Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ミニジープ ドライブ【minijeep/buggy】

Difficulty: 0


I would like to introduce an interesting thing

This is a mini jeep

We bought it because we are small

It may fit us

Can we really drive ?

It is a toy, isn't it?

This is like a half toy

Yes, this car is classified as a mini car

Okay, let's try to get on now.

Should I get on from the left side?

You don't have to care about it !!

Wait a minute

I have a driver license but

I don't have no idea how to manipulate it

You can find a brake on the left side

You are supposed to use your both feets

Push the brake, and unlock a side brake

Try the engine


It works

Come back here !!

How do you find it?

It reminds me of Suzuka Circuit

No !! It's crowded

Up to two persons can ride on it on only private roads.

Let's move to a place where we can practice

We are back now

It was so much fun

But I want to say a thing

Don't you feel embarrassed?

I felt embarrassed because most people were staring me

Yes exactly!!

I upload videos but I feel embarassed when people are staring me in person

You are crazy

From now on we can drive with our dog

And we can go camp

You know we have to make a space to put our camping stuff

We are still amateur but I want to customize this minijeep

I don't know how it will be

But I want to do it with fun

I see

Let's go once again !!

Again ?

Really !? It's enough today !!

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