okay, that's just whoa, that was just--

(audience laughs)

No, no.

I like you all's relationship.

(audience applause)

Do you guys get together for dinner often?

Or do you talk on the phone?

We stay in touch.

The strangest, craziest thing is it doesn't matter

if I've been away from him for 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years,

it's the same with Randy, the second we sit down together,

it's as if we never left.

I love friends like that.

It's pretty cool.

(audience applause)

Yeah, I love friends like that.

It just is strange how it just worked out that way,

the chemistry is so dysfunctional and perfect

at the same time.

(laughs) All right, so the rumor is, and please clear

this up, the rumor is that Paula is going

to be a judge on X Factor: All Stars.

Which would put you back with Simon.

Is it true?

(audience laughs)

Is it not true?

It might happen.

(audience applause)

Still working out the numbers, huh?

Let's put it out here.

Look X Factor people, you need to pay her

and get them back together.

(audience applause)

That's all.

Yeah, yeah.


Like you never sit though.

Excuse me?

You, you never sit.

You're always doing something.

Enjoying your life.

I enjoy staying busy and I love what I do.

So it's work, of course it's work, but I love it so much.

How much do you see your sister Wendy?

All the time, all the time.

That's why whenever I come on your show,

and I see your name, it's just always like

this sweet reminder of my sister.

I love that.

She doesn't do what you do, so you're able

to have a normal relationship with a normal person.


We're closer now, 'cause we're 7 years apart,

she couldn't stand me when I was a kid.

I was a brat.

But, we're so close now.

And what I love about my sister Wendy,

is she's my harshest critic.

She does not put up with anything.

She will tell me right flat, "I could not stand

what you wore."

And she goes, "Change that dance step, it looks ridiculous."

(audience laughs)

And you know what?

Everyone laughs at it, but it's true.

I will literally go, "Oh shoot, I forgot to change

that one step that she didn't like."

And she's in the audience and I look for her,

and she's this.


So when last we talked, you were

with a wine magnet who lived in Maine.

As I can recall.

(laughs) A wine magnet in Maine?

Close, an entrepreneur in Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island.

(audience laughs)

Yeah, yeah.

Who did something with wines.

Oh he does more with properties,

but yeah I guess he had a wine shop.

Why are we talking about this?

(audience laughs)

'Cause I'm trying to catch up with you.

(audience applause)

So are you guys still together?

We're not together, but we are friends forever.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Just asking.

(laughs) No, I don't have a boyfriend.

I'm meeting people.

I bet you are.

(audience applause)

I bet you are. (laughs)

You know Wendy, I'd tell you right away,

because I can't lie in front of you.

Thank you Paula, thank you Paula.

All right, so now you're in Vegas, all the girls do Vegas.

(audience applause)

To me, if you're fortunate enough to have a Vegas residency,

that is the best job ever.

It's incredible.

So now Janet Jackson, who you choreographed years ago,

and you also discovered the Jackson family.

Well no, they discovered me.

They discovered you.

(laughs) I didn't discover them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But okay, so have you seen here in Vegas?

It's so surreal for me.

Like what a blessing that when I was performing,

I did a soft opening in August, and I talked

about it in my show, the blessing.

I could never in a million years imagine that she's a few

doors down on The Strip performing, we're both performing.

It was like incredible.

(audience applause)

And I pay tribute to her a lot and I always will,

because Janet was such an incredible force to work with.

And without working with Janet,

the doors would not have knocked down for me.

(audience applause)

So tell us about your show.

How many costume changes are you doing?

And if this is any indication of how fabulous it is,

then we must go to this.

Thank you.

(audience applause)

I want you all to come.

(audience applause)

I'm having so much fun, there's a lot of costume changes.

How many about?


It's a 2 hour show?

It's an hour and a half, like 9 to 10.

Ooh, that's money's worth.

But you know what?

It's like and they're quick.

People don't understand, like they think if I leave

the stage, oh I'm just huffing and puffing

and like relaxing.

No, it's called a costume change, and it's fast.


And it's stressful, I can't imagine, there's 50 people

in a room trying to dress you very quickly.

But the costumes are all worked out now.

But it's such a fun show.

From the moment you walk in, you're already in the show.

Even before the show starts, it's very interactive

with the audience.

It's full of joy and kick butt dance all over the place.

(audience applause)

And great songs.

So tell me about your work that you're doing

with the InMode Company.

What is that?

So this is the coolest thing, women of our age,

we start really looking for aesthetics treatments

that resonate with you.

And I was thinking, I'm going to have my residency,

I want to do something.

But I wasn't ready to have the big incisions

or any face lift.

Cut to it, what did you do?

Well okay, I'm getting there Wendy.

