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Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my channel, I hope that you're all staying

home, staying safe and that you are all well. Today I have a bit of a classic

favorite video for my channel and it's one that I love filming and I haven't

done in a bit of a while now and today I'm going to be filming a jolly good

Lush haul. As I'm sure that you are all aware due to the current situation

Lush stores have not been able to open for a number of weeks due to the

lockdown restrictions and also Lush online here in the UK have not been able

to take on orders. I don't know for other parts of the world what their rules are

and what their regulations are. But certainly here in the UK it's meant that

for a few weeks we've not been able to get hold of any Lush products. But

suffice it to say they are now back online taking orders and I've placed a

little cheeky online order for some things. For some things that I

have run out of but also for some new bubble bars that launched as part of

their new bubble bar collection and I thought I would film a Lush haul because

I love film Lush hauls. I know you guys love to watch my Lush hauls and if

nothing else this time spent in lockdown it's the perfect time to enjoy some

self-care. Also if you are new to this channel and you would like to support me

and you would like to keep update with my future videos. You can do so by simply

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below to receive updates when I post new videos. Let's get on into the video and

see what I bought in my basket of delights. First up we have a bit of a

cult classic for me and it's the Rose Jam Shower Gel. I got a big 50 gram

bottle size because I go through this like it's gone out of fashion and I

really love this scent it's probably my all-time favourite scent from Lush that

they do next to Twilight. The Rose Jam scent is floral is definitely rosey

because it's got Turkish rose absolute in there. But it also has lemon oil in

there you've got a little bit of vanilla oil as well to give it more of a

sweetness and then some argan oil in there as well to give it a little bit

more of a creamy kind of woody undertone. But it just smells

really really lovely this smell really reminds me of like rose flavored

macaroon or like a rose flavoured jelly. I know that sounds weird if not you have

had rose flavored sweets or cakes then you probably like what the hell but they

are really nice trust me and this always makes me think of a really fancy Rose

macaroon it's such a gorgeous scent and it really scents my entire bathroom

whenever I use it. Which is another little bonus because who needs a scented

candle when you've got a bottle of Rose Jam in your life. Next I have a big pot

of the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner sticking with the Rose Jam theme.

Because in fact these two products go really well together. This really does

intensify the smell. So if you want to have that Rose jam scent use this and

then use this afterwards. So for those of you who have never used the Lush body

conditioners before you use them in the shower when your skin is still wet and

you apply them after you've used your shower gel and then you get out and pat

yourself dry and they really condition your skin and make your skin feel very

smooth and the water helps to kind of lock in the moisture. This really really

is moisturising if you want a very intensely moisturizing body conditioner

that's very oily you will like this one. I tend to find

when I put it on and got out the shower I can still feel it on my skin. But as

the day goes on it does sink into the skin and it's really deeply moisturising.

So if you've got problems a very very dry skin then this is definitely one to

try and it really does help to kind of quench the skin and it's really good for

very dry skin and it's just so nice I've just got to smell it cuz I've run out

and I've not had this for about two weeks.

Oh! oh my god you can't beat it this is just the nicest smell! Last potted

product that I got from Lush is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. I got the biggest

size that we do and it's the 665 gram pot and this is one of Lush's cult

classic products. I think out of all the shower scrubs that Lush do when I'm at

work this is definitely the one that we sell the most off. But I would have said

I tend to find that people always want to go back towards this one it's just

like a staple, It's really lovely. So it is quite a shocking color actually

it's like a bright blue and I get such slush puppy vibes when I look at this

the look of it makes me think of a slush puppy and it really makes me think of

being a kid so that's why I like this one I think it's very nostalgic. But it

doesn't smell like a slush puppy. But this one has orange flower. sea salt, a

bit of lemon oil in there and jasmine absolute. This one's very refreshing the

scrub is very fine because it's made with fine sea salt it's got a very

delicate very soft scrub to it and the actual exfoliation is very very smooth

on the skin. So if you want a scrub that's gonna make you feel very clean

and fresh and just very just deeply cleansed afterwards and this is a nice

one to go for and it's not scratchy or irritating which is another reason why I

like this. But one thing I'll say about this one is you are better off to use

this on damp skin if your skin is sopping wet the scrub isn't quite as

thick or intense. So if you want it to be a bit more of an intense scrub use it

just before you get in the shower on damp skin just to really get in there

and be able to scrub the skin. It's not been in my life for again about two

weeks and my skin is suffering. So finally I have some Rub Rub Rub in my

life again. The remainder other products that I have to show you for

this haul today are going to be bath so there's some bath bombs and also some

bubble bars and the bubble bars are from the new bubble bar collection. Now

something else I wanted to mention to you for those of you who don't know is

that lush have a really useful app called Lush Lens now this app enables

you to find out more information about products like the ingredients. But also to

see things like demos as well using the camera. So the way that it works is that

you have a camera built into the app which uses your own camera on your phone.

