Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fluffy hot steamed eggs (뚝배기계란찜)

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[chop chop chop CHOP!]

Hi everybody! Today we are going to make ttukbaegi gyeranjjim.

Steamed egg side dish.

I will use this earthenware. The earthenware is called ttukbaegi.

I already posted steamed egg side dish, but at that time

I used microwave oven. Today I'm going to use

my stove. If you followed my recipe for a long time

when I filmed my doenjang chigae I used this one.

So really kind of large large size. But today

this small size, three cups. So cute! So we are going to

make for two servings today. Really really delicious

and easily you can make it. So let's start!

Broth, delicious broth, you can use anchovy stock

made with delicious anchovies and kelp

but today I'm going to use chicken broth, a can of chicken broth.

One and half cups, that's all you need.

This is very super super easy recipe. I'm going to use four eggs.

... one... three...

but last one I will use only egg

yolk to make it more yellow color.

So three eggs and one egg yolk.

So this egg white

don't throw away.


add this chopped green onions. One teaspoon fish sauce.

Fish sauce gives really good flavour for this.

With fork, stir this well.

We are going to wait until the chicken broth is boiling.

So only it took a few minutes. It starts boiling now. And then I'm going

to really lower heat, because we are going to simmer this mixture of eggs.

And low heat. Broth is really moving a little little slowly.

Around ten seconds.

Close the lid. Let it simmer. I left this

small amount green onion for garnish.

Let's wait until this egg is done. It took only four five

minutes and you see sizzling steamed egg let's

open this. More green stuff...

Last touch, sesame oil.

Then turn off the heat.

Let's switch this...

Let me taste it!

A little soup...

Hmmm! Hot!

Delicious very soft, a little fish sauce, so so good flavour.

I love it.

Hmm! Mmm.

Good combination. Simple, delicious, and cheap.

recipe. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye!

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