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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Humanwide: Bringing Precision Health to Life

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Humanwide is our first step in the process of reenvisioning the primary care

experience. Humanwide is primary care in the proactive predictive sense. And Humanwide

is the opportunity for us to focus on what matters to a patient, craft the

entire care plan around their goal. By collecting this information on you, by

analyzing it, by doing a deep dive into you can we predict and prevent things

that you might be at risk for in the future? Humanwide is a pilot that we are

conducting in a primary care clinic in Santa Clara. We at that clinic have also

implemented a team-based care model which we think is going to help us

transform what we're doing in primary care. Humanwide is really an

opportunity to be able to take a subset of patients and then allow us to be able

to wrap our arms around these folks in a unique way. It's been said that the zip

code is more important than the genetic code and that's a real strength of Humanwide

because some of the socio-economic or environmental factors are just as

important as the genetic factors and that's why it's important that Humanwide

take such a broad approach. With Humanwide we're able to focus on the

whole human, who they are when they're working, who they are when they're

playing, who they are when they're at home. This is an amazing collaboration

that Stanford has developed between its clinical operations, its historical

strength in research and its growing strength in the evaluation of clinical

innovations. Which means for us as providers that we want to watch you a

little more closely so that we can prevent disease well ahead of time.

The information gathered from them in this study will enable us to design

approaches to primary care that will benefit we believe hundreds and then

thousands of other people down the road. This is just the beginning.

Humanwide has the potential to be revolutionary.

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