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In fact

my mission


to train

the corporate


Yuan Shi

"What I did

to get a son like you"

"Do you really want to help me ?"

"You feel good

when others suffer, do not you ?"


"You will

regret it "

"From now on..."

"I will follow your instructions"

The case Mao Hua Wu,

I entrusted to Mr Sun before leaving the company Lu Guang

if you have questions, you can directly contact him, it's not my problem anymore

that's all

Jia Jia, is the office ready? / I am not yet finished eating my breakfast

Wear your badges

Are you ready ? Faster !

Miss Zhang (x2), this is the director Gu/ Welcome, director Gu

I'm Zhang Xia, I am in charge of administration and this is Jia Jia your assistant

Good morning, I came a little early today

I hope I didn't bother you too much/ Certainly not

director gu, let me take you to your office/ it's not worth it, Jia Jia will take me there later

It must be about 5 or 6 months of pregnancy right?

It's my first day in this company and I already have the opportunity to enjoy some of the happiness of others, I'm lucky

Rest well

Director Gu, President Dong is on his way

he will arrive in about half an hour

Ok thank you / It's nothing (x2)


if you have any requests, you can tell me directly

nothing for the moment

oh yes, could you buy me a breakfast? Something light

Ok, in the canteen of the company?

Are there foods you don't eat? You can tell me, I'll remember

no, I eat everything / Ok

Three years

three years and I will come back/ There is no way

if you leave, what about me?

I've been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time

I hoped you could understand me/ Who can understand me?

We are still young both, it's time for us to devote ourselves to our career

the career, the career ! What else do you have besides your career?

Relax a little

We don't have to contact us anymore during this period

let's calm down both of us

Yuan Li Jiang

He's the director of the Yuan Shi company,

a great business that is successful

however it seems that he recently bought a small business

with less than 100 employees and a mountain of debt

the internal management is also a mess

we really don't know what he thinks

he's trying to get up on the market using a cover / How is it possible ?

Nothing is impossible

This company

has once experienced a restructuring of assets

it integrated a company that has been listed and delisted

Still very promising

Director Gu, don't tell me that

you want to help him solve this problem

if the conditions are interesting,

I can think about it

Come in

Director Gu, here is your breakfast

ok, put it there

Director Gu, the chairman already seems to be there

Direcor Gu, your breakfast !

President Yuan

Good morning

I heard that you arrived a long time ago/ It's my first day, I wanted to familiarize myself with the locals

You give yourself so much trouble,

I'm under pressure as chairman

let's go to my office/ Ok

This is ... / This is my son Yuan Yang

Yuan Yang, this is the director Gu

a talented person that I brought into the company through good conditions

he handled big business

of my company

you will have to take an example on him

it's therefore the son of our dear president

Mr Yuan

Nice to meet you

It's my firt day of work

and you've already been examining me with your son

it scares me

what are you talking about ? Director Gu

today I brought back my useless son,

so that he can learn by your side

learn your intelligence

learn your way of managing, businessto make him better

you overestimate me

I'm just a little older than Mr Yuan so I just worked a few more years

some people, even working all their lives

they will not even reach half of your skills

Director Gu

I brought him today so that you become his teacher

don't hesitate to correct him, to teach him

so that so he can remove his thug look

and finally look like a member of the Yuan family

don't say that, as the saying goes "a good father doesn't have a bad son"

it's clear that Mr. Yuan is a charismatic person

let him learn beside my employees is such a mess

I think

you must choose among my superiors,

a person who will correspond better to Mr Yuan

in three years maximum, he will become an incredible person

What's "Huh", what's this attitude ?

my attitude isn't clear ?

He has no intention of teaching me anything. Moreover,

I don't need to be taught

No matter if direcor Gu want or not to teach you,

you will have to stay at the company

Why will I have to stay at the company?

I can't do anything / If you don't know, learn !

Anyway, you're not allowed to return to your military camp, it's indisputable

Where are you going ?

Don't worry, I'm just going for a walk

it will allow others to not feel uncomfortable

Director Gu

I'm counting on you now

I hope you'll be up to it

President Yuan, even if you really want to entrust me your son

you mustn't belittle him like that in my presence, he's still a child

Don't consider him like a child

teach him as it should, don't stay too nice

don't worry, you have my support

he will not dare to hurt you

this boy is very stubborn,

but he knows what he can do or not

take good care of my son

Gu Qing Pei ?

How old are you ?

I'm 33

from now on, you'll have to call me director Gu at the company

between us you can call me Uncle Gu

you know how to take advantage of situations

you're only a few years older than me and you want me to call you "uncle"

if you find me young

you can call me "brother"

if I came here, it's not to discuss about your appellation

I came to give you a warning

stop assuming airs of superiority

it's Yuan who wants me to stay at the company

but the way I'm going to stay

it's me who decides

the best way

the best way is that I do what I want

and you do what you have to do, each on its own

so according to you, Mr Yuan

from today I will have to collaborate with you

stop calling me "Mr Yuan"

the boot-lickers disgust me

so I'll never be like you

Very well

I have a lot of consideration for people who have principles like you

so we agree on this point

but my principle

is to keep my promise


would have warned you


shift your car, I have to go to a very important meeting

we will talk about this case tomorrow


if you collaborate with me,

I will not block your passage / If you block the passage,

I immediately ask President Yuan to cancel the meeting

you will assume

all the damage caused


let's say you play hard there

we will see

Mr Yuan, no I must call you "Director Yuan" now / Get out / What's the matter ?

first day of work, aren't you happy?

what kind of situation did not we attend?