So your scan the products you want to look at and then it will come up with

the product itself and then the app will then take you to the product and then

when you go onto the product page it will then give you some useful

information about the product, how it's made what ingredients it contains and

also a little demo of the product. So you can see what it does in action and this

app works for only the naked product. So any naked products that don't involve

any packaging that like to do works for that and it's really great also if

you're low vision as well and you just want to be able to know a bit about the

ingredients and you want to find out a bit more. So I definitely would recommend

downloading it. It is free and it does come in useful and I actually do use it

for my Lush hauls. First bath bomb I have is the Blackberry bath bomber. Which is one

of my all-time favorites they used to do it a number of years ago and it was a

different shape to this and then they took it off and it was really sad times

for all of us Blackberry lovers and then they brought it back as an online

exclusive which looks like this. So it looks like a giant blackberry. It's

purple and the scent of this one is frankincense and bergamot so it's a

little bit fruity. But it's got a little bit of a calming relaxing note to it as

well it turns the water into this dark purple colour. This one doesn't really

have any glitter or pattern to it. It's very very simple. But sometimes the

simple ones are quite nice to use and if you're someone who likes the more simple

baths and you don't like anything too fussy or you don't like any glitter in

your bath, then this is a nice one to try. Another classic one we have here is

the Twilight bath bomb. This one is another one of my all-time favorites and

I've mentioned it so many times before in these Lush hauls and this one is

just a very relaxing one. So the notes of this one is lavender, tonka, yang ylang

and benzoin. So it's like a sweet lavendery smell, it's not

overpoweringly floral. It's got a really nice sweetness to it, like a spicy

sweetness and it's just so lovely and in the water it turns to water purple and

blue and it just looks really pretty and mythical and unicorny and it's just so

nice and I don't have one at the moment. So I bought myself one just to use when

I need to relax and cheer myself up. So this one is gonna be saved for one of

those evenings where I'm feeling a little bit low in lockdown and I want to

use a nice bath bomb. Another cult classic that some of you might remember

from the ye old days of Lush, especially around Christmas time is the So White

bath bomb. Now this one is again an online exclusive but I do know that

sometimes, some shops do stock it. I think we did at one point in my store where I

work. But we stopped stocking it after a while. But you can get this one online

now. So White is very very fruity as the

names going to imply and also because the fact that it look like an apple it

does smell up fresh apples. It;'s got bergamot in there and you've

also got a little bit of orange oil in there too and neroli and it just smells

really really sweet and fruity and citrusy. So if you're a fan of the fruity

bath bombs then this is a nice one to try. It doesn't really have much colour to

this one in the water. Again, it's another one to use. If you like the more simple

bath bombs and you're in it more for the scent. But it just smells really, really

good. Like if you like the smell of that apples...Oh my god! This one smells amazing!

Another oldie, but Goldie.... Although this one does turn green in the water not

gold...This one is the Calavera bath bomb and it's another online exclusive. But

again some shops, do from time to time stock it and this one shares its scent

with the Monster's Ball Bath Bomb and the Calacas fragrance. So if you're a fan

of those fragrances it's basically that in a bath bomb this one has lime and

neroli in it. So it's very citrus but also the Neroni makes it a little bit

more florally it's really nice and it just smells so so good!

It turns the water like a really deep green colour. It's quite tropical looking

and it's one of my favorites just because I love anything with lime in it

I'm a big lime girl and any bath bomb that has lime in it I'll probably buy

and have. So this one is another relatively new-ish bath bomb. I' say

new-ish ecause it was released a few weeks before our stores closed because

of the lockdown. But this one is from the harajuku collection which is a big store

in Japan that have all different exclusive bath bombs and now online and

stores now have a selection of the ones that the Harajuku store has and this is

one of them. So this is the Temple of the Sky bath bomb and it shares its scent

with a body conditioner called Little Pot of Energy if you've had that before

and it's got orange and lemon in this one. If you're into the very citrusy

scents and this one's a really nice one to use and the colour of this one is just

unbelievable. Because it goes a really deep green in the water, it's very pretty

to look at. So another one that is really

nice to use if you want a lovely relaxing bath is this one, which is

another new one from the harajuku collection and it's called Tengri. This

one contains lavender oil, lemon myrtle oil, eucalyptus oil and violet leaf oil.

Now I was so happy that they finally made a bath balm with eucalyptus oil in

there. Because I really like eucalyptus oil, this one smells straight-up like a

spa. Like the smell you get when you walk into a spa, that really fresh essential

oil smell. That really fresh smell it hits you the minute you walk into a spa.

