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This is FNAF Nightmareionne PlayDoh Egg

Welcome Back to GavinTV, I'm Your host Gavin

and today we are back with another FNAF PlayDoh Series Egg

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squad anyway nah not tonight for today

here's the eggs oh it's it's nightmare

Morieonne so we have these sub P point ins

and his eyes, is he crying out black tears

is he crying while some mascaras on this

is black lipstick and looks the either


hope there some new FNAF Toys inside

DJ Drop it

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okay so lets pop this like a BOSS

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its five nights at freddy's candy boxes

and new fnaf figures

new fnaf backpack hangers

this is a five nights at freddys candy box

yum sandy so need it in the days

and this is balloon boy

this is bonny

candy box Mangle

this is toy Bonnie my favorite

do you think I'll ever find a toy Bonnie plushy ?

this is candy box toy chica

and this is candy box chica

this is candy box marionette, and is night marionette and

marionette brothers and sisters in the

and this is fnaf foxy

has no I pack with his eye patch vespa

last but not least, Freddy Candy Box

apparently I want to open one in England

this might be China proof I children can

over them mmm open here open the edge of

the cube okay oh ja or do I opening

again i forgot yeah yeah I got you just

like mini in an end I get them but it

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look like mini Aaron and I'm gonna have

a cake yum yum tastes awesome

care to try one of these

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there like skittles

because they taste like skittles but

look like M&M's but you taste the

rainbow and skittles always has a

rainbow Eminem's only have chocolate

laminin is still better because talk

there's more better than fruit inside it

shows that there is a paper where it

shows all the boxes that you can get and

whenever and did you know if you get if

you get a different dog you have a

different paper because I got this

wasn't a Freddy box and since it was a

Freddy block it sort of check marks on

the Freddy bar so as I opened like soy

Tico one arrogance put a check on the

toy chica the candy flavors are are are

on here too we have airing orange

chillin Terry Sookie there's terrace and

Chuck Berry block what I want to know

berry blast cake like with us to

your left yellow one I want some yellow

one not the red one hmm last time I did

this I got everybody by name air balloon

boy and Jack-o-chica I think I will

doubt that I out there chuckles okay we

got one jackal liquid Barney and I like

their first bad right so yeah kinda

working another tackle but whenever like

only my first bag had a Jack-o-Bonnie

remember last time I first bag with

choco Bonnie now my first bag here is

jackal Bonnie so place is Jack-o-Bonny

he looks exactly like a nightmare by

accessories all orange and look at his

eyes they're more orange look at em so

sharp piece and you got some metal claws

claws and foot

So I'm giving away

shells and I can't believe it we're so

lucky like like the bat well we're not

lucky because we don't have because we

only get ya Kalani but we're lucky

because like every episode we get

Jack-o-Bonnie and juggle bonnie is one of the

specials so I got spring trap this is

spring trap he's yellow ice cream

because you know what people say these

days sandals a new ring also let me say

G dog eat dog unit near port here wonder

they with the funny things but anyways I

already got drinks at so give away to

hide on my dear Freddie this is

nightmare Freddy here's a black top hat

just like original Freddie he has metal

nails and look look at his stomach yes

three babies my favorite part is the

little Fred knees coming out so I hope

you enjoyed this video thank you for

watching also leave a comment well with

your favorite character from here this

video we will like subscribe

This has Beed FNAF Nightmareionne PlayDoh Egg

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