It's just a group of nerdy people

that's enough,

what about what I asked you to look for?

What ?? / Your research

Yuan Yang

went to a military camp after he finished high school, he came back 1 month ago

apart from fighting, drinking alcohol and doing car competitions,

he can't do anything else

it's just a thug

Gu Qing Pei, 33 years old,a young prodigy

a real genius of marketing

he never missed a case

it's impossible to handle him / tell me the important points

the most important thing is that this man is a dangerous character

whether on the aspect sentimental, intellectual or strategic

you are not a worthy competitor

if you want to defeat him, you must act with your fists

he came back for the death of his grandmother

but anyway he would be back sooner or later

he also has a little sister of 7 years old and a little brother of 5 years old

they are too young, the President Yuan can't count on them

the big business of the Yuan family

is relying solely on him

so Yuan Li Jiang can't let his son go back to his military camp

so my biggest mission

is not to save the company

but to form the future heir

that explains the fact that he offered you such a high salary

in addition to the shares of the company

Director Gu, retreat us from this business

this guy is just a moron without skill

which doesn't follow any value, In this case not only will you not earn a cent,

but in addition you will do yourself harm, it's not worth the shot

I don't care who he is, what interests me is his weak point

it's been years that he works in the trade, he surely has some compromising information

of course, he divorced

I don't care

I already told you that you didn't think hard enough

Think, people who have been married for barely 1 year, why did they get divorced?

at first, it's not because they don't get along well, the time is far too short

in this case there is only one reason, he doesn't like her anymore

with the assets he has, even men want to marry him

so the problem doesn't come from his wife


that he has a mistress or that he has abandoned his wife

we can assign him a title of infidelity

we can't beat him on marketing

we're going to ruin him on the social side

the title would be "unmasking the angel face of a trader,

a true infidel"

great, let's have a drink

this boy is childish but he remains kind

moreover, I have the support of Yuan Li Jiang

he will not dare to do anything to me

I promised

so I have to try

even though I would not want to keep trying,

I'll push him to give up first

Director Yuan,

I hope I dn'ot bother you at this late hour

about Mr Yuan I have three points to clarify

first point, I wish to teach him as I want

you must not have a "heart ache"

second point

he no longer has the right to spend a single penny from you

he will only spend his own salary

third point, he's a violent soldier

but I'm not, I rely on values and morals

if he decides to hit me, I will not stand it

in which case I will not be able to continue teaching him

don't worry,

from now on, everything about Yuan Yuan is you who decides, I will follow your instructions

if he dares to touch you, I will not let him get out of this situation

Ok, with your support,

I feel reassured, I hope that I will fulfill the mission that you granted me

sit down quickly

please continue


is my first day in Zhuo Ye,

I am sincerely touched by the kindness of the employees

although I am not yet able to remember all the names yet

I am sure that in a short time,

Zhuo Ye will be composed of competent

and supportive people

I consider this place as a place that will have a successful future

a company that will become one of the most important

That's why I left my old job, to come work with you all

I came to tell you,

that to choose Zhuo Ye is the best decision

but do you think

you are ready to work for this company?

Are you ready

to support the looks and criticisms

of the shareholders and the inspectors ?

our culture and institution is almost at zero ?

Can we succeed in becoming a compliant company in this case ?

Of course not

the most important thing for us

is not to borrow money, close deals or hire employees

but build our culture and our institution

so you agree with my words

our first step

is to establish the rules of the company

I will now assign you your first mission

in three days

You will develop a complete assessment management system

moreover, from now, every monday at 9:30 am

you will have a weekly meeting

all the managers will communicate the situation of their work, that's all for the moment,

I'll add later

Do you have any suggestions ?

OK fine

President Yuan, do you have things to communicate ? / Nothing

from now on,

the director Gu will be the greatest leader of Zhuo Ye

you will listen to everything he says

the meeting is over

Yuan Yang, wait a minute

don't arrive late on purpose and knock on the door before entering


wear a suitable pants, we are in a company

ok ?

I know that you don't like the workplace.

but now you are an adult

you can't think only of yourself

think also

of your mother, your little brother and your little sister

and of your grandmother who has just passed away

I don't need to remind you of what you promised her

on hers deathbed

if you are a real man

you must take responsibility,

don't disappoint me

Gu Qing Pei

I just told you to knock on the door before entering / If you do not like me,

let me go as soon as possible, stop your manipulation game

it disgusts me

come on, sit down

it's some excellent Junshan Mao Jian

my former boss who offered it to me, taste it

all my credit cards were stuck in one night

you are the responsible, aren't you ?

young people should drink more tea

so as not to be able to get upset so easily

don't imagine that some credit cards can control me

you underestimate me

stop believing that I want to hurt you

we are not on a battlefield, nobody wants to kill you

moreover I consulted President Yuan before making my decisions

he couldn't accept things that could hurt you

ok, tell me

how will you change me?

