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Hello, Im Ted Corless with the Corless-Barfield Trial Group.

My firm represents people involved in serious personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents,

and my favorite, suing insurance companies.

But today, Im here to talk to you about something else.

Id like to talk to you about 9/11 and potential liability by Saudi Arabia.

Can you sue a country because the citizens of that country did something to cause massive

death and destruction in the United States?

Well, in 1976, a law was passed that essentially gave immunity to foreign countries for the

acts of the individual citizens from their country.

But, just last week, Senator Chuck Shumer was able to get a unanimous vote on a bill

in the senate specifically providing for liability against Saudi Arabia because of the events

of September 11th.

Whats at play is a twenty-eight-page section of a report that has been classified since

2002 that specifically details the acts of Saudi Arabia, parts of the government, Saudi

Arabians in Saudi Arabia, and, most importantly, the actions of American citizens associated

with Saudia Arabia in the country just before the planes hit the tower.

Can you do this?

Well, at issue in the legal community is not whether Saudi Arabia would be able to be factually

blamed for what had happened, but whether or not the senate can pass a bill creating

liability for Saudi Arabia retroactively because of the 1976 law.

Well have to see what the courts do with it, and well have to see whether President

Obama decides to veto the bill to preserve the relationship between the United States

and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has threatened to dump its ownership of American interests and securities as a

response to the passing of the bill, but most politicians believe thats nothing more

than a threat.

Whats important for me, as an individual that represents American citizens, is that

I think its time for us to be provided access to all of the information that was

gathered, both in 2001 and after, so we can understand everyones role in that disaster.

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