That is what it smells like to me and it's just gorgeous. So if you want a really

relaxing bath bomb and you really want something that's gonna really help to make

you feel really relaxed and it is a lovely one to go for. Now the next few

things I'm going to show you from this haul are all going to be bubble bars. Now

the bars are part of the new bubble bar collection. So some of them are the old

bars as you knew them. But they've just been redesigned and revamped a little

bit and some of them are completely new bars and they might be scents that you

love. But they've been made into a bar or they might just be completely new

fragrances that you've never tried before and I am going to be referring to

the Lush Lens app for the ingredients for some of them....and yeah I know by gosh

employee I should know ingredients. But in all fairness, I haven't been to work

in quite a few weeks now because of the lockdown. So I've not been able to get

trained on any of the new products. So I'm having to refer to the app instead.

So I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. The first one I have is the Rose Jam bubble-

roon. Now you'll remember this one used to be flatterer at the bottom side. But now

they've made it more pointed and they've done it I believe to make it look more

like an actual rose. As opposed to being flat at the bottom. So I quite like it

because you actually get more product with this one than the old one I think

by the looks of it. So I'm actually digging the new design. Now obviously

this is the Rose Jam scent. You've got the rose, the lemon, the vanilla and also

the argan oil and you've got this lovely layer of cocoa butter that sandwiches

the two parts of the bubbleroom together. Hence why it's called bubble-

room. Because it looks like a macaroon. Then the other bar

that I have today are all ones that I have never tried before. So this is going

to be very exciting! So the first one we have is the mermaid tail bubble bar. You

heard me right, the mermaid tail! It's so pretty! It's like this little swirly bar

and then it's got this little mermaid tail sticking out the top which I think

it's supposed to be a bath melt made with cocoa butter. "Put your best fin

forward and splash into a tub full of fruity thingamumbles." Oh my god! What a

tongue twister! "Make this combination of silky smooth bath oil and boundless

bubbles a part of your bathing world and you'll emerge energized and moisturised.

Isn't that neat?" Ah! I see what you did there! I see what you did there Lush. This one

contained fairtrade organic cocoa butter, obviously it's going to be the fin. The fin

is a bath oil and then you also have in this one lemon myrtle oil, ylang

ylang oil and grapefruit oil. Now this one smells like lemon sherbet. Mmm, it smells

like a lemon sherbet sweet. I mean I actually wasn't expecting it too smell like

this. For some reason I thought it would have like sea salt in there and it would

be like Big Blue/Seanick vibes. But this smells so good! Now the next one is for

all of you Twilight lovers out there. Ta-da! We have a Sleepy bubble bar. So

this is the Twilight scent as you know it or the Sleepy scent. People get

confused and they're like "is Twilight and Sleepy the same?". Yes it is, just different

names. So this is the Twilight scent, you've got the lavender, the ylang ylang, the

benzoin and the tonka and it's a big old bar as well. Like this is Comforter

size, it's quite hefty. I thought it was gonna be smaller than this, but this

makes me very happy. This makes my Twilight loving heart very happy because

it's very big and it's really pretty. It's like psychedelic vibes. It

looks very hippyish, like tie-dye. It smells gorgeous and you'll get a lot

of use out of this so if you want a relaxing bar and you like lavender

smells you like the Twilight scent then you need to get yourself this.

So what vibes you get from this one?

[Emily attempts the Harry Potter theme song] doo doo doo doo doo

doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. So this one is Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble and no

surprise is in the shape of a lightning bolt. "Soak yourself in spellbinding

waters, that glow like the light of the moon and seal the charm firm and good

with bewitching lime and neroli bubbles." Ooh!

Smells like Calacas and Monsters Ball and everything from that fragrance. Ooh! that

is nice! Now looking at the demo this doesn't really have much of a colour to

it. A bit like the Milky Bath doesn't. So it doesn't have much in the way of colour.

But it has a really nice citrusy scent to it. So if you're a fan of the

Monster's Ball fragrance then this one is definitely for you. So the final bar I

have to show you today is the Stargazer bubble bar. This one is in the shape

of a star, it's glittery, it's purple and yellow and this one from the looks of

the demo it turns the water like a cerise pink/purpley colour. "Take a shot

and reach for this star next time you need a sherberty citrus boost that will

send you soaring through the stratosphere. Grapefruit, bergamot and

almond or collide in a cosmos of uplifting fragrance." Oh this smells- oh! Oh my

god! Wow! I get real Christmasy vibes from this one. I don't know why I think it's

the almond oil. That one is so good! If you like really sweet citrusy scents,

this is a nice one. So that is the end of my Lush haul. Today I really hope you

enjoyed it and you enjoyed seeing some new products that Lush now have. Let me

know in the comments. Have you been shopping anywhere online lately? Have you

got anything from the Lush online website? Is there anything from this haul

that you would like to try? Let me know and also be sure to like this video if

you enjoyed it and stay home, stay safe and stay positive and I will see you all

in my next one. Bye guy!

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