Let's talk about your career philosophy. / I have none

I don't intend to enter this business

so what do you want to do ?

to lead an army in combat?

at least I will not be the one who spends his days in his office observing the stocks


you are very observant

of course, it is good to lead soldiers into combat

even I want to try

pity, but we are currently in a time of peace

even if you had a great desire to beat you, you will not be able to do it

in fact, running a business,

running a project

have many similarities to a battleground

In both cases, it is necessary to know how to use the good men, to regroup the resources

but also understand the situation, know his competitors

you have to be cunning and have courage

it is also a fight against humans

it's a smokeless battleground

you do not want to taste the pleasure you can get?

Let's go

I will show you the company, so that you become familiar with the environment

Mr Yuan, with this attitude, it's difficult for me to work with you

if it is difficult to collaborate, tell it to the President Yuan, ask him to fire me

I already promised President Yuan, I can't regret it anymore

otherwise you can go and say it yourself

if my words were useful,

I willd not waste my time sitting here

in this case neither you nor me can change the situation

so the best solution is

that you stay calmly in the company

you will learn a lot


Let me tell you the best solution

you do what you have to do

and I do what I have to do

you cover me beside my father

I help you fulfill your mission

and everything will be fine

in the company, call me director Gu

I don't need to repeat, isn't it ?

don't cause me a problem

Yuan Yang,

don't take adults for fools

all your deeds and actions, your father knows it better than me

stop your quirks and work seriously with me

where are you going ? Yuan Yang !

You already intend to hit me?

stop hitting me from behind

there are only a few crappy places, I already know them

you don't need to worry

Wait a minute

do you accept to eat with me this afternoon ?

there is a restaurant next to the company that makes Chuang dishes in a traditional way

you might like it

how do you know my tastes ?

You went to do your military service in Sichua, right ?

you know the information in detail

Director Gu

you are not so bad

I will send you the address later, if you're hungry,

you can go and wait for me there


I have some friends living next door

don't you mind if I invite them to join us?

No problem

you can support so many beer ?

Don't worry, if you don't feel able, you can admit right now

my friends will not oblige you

how many people will come? Are there enough dishes? / It's enough

they only drink alcohol, they don't eat dishes

we are here !

Yuan Yang, are you serious?

You make us come from far to eat with you/ shut your mouth and sit down fast,

I'm really hungry / Oh it's your friend ?

my superior / Ah ?


Hum.. Hello, my name is Wu Zi Ang

I'm Yuan Yang's friend

we all know each other since we were in diapers / Eh eh eh

I.../ You don't need to present yourself so precisely

Hello everybody

My name is Gu, Gu Qing Pei

Hello director Gu, my name is Peng Fang

You can call me Fang Fang / Nice to meet you

you have a lot of strength

you are not bad either, you train daily, don't you?

Not at all (x2), I must to reinforce my training


I will not even dare to shake hands with people

this is an important business, be serious

sit down

waiter, open beer bottles / Wait a second

how are we drinking today ?/ Director Gu has the highest level,

he decides

it's only noon

you don't need to go to work ?

if you drink too much

it will not very good, will it? / Director Gu,

you are not very friendly

I present you my friends

they only want to drink a little with you

what's this attitude / What are you doing ?

You are not correct

Director Gu

as a big boss, it's nothing that small amount of alcohol

we drink or not?

stop wasting time

Director Gu, don't worry

you are a well-mannered person

we will drink with you

with the method used to drink with well-behaved people

let's drink (x3), director Gu I serve you the first drink

it's to thank you for taking care of Yuan Yang

Yuan Yang is a good person, he is just not mature

shut your mouth

Well, since you are all so warmhearted

I can only follow you

Come on

for my first drink

I serve it to you all

I'm very happy

to know you

For my second drink

since you are all friends of Yuan Yang

you will all be my friends too

I hope we will get along well together

For my third drink

I hope you help me to monitor Yuan Yang

because I'm not only his superior

but also his teacher

so on the monitoring point,

I hope you will can help me

Thank you

you don't eat? If there are not enough dishes we can order

What is going on ?

what are you talking about ?

it shows, he tries to dupper us, he starts by drinking 3 glasses

in order to scare us

this guy

is very clever

don't worry, let's go each one our turn

I'm sure that in just one round

he will not stand on his feet anymore

Director Gu, you're very strong

after you have served us your drinks, it's now our turn

Director Gu, I serve you my first drink

Come on

drink it in one go

Are you ok?

of course I'm fine, what question

And your friends ? /Don't worry about them, they will not die

Fine, let's go back to the company

why should I ...

I don't want to dink anymore... Da Li !

We don't drink anymore

Are you crazy ? / You are crazy !

get up immediately, it's time to work

I will sleep as much time as I wish

I support you since the first day I knew you

Go to see the president Yuan

Gu Qing Pei

remains quiet

if you keep provoking me, I can do anything

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