(audience laughs)

'Cause I'm staring, I'm like--

(laughs) Well okay, I was looking through,

trying to navigate.

And I found this company called InMode.


And they have these procedures called

FaceTite and BodyTite.

And what I loved about it,

it's minimally invasive, no visible scars.

Downtime, I was out, walking around 2 or 3 days later.

What did you get done,

like where'd you get tightened?

So skin laxity, you know it's gravity.

Right, you don't want a double chin.

Right, so I wanted a little sleeker jaw line.

What is that, a series of needles?


(audience applause)


(audience applause)

So it's radiofrequency laser technology.

It hurts a little, yes you can get numb.

Or if you're a wimp like my, they can give you an Ativan.

How long does it take, an hour?

Yes, an hour, maybe even less.

Mm, keep it tight.

But I don't remember, 'cause I remembered

being a little loopy.

(audience laughs)

But the thing is, what I love about it is

that there's no visible scars, there's no big incisions.

No, I don't see anything except for a flat neck.

(audience applause)

Well I got to tell you--

Paula's not going to go anywhere everybody.

One lucky cohost has a chance to win a trip

to Vegas to see Paula, next.

(audience applause)

We're back, with Paula Abdul.

Ah, they didn't give you a box, but you're tall.

They didn't give me a box, but I'm on my toes anyway.

(audience laughs)

It's a "Talla" Abdul.


Anyway, it's time to play a game that we've made up.

It's called Straight Up Now Tell Me.

(audience applause)

We've got two Wendy watchers, who happen

to be super fans of Paula.

And we're going to ask each girl questions.

Well I'm going to ask a question, and then

when you're ready to answer, grab the mic.

Now don't throw it.

(audience laughs)

This is not a fight, we're going to have fun.

Let's meet our players.

Karen, where you from, what do you do?

Hi Wendy, I am a nurse.

I'm from Staten Island, New York.

How you doing?

How you doing?

(audience applause)

Kaitlyn, is your friend Karen?

As of now.


What do you do, where you from?

I live in the city, and I am a nanny.


(audience applause)

All right, first person to get five right wins.

Mr. Announcer, tell them what they're playing for.

You and a guest have a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas

to see singer, dancer, and pop legend Paula Abdul.

We will fly you round trip, where you'll stay for two nights

at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

Right in the center of The Strip.

And then, enjoy two floor seats at Paula's new show

Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl.

(audience applause)

And that's not all, you'll also win an

exclusive meet and greet with the one and only Paula Abdul.

(audience applause)

And that would be your second meet and greet,

seeing as she's standing right there.

(audience applause)

Okay, here are your questions.


Paula be careful.

I'm staying up.

Straight up now tell me, which NBA team

was Paula the head cheerleader of?

(audience applause)



(bell dings)

(audience applause)

Straight up now tell me, which music group discovered Paula?

(audience applause)

The Jackson's.

(bell dings)

You are snatching.

I got to step it up.

So for Karen--

(audience laughs)

Try to step it up.

Straight up now tell me, what is the name

of Paula's debut album?

(audience applause)

This is embarrassing Kaitlyn.

I know, I know.

What is it?

Kaitlyn, you can have it.

(audience applause)

Forever Your Girl.


(bell dings)

Look, I got to leave it right here.

One for you and two for you.

All right, okay.

Look at that grab.

Straight up now tell me, what year did

Paula's Forever Your Girl album debut?

(audience applause)




(bell dings)

Two to two.

Two for two.

All right, the first one to get five is going to Vegas.

Straight up now tell me, what is the name

of Paula's animated costar in Opposites Attract?

(audience applause)

MC Skat Cat.


(bell dings)

(audience applause)

She did it like this, MC, MC, there's no sound.

(audience laughs)

You got to keep it up though.

Straight up now tell me, which song won Paula

a Grammy for best music video?

Opposites Attract, Rush, Rush-- that's one

of my favorites too.

Thank you, I love that one.

Oh my gosh.

Hurry, hurry.

Love come to me.

Yeah, I love that one.

Rush, rush.

Or Cold Hearted?

Opposites Attract.

(bell dings)

Yes, correct.


(audience applause)

Yeah, thank you Paula you're so

(mumbles), thank you so much.

Straight up now tell me, how many seasons

was Paula a judge on American Idol?

Seven, eight, or nine?






That was good.

(bell dings)

That was a good one.

Four for you Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn wins, Kaitlyn wins.

Oh wait, Kaitlyn won, Kaitlyn won.

(bell dings)

(audience applause)

Congratulations, have fun in Vegas.

Thank you for being here too Karen.

For more information on Paula's new show,

Forever Your Girl, go to

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