Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EZ TEAMPLAY - BEST OF SHOX #17

Difficulty: 0

To avoid any discussion about my hair

Let's jump right into it

yeah... Even worse in full screen

Zoomed in, it looks ever worse, I agree.

Yeah... the only thing I can say is this

Now let's get on teamspeak and play some CS.

Lots of people say it looks good but I can't even look at myself in a mirror anymore

When I look at my head on OBS return

I'm like "who's this guy?"

Is that really me?

Hey there! Looking like a spartan

Ain't that weird?

"Hey shox are you that muscular or is it the t-shirt?"

Well you tell me dude

But I think I'm looking good

I've been a bit exercising lately

For the past 2-3 months

So yeah! I'm lifting!

Not that much of course, not trying to become a bodybuilder

But yeah, I've got a better body now!

With that shaved hair

We've got the bomb

Wow he was completely in the middle of mid

I'm blind

Flashing back

Don't go they're waiting

Teuffer's hungry

Go ahead guys! Great! You know what? I'll do the same

There we go

Did the same

We're all equal now

"Hope you guys know your smokes" - Yeah... sure...

Watch me smoke through the sky

Go ahead

Wow, awesome skills

Nice smoke

Let's go forward, walking

Do we go out walking? "No no"

"45 seconds left! Jump!"

"No jump! Standing still!"

Wait what? What do you mean?

"Richard you're not listening!"

You didn't say standing still!

Buy a mac 10

"Seriously guys don't you wanna play seriously?"

"We're serious!"

"That's way too many serious in one sentence"

"Come B"

"When I tell you, shoot here"

Wait let me get in position

3...2...1... Shoot!

See ya!

"Get back on A now!"

We lost our captain guys...

"Bomb has been defused"

"On the left!" Don't worry! He's scared!

He's not gonna defuse

"Nah he's not defusing"

Now we're in trouble

*thanking a sub*

Now we're in trouble. There we go...

"So you killed yourself for honor?"

Yeah of course! That's what history says

No! No! Come on! Not this!

We're wrecking them

"Always get a coffee, best strat"

For sure

Everything's planned, don't forget I got a big brain

Flashing mid guys, even if you're already there

And they're blind! Flashing


There we go

Nice game boys

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